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 $Id$  $Id$
 This file lists the most important changes in the mdocml.bsd.lv distribution.  This file lists the most important changes in the mandoc.bsd.lv distribution.
   Changes in version 1.14.4, released on August 8, 2018
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * In ASCII output, render mathematical symbols and greek letters
      as transliterations conveying the characters' meanings rather
      than trying to imitate their shape.  Consequently, such characters
      can now be used in portable manual pages.  All the same, please
      limit their use to contexts where they really matter, for example
      when showing complicated mathematical formulae.
    * First steps towards better support for small screens in HTML
      output (responsive design): avoid most style= attributes, in
      particular all hard-coded indentations and column widths, and
      provide a better mandoc.css style sheet with a @media query,
      using em units throughout, and avoiding redundancy in selectors.
    * Better HTML output with some more fitting HTML elements, eliminating
      needless class= attributes, and avoiding various HTML syntax errors
      (element nesting, URL-fragment syntax, duplicate id= attributes).
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * When a man(1) argument contains a slash, imply -l like in man-db.
    * Use TIOCGWINSZ to reduce the default -Owidth and -Oindent during
      interactive use on terminals narrower than 79 columns.
    * Generated PostScript files are now more than 50% smaller.
    * Terminal rendering of eqn(7) is improved in several respects.
    * Simplified and nicer output from the mdoc(7) .Lk macro, formatting
      all links in-line, even long ones.
    * roff(7) \n+ and \n- numerical register auto-increment and -decrement
    * roff(7) .nr optional third argument (auto-increment step size)
    * Autodetect in ./configure whether the compiler can use -W and -static,
      allowing to build on Solaris 10 and 11 without any configure.local.
    * Only activate UTF-8 output when the user really selected UTF-8,
      not some other multibyte character encoding.
    * Prevent excessive .ll arguments from generating infinite output.
    * Fix out of bounds accesses to parse buffers that could happen when
      using renamed or user defined macros after roff(7) conditionals.
    * Avoid an assertion failure in certain .Bl -column lists.
    * Avoid a NULL pointer access on deroff() failure after '.SS ""'.
    * Fix a segfault that could be triggered by two invalid .Dt macros.
    * Fix two syntax errors in generated PDF files.
    * Properly state the page size in generated PostScript files.
    * Close a memory leak caused by missing gzclose(3).
    * Fix misformatting of man(7) documents lacking .SH macros
      in PostScript and PDF output.
    * And many minor bugfixes.
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Marc Espie (OpenBSD) for implementing the size reduction of
      PostScript files, one additional patch for code simplification,
      and two bug reports.
    * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch,
      and Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for checking it.
    * John Gardner for more than a dozen suggestions regarding HTML output.
    * Mike Williams for teaching me how to use %%DocumentMedia and
      setpagedevice in PostScript files.
    * Werner Lemberg (groff) for feedback on mdoc(7) language changes.
    * Colin Watson (man-db) for feedback on man-db semantics.
    * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for lots of feedback and suggestions
      on diagnostic messages and on the documentation.
    * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for suggesting two new style messages
      and one new feature, for two bug reports, and for release testing.
    * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for suggesting a new style message,
      five bug reports, and release testing.
    * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for reporting multiple bugs and missing
    * Paul Irofti (OpenBSD) and Nate Bargmann for suggesting new features.
    * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for bug reports and release testing.
    * Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Stuart Henderson,
      Ted Unangst (OpenBSD), Takeshi Nakayama (NetBSD),
      Anton Lazarov, Jakub Klinkovsky, Jan Stary, Jesper Wallin,
      Will Backmam, and Wolfgang Mueller for bug reports.
    * Sevan Janiyan (NetBSD) for additions to lib.in.
    * George Brown for suggesting code simplifications.
    * David Coppa, Igor Sobrado (OpenBSD), and Alexander Kuleshov
      for documentation improvements.
    * Laura Morales and Raf Czlonka for questions resulting in better
    * Yuri Pankov (illumos) for release testing.
   Changes in version 1.14.3, released on August 5, 2017
       --- BUG FIXES ---
    * man(7): Do not crash with out-of-bounds read access to a constant
      array if .sp or a blank line immediately precedes .SS or .SH.
    * mdoc(7): Do not crash with out-of-bounds read access to a constant
      array if .sp or a blank line precede the first .Sh macro.
