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Line 2  $Id$
 This file lists the most important changes in the mdocml.bsd.lv distribution.  This file lists the most important changes in the mdocml.bsd.lv distribution.
   Changes in version 1.13.4, to be released on July XXX, 2016
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * man.conf(5): Design and implement a simpler configuration file format.
    * man(1): Leverage less(1) -T and :t in a way resembling ctags(1)
      to jump to the definitions of various terms inside manual pages.
    * soelim(1): New implementation by Baptiste Daroussin.
    * pledge(2): Use the OpenBSD privilege limitation syscall when available.
    * man.cgi(8): Support short URIs.
    * mandoc.css: Use one unified stylesheet rather than three different ones.
    * mdoc(7): Fix multiple aspects of SYNOPSIS .Nm formatting.
    * man(1): Fix process group handling, avoiding unclean shutdowns.
    * Correctly use the ohash(3) compatibility implementation
      even when building without SQLite support.
    * Add compat glue for building on Solaris 9 and 10.
    * Let ./configure select a supported RE syntax for word boundaries.
    * Avoid reusing va_lists, use va_copy(3) for better portability.
    * Do not hardcode the path to the more(1) program.
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * roff(7): Implement \n(.$ (number of macro arguments).
    * roff(7): Fully implement \z (do not advance cursor).
    * roff(7): Implement the `r'  conditional (register exists).
    * roff(7): Implement \\$* (interpolate all arguments).
    * roff(7): Parse and ignore \, and \/ (italic corrections).
    * When there is no -m, no -M, no MANPATH and no /etc/man.conf,
      fall back to /usr/share/man:/usr/X11R6/man:/usr/local/man.
    * man(1): Give manuals in purely numerical sections priority over
      manuals of the same name in sections with an alphabetical suffix.
    * man.cgi(8): Support "header.html" and "footer.html".
    * man.cgi(8): Set the "autofocus" attribute on the query text box.
    * man.cgi(8): Simplify the search form, drop two useless buttons.
    * mdoc(7): Avoid a use after free and an assertion failure when nodes
      are deleted during validation.
    * mdoc(7): Avoid a NULL pointer access when .Bd has no arguments.
    * mdoc(7): Avoid a NULL pointer access triggered by mismatching end macros.
    * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when .Fo has no argument.
    * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when .Ta<tab> occurs in .Bl -column.
    * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when a body gets broken and has a tail.
    * roff(7): Avoid an assertion caused by blanks inside \o.
    * tbl(7): Avoid a use after free when the last line of a layout is empty.
    * eqn(7): Avoid an infinite loop caused by recursive "define".
    * makewhatis(8): Avoid a segfault caused by unusual directory structures.
    * Fix handling of leading, trailing, and double colons in MANPATH and -m.
       --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
    * mdoc(7): Put arguments to end macros of broken partial explicit blocks
      inside the breaking block.
    * mdoc(7): Let .Dv force normal font.
    * mdoc(7): Make trailing whitespace significant in .Bl -tag widths.
    * mdoc(7): Fix macro interpretation around tabs in .Bl -column.
    * man(7): Use the default width for .RS without arguments.
    * man(7): On a new RS nesting level, the saved width starts from
      the default width, not from the saved width of the previous level.
    * man(7): Allow .PD in next-line scope.
    * man(7): Improve handling of empty .HP.
    * man(7): Improve formatting of .br and .sp inside .HP.
    * man(7): Do not mistreat empty arguments to font alternating
      macros as vertical spacing requests.
    * man(7): Allow fill mode changes in tagged paragraph next-line scope.
    * man(7): Fix minor bugs in block rewinding and simplify the related code.
    * man(7): Add missing line breaks before subsection headers.
    * man(7): Give section and subsection headers hanging indentation.
    * man(7): Make trailing whitespace significant in .TP widths.
    * roff(7): Don't allow breaking the output line after hyphens
      that immediately follow escape sequences.
    * roff(7): Ignore blank characters at the beginning of conditional blocks.
    * roff(7): Escape breakable hyphens only after handling input line traps.
    * roff(7): Reject \[uD800] to \[uDFFF] (surrogates) in the parser.
    * tbl(7): Allow more than one data field after T} on the same input line.
    * terminal output: Apply bold and italic to non-ASCII Unicode codepoints.
    * terminal output: Improve rounding rules for horizontal scaling widths.
    * HTML output: Render ASCII_NBRSP as "&nbsp;", not "-".
    * man(1): Do not match the first part of a name if it continues with a dot.
    * man(1): Keep working even if the current directory is unusable.
    * man(1): Handle SIGPIPE to avoid ugly "Broken pipe" messages.
    * man(1): Better error message when $PAGER is invalid.
    * makewhatis(8): Improve handling of .Va and .Vt macros.
    * apropos(1): Print "nothing appropriate" to stderr when appropriate.
    * apropos(1): Abort with a useful error message when elementary
      database operations like preparing queries or binding variables fail.
       --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
    * mdoc(7) and man(7): Unified data structures struct roff_node etc.
    * mdoc(7) and man(7): Unified node handling library in roff.c.
    * mdoc(7) and man(7): Seperate validation phase from parsing.
    * Replace all hand-rolled hash tables with ohash(3).
    * Link with libz rather than forking gunzip(1).
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for the new soelim(1).
    * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for unifying mandoc.css, two nice
      patches for man.cgi(8), some documentation patches, some bug
      reports, and various useful discussions.
    * Todd Miller (OpenBSD) for lots of help with process group and
      signal handling, a few patches, some bug reports and some useful
    * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for yet more testing with afl(1)
      again resulting in more than half a dozen important bug reports.
    * Christos Zoulas (NetBSD) for a bug fix patch and some useful
      suggestions for cleanup.
    * Florian Obser (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch and some bug reports.
    * Sevan Janiyan and Jan Holzhueter for help with Solaris compatibility,
      and to OpenCSW in general for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11
      testing environment.
    * Christian Neukirchen for a number of compatibility patches and
      several bug reports.
    * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for a compatibility patch
      and a number of bug reports.
    * Michael McConville (OpenBSD) for some simple cleanup patches.
    * Christian Weisgerber, Dmitrij Czarkoff, Igor Sobrado,
      Ken Westerback, Marc Espie, Mike Belopuhov, Ted Unangst,
      Tim van der Molen, Theo Buehler, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD),
      Thomas Klausner (NetBSD), Kurt Jaeger, Dag Erling Smoergrav
      (FreeBSD), Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff), Daniel Levai,
      Fabian Raetz, Jan Stary, Jean-Yves Migeon, Joerg Sonnenberger,
      Lorenzo Beretta, Markus Waldeck, Maxim Belooussov, Michael Reed,
      Peter Bray, and Serguey Parkhomovsky for bug reports and feature
    * Alexander Hall, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Doug Hogan,
      Jason McIntyre, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse, Kent Spillner,
      Nicholas Marriott, Peter Hessler, Sebastien Marie, Stefan Sperling,
      and Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for helpful discussions and feedback.
 Changes in version 1.13.3, released on March 13, 2015  Changes in version 1.13.3, released on March 13, 2015

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