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 This file lists the most important changes in the mandoc.bsd.lv distribution.  This file lists the most important changes in the mandoc.bsd.lv distribution.
   Changes in version 1.14.2, released on July XXX, 2017
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * New mdoc(7) -Tmarkdown output mode.
    * For -Thtml, implement internal hyperlinks pointing to authoritative
      definitions of various syntax elements, similar to the ctags(1)-like
      less(1) :t internal searching in terminal mode.
    * Provide a superset of the functionality of the former mdoclint(1)
      utility and a new -Wstyle message level with several new messages,
      including validity checking of .Xr cross references.
    * tbl(7): Implement automatic line breaking inside individual table
      cells, and several other formatting improvements.
    * eqn(7): Complete rewrite of the lexer, resulting in several bugfixes.
    * Continue parser unification, in particular allowing generation
      of syntax tree nodes on the roff(7) level, allowing implementation
      of many additional roff requests.
    * Delete the manpage(1) utility.  It was never enabled in any release.
    * Delete the -Txhtml command line option.  It has been an obsolete
      alias for the -Thtml output mode for more than two years.
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * mdoc(7): Various .Lk formatting improvements.
    * man(7): Implement the .MT/.ME block macro (mailto hyperlink).
    * man(7): Implement the .DT macro (restore default tab positions).
    * man(7): Improved support for manuals generated with reStructuredText
      by partial support for the \n[an-margin] number register.
    * man(7) -Thtml: Support deep linking to .SH and .SS headers.
    * tbl(7): Implement the "allbox" table option.
    * tbl(7): Implement the column spacing and the 'w' (minimum column
      width) layout modifiers.
    * tbl(7): Significant improvements of the manual page.
    * eqn(7): Much improved font selection, including recognition of
      well-known function names, and a few other formatting improvements.
    * eqn(7) -Thtml: Use <mn> and <mo> in addition to <mi>.
    * roff(7): Implement the .ce (centering), .mc (margin character),
      .rj (right justify), .ta (define tab stops), .ti (temporary indent),
      .als (macro alias), .ec and .eo (escape character control),
      .po (page offset), and .rn (macro rename) requests.
    * roff(7) .am: Implement appending to mdoc(7) and man(7) macros.
    * roff(7): implement the \h (horizontol motion), \l (horizontal
      line drawing), and \p (break output line) escape sequences,
      and also several additional character escape sequences.
    * roff(7): Implement the 'd' conditional (macro or string defined).
    * man.cgi(8) now uses pledge(2), too.
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for the implementation of .MT/.ME,
      reports of many bugs and missing features, and suggestions
      for a number of feature and documentation improvements.
    * Sebastien Marie (OpenBSD) for two source code patches and
      for some useful discussions.
    * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for several bug reports from afl(1)
      and several more from static analysis tools.
    * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for several bug reports, most from afl(1).
    * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for many useful discussions about a
      wide variety of topics, lots of continuous testing, a number of
      bug reports, and some suggestions for messages and documentation.
    * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for lots of help while migrating
      mdoclint(1) functionality to mandoc -Tlint, and for suggesting
      several useful new messages.
    * Reyk Floeter (OpenBSD) and Vsevolod Stakhov (FreeBSD) for
      suggesting a markdown output mode.
    * Thomas Guettler for suggesting -Thtml internal hyperlinks.
    * Anton Lindqvist (OpenBSD) and Jan Stary for multiple bug reports.
    * Martin Natano, Theo de Raadt, T. J. Townsend (all OpenBSD),
      Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux), Andreas Voegele, Gabriel Guzman,
      Gonzalo Tornaria, Markus Waldeck, and Raf Czlonka for bug reports.
    * Antoine Jacoutot (OpenBSD) and Michael Stapelberg (Debian)
      for suggesting feature improvements.
    * Dag-Erling Smoergrav (FreeBSD) and Yuri Pankov (Illumos)
      for inspiring new warning messages.
    * Ted Unangst (OpenBSD) for providing quite a few useful ideas.
    * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff) for help keeping mandoc and groff
      compatible and for committing some of my patches to groff.
 Changes in version 1.14.1, released on February 21, 2017  Changes in version 1.14.1, released on February 21, 2017

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