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 This file lists the most important changes in the mdocml.bsd.lv distribution.  This file lists the most important changes in the mdocml.bsd.lv distribution.
   Changes in version 1.14.1, released on XXX, 2017
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * apropos(1): Reimplement complete semantic search functionality
      without the dependency on SQLite3, using only POSIX APIs.
      This comes with a completely new mandoc.db(5) file format.
    * man(1): Support more than one tag entry for the same search term,
      plus some minor improvements to the less(1) :t support.
    * -Thtml: Use real macro names for CSS classes.
      Systematic cleanup of and many improvements to mandoc.css.
    * -Thtml: Produce human readable HTML code by using indentation
      and better line breaks.  Improve various HTML elements,
      and trim several useless ones.
    * New catman(8) utility, still somewhat experimental.
    * Operating systems that don't provide mmap(3) are no longer supported.
    * Drop support for manpath(1).  Even if your system has manpath(1),
      it is simpler to use MANPATH_DEFAULT in configure.local for
      operating system defaults, man.conf(5) for machine-specific
      modifications, and ${MANPATH}, -m, and -M for user preferences
      than to bother with the complexity of manpath(1).
    * makewhatis(8) -p: No longer warn about missing MLINKS since these
      are no longer needed for anything.
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * mdoc(7): Warn about invalid punctuation and content below NAME.
    * mdoc(7): Warn about .Xr lacking the second argument (section).
    * mdoc(7): Warn about violations of the rule "new sentence, new line".
    * roff(7): Warn about trailing whitespace at the end of comments.
    * mdoc(7): Always do text production in the validator, never in the
      formatters.  Cleaner, simpler, shorter, helps NetBSD apropos(1)
      and also makes -Ttree output more useful.
    * mdoc(7), man(7): Show metadata in -Ttree output.
    * man(1): Make "man -l" work with standard input from a pipe or file,
      as long as standard output is a terminal.
    * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl without a type
      but with a width.
    * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl -column starting
      with a tab character instead of a child .It macro.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to segfaults caused
      by stray block end macros in nested blocks of mismatching type.
    * man(1): Fix NULL dereference when the first of multiple pages
      shown was preformatted.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
      for macro sequences like .Bl .Bl .It Bo .El .It.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
      caused by .Ta following a nested .Bl -column breaking another block.
    * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Fix a NULL dereference for .Bl -column with 0 columns.
    * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference if the only child of the head
      of the first .Sh was an empty in-line macro.
    * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure for a .Bd without a type that
      breaks another block.
    * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by .Bl -column without .It
      but containing eqn(7) or tbl(7) code.
    * roff(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by \z\[u00FF] with -Tps/-Tpdf.
    * roff(7): Fix an assertion failures caused by whitespace inside \o''
      (overstrike) sequences.
    * -Thtml: Fix an assertion failure caused by -Oman or -Oincludes of
      excessive length.
    * man(1): Do not mix stdio narrow and wide stream orientation
      on stdout, which could cause output corruption on glibc.
    * mandoc(1): Autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode.
    * Autodetect whether PATH_MAX is defined.
    * Autodetect if nanosleep(3) needs -lrt.
    * Put compiler arguments that may contain -l at the end.
       --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
    * mdoc(7): Fix SYNOPSIS output if the first child of .Nm is a macro.
    * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Improve formatting of .Bl -tag with short tags.
    * man(7) -Thtml: Preserve whitespace in .nf (nofill) mode.
    * mandoc(1): Error out on invalid output options on the command line.
       --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
    * Redesign part of the mandoc_html(3) interfaces, making them much
      easier to use and reducing the amount of code by a few hundred lines.
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for designing the new mandocd(8)
      and parts of the new catman(8), and for a number of patches
      and bug reports.
    * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for profiling the new makewhatis(8)
      implementation and suggesting an algorithmic improvement which
      more than doubled performance, and for a few bug reports.
    * Ed Maste (FreeBSD) for an important patch improving reproducibility
      of builds in makewhatis(8), and for a few bug reports.
    * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for more than ten important bug reports,
      most of them found by systematic afl(1) fuzzing.
    * Benny Lofgren, David Dahlberg, and in particular Vadim Zhukov
      for crucial help in getting .Bl -tag CSS formatting fixed.
    * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for an initial version of the
      patch to autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode.
    * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for multiple useful discussions
      and a number of bug reports.
    * Alexander Bluhm, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Antony Bentley,
      Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Marc Espie, Martijn van Duren,
      Stuart Henderson, Ted Unangst, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD), Abhinav
      Upadhyay, Christos Zoulas, Kamil Rytarowski, Sevan Janiyan,
      Thomas Klausner (NetBSD), Aaron M. Ucko, Bdale Garbee, Reiner
      Herrmann, Shane Kerr (Debian), Christian Neukirchen (Void Linux),
      Daniel Sabogal (Alpine Linux), Yuri Pankov (illumos),
      Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff), Kristaps Dzonsons (bsd.lv),
      Anton Lindqvist, Jan Stary, Jeremy A. Mates, Mark Patruck,
      Pavan Maddamsetti, Sean Levy <attila@stalphonsos.com>, and
      Tiago Silva for bug reports.
    * Brent Cook, Marc Espie, Philip Guenther, Todd Miller (OpenBSD)
      and Markus Waldeck for useful discussions.
    * And as usual, OpenCSW for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11
      testing environment.
 Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016  Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016

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