    * tbl(7): Ignore explicitly specified negative column widths rather than
      wrapping around to huge numbers and risking memory exhaustion.
    * man(1): No longer use names that only occur in the SYNOPSIS section.
      Gets rid of some surprising behaviour and bogus warnings.
       --- THANKS TO ---
      Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux), Markus Waldeck (Debian),
      Peter Bui (nd.edu), and Yuri Pankov (illumos) for bug reports.
   Changes in version 1.14.2, released on July 28, 2017
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * New mdoc(7) -Tmarkdown output mode.
    * For -Thtml, implement internal hyperlinks pointing to authoritative
      definitions of various syntax elements, similar to the ctags(1)-like
      less(1) :t internal searching in terminal mode.
    * Provide a superset of the functionality of the former mdoclint(1)
      utility and a new -Wstyle message level with several new messages,
      including validity checking of .Xr cross references.
    * tbl(7): Implement automatic line breaking inside individual table
      cells, and several other formatting improvements.
    * eqn(7): Complete rewrite of the lexer, resulting in several bugfixes.
    * Continue parser unification, in particular allowing generation
      of syntax tree nodes on the roff(7) level, allowing implementation
      of many additional roff requests.
    * Delete the manpage(1) utility.  It was never enabled in any release.
    * Delete the -Txhtml command line option.  It has been an obsolete
      alias for the -Thtml output mode for more than two years.
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * -Tlint now puts parser messages on stdout instead of stderr,
      making commands like "man -l -Tlint *.1" useful.
    * mdoc(7): Various .Lk formatting improvements.
    * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Better CSS for .Bl lists.
    * man(7): Implement the .MT/.ME block macro (mailto hyperlink).
    * man(7): Implement the .DT macro (restore default tab positions).
    * man(7): Improved support for manuals generated with reStructuredText
      by partial support for the \n[an-margin] number register.
    * man(7) -Thtml: Support deep linking to .SH and .SS headers.
    * tbl(7): Implement the "allbox" table option.
    * tbl(7): Implement the column spacing and the 'w' (minimum column
      width) layout modifiers.
    * tbl(7): Significant improvements of the manual page.
    * eqn(7): Much improved font selection, including recognition of
      well-known function names, and a few other formatting improvements.
    * eqn(7) -Thtml: Use <mn> and <mo> in addition to <mi>.
    * roff(7): Implement the .ce (centering), .mc (margin character),
      .rj (right justify), .ta (define tab stops), .ti (temporary indent),
      .als (macro alias), .ec and .eo (escape character control),
      .po (page offset), and .rn (macro rename) requests.
    * roff(7) .am: Implement appending to mdoc(7) and man(7) macros.
    * roff(7): implement the \h (horizontol motion), \l (horizontal
      line drawing), and \p (break output line) escape sequences,
      and also several additional character escape sequences.
    * roff(7): Implement the 'd' conditional (macro or string defined).
    * man.cgi(8) now uses pledge(2), too.
    * regress.pl(1): simpler user interface, better summary output,
      simpler code, and no more recursion.
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for the implementation of .MT/.ME,
      reports of many bugs and missing features, and suggestions
      for a number of feature and documentation improvements.
    * Sebastien Marie (OpenBSD) for two source code patches and
      for some useful discussions.
    * Florian Obser (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch and a bug report.
    * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for several bug reports from afl(1)
      and several more from static analysis tools.
    * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for several bug reports, most from afl(1).
    * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for many useful discussions about a
      wide variety of topics, lots of continuous testing, a number of
      bug reports, and some suggestions for messages and documentation.
    * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for lots of help while migrating
      mdoclint(1) functionality to mandoc -Tlint, for suggesting
      several useful new messages, and for release testing.
    * Reyk Floeter (OpenBSD) and Vsevolod Stakhov (FreeBSD) for
      suggesting a markdown output mode.
    * Thomas Guettler for suggesting -Thtml internal hyperlinks.
    * Yuri Pankov (Illumos) for inspiring new warning messages and
      for extensive release testing.
    * Anton Lindqvist and TJ Townsend (both OpenBSD) and Jan Stary
      for multiple bug reports.
    * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for bug reports and release testing.
    * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for suggesting feature improvements
      and for release testing.
    * Martin Natano and Theo de Raadt (both OpenBSD), Andreas Voegele,
      Gabriel Guzman, Gonzalo Tornaria, Markus Waldeck, and Raf Czlonka
      for bug reports.
