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Line 2  $Id$
 This file lists the most important changes in the mandoc.bsd.lv distribution.  This file lists the most important changes in the mandoc.bsd.lv distribution.
   Changes in version 1.14.4, released on August 8, 2018
       --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * In ASCII output, render mathematical symbols and greek letters
      as transliterations conveying the characters' meanings rather
      than trying to imitate their shape.  Consequently, such characters
      can now be used in portable manual pages.  All the same, please
      limit their use to contexts where they really matter, for example
      when showing complicated mathematical formulae.
    * First steps towards better support for small screens in HTML
      output (responsive design): avoid most style= attributes, in
      particular all hard-coded indentations and column widths, and
      provide a better mandoc.css style sheet with a @media query,
      using em units throughout, and avoiding redundancy in selectors.
    * Better HTML output with some more fitting HTML elements, eliminating
      needless class= attributes, and avoiding various HTML syntax errors
      (element nesting, URL-fragment syntax, duplicate id= attributes).
       --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
    * When a man(1) argument contains a slash, imply -l like in man-db.
    * Use TIOCGWINSZ to reduce the default -Owidth and -Oindent during
      interactive use on terminals narrower than 79 columns.
    * Generated PostScript files are now more than 50% smaller.
    * Terminal rendering of eqn(7) is improved in several respects.
    * Simplified and nicer output from the mdoc(7) .Lk macro, formatting
      all links in-line, even long ones.
    * roff(7) \n+ and \n- numerical register auto-increment and -decrement
    * roff(7) .nr optional third argument (auto-increment step size)
    * Autodetect in ./configure whether the compiler can use -W and -static,
      allowing to build on Solaris 10 and 11 without any configure.local.
    * Only activate UTF-8 output when the user really selected UTF-8,
      not some other multibyte character encoding.
    * Prevent excessive .ll arguments from generating infinite output.
    * Fix out of bounds accesses to parse buffers that could happen when
      using renamed or user defined macros after roff(7) conditionals.
    * Avoid an assertion failure in certain .Bl -column lists.
    * Avoid a NULL pointer access on deroff() failure after '.SS ""'.
    * Fix a segfault that could be triggered by two invalid .Dt macros.
    * Fix two syntax errors in generated PDF files.
    * Properly state the page size in generated PostScript files.
    * Close a memory leak caused by missing gzclose(3).
    * Fix misformatting of man(7) documents lacking .SH macros
      in PostScript and PDF output.
    * And many minor bugfixes.
       --- THANKS TO ---
    * Marc Espie (OpenBSD) for implementing the size reduction of
      PostScript files, one additional patch for code simplification,
      and two bug reports.
    * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch,
      and Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for checking it.
    * John Gardner for more than a dozen suggestions regarding HTML output.
    * Mike Williams for teaching me how to use %%DocumentMedia and
      setpagedevice in PostScript files.
    * Werner Lemberg (groff) for feedback on mdoc(7) language changes.
    * Colin Watson (man-db) for feedback on man-db semantics.
    * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for lots of feedback and suggestions
      on diagnostic messages and on the documentation.
    * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for suggesting two new style messages
      and one new feature, for two bug reports, and for release testing.
    * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for suggesting a new style message,
      five bug reports, and release testing.
    * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for reporting multiple bugs and missing
    * Paul Irofti (OpenBSD) and Nate Bargmann for suggesting new features.
    * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for bug reports and release testing.
    * Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Stuart Henderson,
      Ted Unangst (OpenBSD), Takeshi Nakayama (NetBSD),
      Anton Lazarov, Jakub Klinkovsky, Jan Stary, Jesper Wallin,
      Will Backmam, and Wolfgang Mueller for bug reports.
    * Sevan Janiyan (NetBSD) for additions to lib.in.
    * George Brown for suggesting code simplifications.
    * David Coppa, Igor Sobrado (OpenBSD), and Alexander Kuleshov
      for documentation improvements.
    * Laura Morales and Raf Czlonka for questions resulting in better
    * Yuri Pankov (illumos) for release testing.
   Changes in version 1.14.3, released on August 5, 2017
       --- BUG FIXES ---
    * man(7): Do not crash with out-of-bounds read access to a constant
      array if .sp or a blank line immediately precedes .SS or .SH.
    * mdoc(7): Do not crash with out-of-bounds read access to a constant
      array if .sp or a blank line precede the first .Sh macro.
    * tbl(7): Ignore explicitly specified negative column widths rather than
      wrapping around to huge numbers and risking memory exhaustion.
    * man(1): No longer use names that only occur in the SYNOPSIS section.
      Gets rid of some surprising behaviour and bogus warnings.
       --- THANKS TO ---
      Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux), Markus Waldeck (Debian),
      Peter Bui (nd.edu), and Yuri Pankov (illumos) for bug reports.
 Changes in version 1.14.2, released on July 28, 2017  Changes in version 1.14.2, released on July 28, 2017

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