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Diff for /cvsweb/TODO between version 3.3 and 3.4

version 3.3, 2003/09/27 21:32:37 version 3.4, 2003/10/05 21:56:13
Line 20  o Integrate/cooperate with various CVS utilities.
Line 20  o Integrate/cooperate with various CVS utilities.
   + CVSps       <http://www.cobite.com/cvsps/>    + CVSps       <http://www.cobite.com/cvsps/>
   + CVShistory  <http://jamwt.com/CVSHistory/>    + CVShistory  <http://jamwt.com/CVSHistory/>
 o Check and launder all input CGI parameters as well as $ENV{PATH_INFO}  
   to make CVSweb work under Perl 5.8+ taint mode.  
 o Support If-Modified-Since HTTP header.  o Support If-Modified-Since HTTP header.
 o Limit the number of log entries shown.  o Limit the number of log entries shown.

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