    * Antoine Jacoutot (OpenBSD) and Steffen Nurpmeso for suggesting
      feature improvements.
    * Dag-Erling Smoergrav (FreeBSD) for inspiring new warning messages.
    * Ted Unangst and Marc Espie (OpenBSD) for providing useful ideas.
    * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for release testing.
    * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff) for help keeping mandoc and groff
      compatible and for committing some of my patches to groff.
   Changes in version 1.14.1, released on February 21, 2017
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * apropos(1): Reimplement complete semantic search functionality
      without the dependency on SQLite3, using only POSIX APIs.
      This comes with a completely new mandoc.db(5) file format.
    * man(1): Support more than one tag entry for the same search term,
      plus some minor improvements to the less(1) :t support.
    * -Thtml: Use real macro names for CSS classes.
      Systematic cleanup of and many improvements to mandoc.css.
    * -Thtml: Produce human readable HTML code by using indentation
      and better line breaks.  Improve various HTML elements,
      and trim several useless ones.
    * New catman(8) utility, still somewhat experimental.
    * Now includes a portable version of the OpenBSD mandoc regression
      suite, see regress/regress.pl.1 for details.
    * Operating systems that don't provide mmap(3) are no longer supported.
    * Drop support for manpath(1).  Even if your system has manpath(1),
      it is simpler to use MANPATH_DEFAULT in configure.local for
      operating system defaults, man.conf(5) for machine-specific
      modifications, and ${MANPATH}, -m, and -M for user preferences
      than to bother with the complexity of manpath(1).
    * makewhatis(8) -p: No longer warn about missing MLINKS since these
      are no longer needed for anything.
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * mdoc(7): Warn about invalid punctuation and content below NAME.
    * mdoc(7): Warn about .Xr lacking the second argument (section).
    * mdoc(7): Warn about violations of the rule "new sentence, new line".
    * roff(7): Warn about trailing whitespace at the end of comments.
    * mdoc(7): Improve rendering of double quotes.
    * mdoc(7): Always do text production in the validator, never in the
      formatters.  Cleaner, simpler, shorter, helps NetBSD apropos(1)
      and also makes -Ttree output more useful.
    * -Ttree: Show metadata and some additional node flags.
      New -Onoval output option to show the unvalidated tree.
    * man(1): Make "man -l" work with standard input from a pipe or file,
      as long as standard output is a terminal.
    * man(7): Fix out of bounds read access if a text node immediately
      preceded the first .SH header.
    * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl without a type
      but with a width.
    * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl -column starting
      with a tab character instead of a child .It macro.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to segfaults caused
      by stray block end macros in nested blocks of mismatching type.
    * man(1): Fix NULL dereference when the first of multiple pages
      shown was preformatted.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
      caused by partial implicit macros inside .Bl -column table cells.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
      for macro sequences like .Bl .Bl .It Bo .El .It.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
      caused by .Ta following a nested .Bl -column breaking another block.
    * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption sometimes leading to NULL
      dereference caused by indirectly broken .Nd or .Nm blocks.
    * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Fix a NULL dereference for .Bl -column with 0 columns.
    * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference in some specific cases of a
      block-end macro calling another block-end macro.
    * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference if the only child of the head
      of the first .Sh was an empty in-line macro.
    * eqn(7): Fix NULL dereference in the terminal formatter
      for empty matrices and empty square roots.
    * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure for a .Bd without a type that
      breaks another block.
    * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure that happened for some .Bl -column
      lists containing a column width of "-4n", "-3n", or "-2n".
    * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by .Bl -column without .It
      but containing eqn(7) or tbl(7) code.
    * roff(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by \z\[u00FF] with -Tps/-Tpdf.
    * roff(7): Fix an assertion failures caused by whitespace inside \o''
      (overstrike) sequences.
    * -Thtml: Fix an assertion failure caused by -Oman or -Oincludes of
      excessive length.
    * man(1): Do not mix stdio narrow and wide stream orientation
      on stdout, which could cause output corruption on glibc.
    * mandoc(1): Autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode.
    * ./configure: Autodetect whether PATH_MAX and O_DIRECTORY are defined.
    * ./configure: Autodetect if nanosleep(3) needs -lrt.
    * ./configure: Provide an ${LN} configuration variable.
    * ./configure: Put compiler arguments that may contain -l at the end.
