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Revision 1.7, Wed Apr 2 12:27:05 2014 UTC (8 years, 8 months ago) by kristaps
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: VERSION_0_0_7
Changes since 1.6: +8 -14 lines

Improve (and fix) manpage and index page.
Remove now-trivial examples.

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		<title>docbook2mdoc | Convert DocBook refentry to mdoc</title>
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			<span class="nm">docbook2mdoc</span>
			<span class="nd">Convert DocBook refentry to mdoc</span>
				<span>version <span>@VERSION@</span></span>
				<span><a href="snapshots/docbook2mdoc.tgz">Sources</a></span>
				<span><a href="snapshots">Archives</a></span>
				The <span class="nm">docbook2mdoc</span> utility is a converter from <a
					href="http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/">DocBook</a> V4.x and v5.x XML into <a
				Unlike most DocBook utilities, it's a standalone <a rel="license"
					href="https://www.isc.org/downloads/software-support-policy/isc-license/">ISC</a>-licensed ISO C utility
				that should compile on any modern UNIX system.
				The only requirement is <a href="http://expat.sourceforge.net/">libexpat</a> (for parsing XML), which is
				installed by default on most systems.
				<span class="nm">docbook2mdoc</span> is experimental: it still has many missing elements.
				However, it works with the DocBook reference examples and documents found in the wild.
				Contact <a href="http://kristaps.bsd.lv">Kristaps</a> with questions or missing nodes; or better yet, download
				the source and add new elements yourself as described in the <a href="README.txt">README</a>.
				New in version @VERSION@...
				Now supports all tags as found in the <a href="http://refdb.sourceforge.net/">RefDB</a> tool, which claims to
				have extensive DocBook documentation.
			&#169; 2014 <a href="http://kristaps.bsd.lv">Kristaps Dzonsons</a>,
			$Date: 2014/04/02 12:27:05 $