       --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
    * mdoc(7): Fix SYNOPSIS output if the first child of .Nm is a macro.
    * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Improve formatting of .Bl -tag with short tags.
    * man(7) -Thtml: Preserve whitespace in .nf (nofill) mode.
    * mandoc(1): Error out on invalid output options on the command line.
       --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
    * Redesign part of the mandoc_html(3) interfaces, making them much
      easier to use and reducing the amount of code by a few hundred lines.
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for designing the new mandocd(8)
      and parts of the new catman(8), for release testing, and for a
      number of patches and bug reports.
    * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for profiling the new makewhatis(8)
      implementation and suggesting an algorithmic improvement which
      more than doubled performance, and for a few bug reports.
    * Ed Maste (FreeBSD) for an important patch improving reproducibility
      of builds in makewhatis(8), and for a few bug reports.
    * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for almost twenty important bug reports,
      most of them found by systematic afl(1) fuzzing.
    * Benny Lofgren, David Dahlberg, and in particular Vadim Zhukov
      for crucial help in getting .Bl -tag CSS formatting fixed.
    * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for an initial version of the
      patch to autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode
      and for release testing.
    * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for multiple useful discussions
      and a number of bug reports.
    * Sevan Janiyan (NetBSD) for extensive release testing and multiple
      bug reports.
    * Thomas Klausner and Christos Zoulas (NetBSD), Yuri Pankov (illumos),
      and Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for release testing and bug reports.
    * Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD) for release testing.
    * Alexander Bluhm, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Antony Bentley,
      Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Marc Espie, Martijn van Duren,
      Stuart Henderson, Ted Unangst, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD), Abhinav
      Upadhyay, Kamil Rytarowski (NetBSD), Aaron M. Ucko, Bdale Garbee,
      Reiner Herrmann, Shane Kerr (Debian), Daniel Sabogal (Alpine Linux),
      Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff), Kristaps Dzonsons (bsd.lv),
      Anton Lindqvist, Jan Stary, Jeremy A. Mates, Mark Patruck,
      Pavan Maddamsetti, Sean Levy <attila@stalphonsos.com>, and
      Tiago Silva for bug reports.
    * Brent Cook, Marc Espie, Philip Guenther, Todd Miller (OpenBSD)
      and Markus Waldeck for useful discussions.
    * And as usual, OpenCSW for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11
      testing environment.
 Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016  Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016
Line 109  Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016
Line 415  Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016
    again resulting in more than half a dozen important bug reports.     again resulting in more than half a dozen important bug reports.
  * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for some patches, several bug   * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for some patches, several bug
    reports, and extensive release testing.     reports, and extensive release testing.
  * Christian Neukirchen (void Linux) for a number of compatibility   * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for a number of compatibility
    patches and suggestions and several bug reports.     patches and suggestions and several bug reports.
  * Christos Zoulas (NetBSD) for a bug fix patch and some useful   * Christos Zoulas (NetBSD) for a bug fix patch and some useful
    suggestions for cleanup.     suggestions for cleanup.
Line 146  Changes in version 1.13.3, released on March 13, 2015
Line 452  Changes in version 1.13.3, released on March 13, 2015
  * New -Wunsupp message level.   * New -Wunsupp message level.
  * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on incomplete string conditionals.   * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on incomplete string conditionals.
    http://mdocml.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/roff.c#rev1.241     http://mandoc.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/roff.c#rev1.241
  * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on backslash at EOF in a conditional.   * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on backslash at EOF in a conditional.
    http://mdocml.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/roff.c#rev1.247     http://mandoc.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/roff.c#rev1.247
  * Fix a use after free sometimes hit when validation deletes a block.   * Fix a use after free sometimes hit when validation deletes a block.
    http://mdocml.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/mdoc_macro.c#rev1.180     http://mandoc.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/mdoc_macro.c#rev1.180
  * Let man(1) show manuals for the current architecture by default,   * Let man(1) show manuals for the current architecture by default,
    and support the MACHINE environment variable.     and support the MACHINE environment variable.
Line 761  Changes in version 1.9.15, released on February 18, 20
Line 1067  Changes in version 1.9.15, released on February 18, 20
  * and column lengths handled correctly.   * and column lengths handled correctly.
 For older releases, see the ChangeLog files  For older releases, see the ChangeLog files
 in http://mdocml.bsd.lv/snapshots/ .  in http://mandoc.bsd.lv/snapshots/ .

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