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Annotation of mandoc/NEWS, Revision 1.20

1.20    ! schwarze    1: $Id: NEWS,v 1.19 2017/02/12 14:19:01 schwarze Exp $
1.1       schwarze    2:
                      3: This file lists the most important changes in the mdocml.bsd.lv distribution.
1.13      schwarze    4:
1.14      schwarze    5: Changes in version 1.14.1, released on February XXX, 2017
1.13      schwarze    6:
                      7:     --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
                      8:  * apropos(1): Reimplement complete semantic search functionality
                      9:    without the dependency on SQLite3, using only POSIX APIs.
                     10:    This comes with a completely new mandoc.db(5) file format.
                     11:  * man(1): Support more than one tag entry for the same search term,
                     12:    plus some minor improvements to the less(1) :t support.
                     13:  * -Thtml: Use real macro names for CSS classes.
                     14:    Systematic cleanup of and many improvements to mandoc.css.
                     15:  * -Thtml: Produce human readable HTML code by using indentation
                     16:    and better line breaks.  Improve various HTML elements,
                     17:    and trim several useless ones.
                     18:  * New catman(8) utility, still somewhat experimental.
1.14      schwarze   19:  * Now includes a portable version of the OpenBSD mandoc regression
                     20:    suite, see regress/regress.pl.1 for details.
1.13      schwarze   21:     --- REMOVED FUNCTIONALITY ---
                     22:  * Operating systems that don't provide mmap(3) are no longer supported.
                     23:  * Drop support for manpath(1).  Even if your system has manpath(1),
                     24:    it is simpler to use MANPATH_DEFAULT in configure.local for
                     25:    operating system defaults, man.conf(5) for machine-specific
                     26:    modifications, and ${MANPATH}, -m, and -M for user preferences
                     27:    than to bother with the complexity of manpath(1).
                     28:  * makewhatis(8) -p: No longer warn about missing MLINKS since these
                     29:    are no longer needed for anything.
                     30:     --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
                     31:  * mdoc(7): Warn about invalid punctuation and content below NAME.
                     32:  * mdoc(7): Warn about .Xr lacking the second argument (section).
                     33:  * mdoc(7): Warn about violations of the rule "new sentence, new line".
                     34:  * roff(7): Warn about trailing whitespace at the end of comments.
                     35:  * mdoc(7): Always do text production in the validator, never in the
                     36:    formatters.  Cleaner, simpler, shorter, helps NetBSD apropos(1)
                     37:    and also makes -Ttree output more useful.
1.15      schwarze   38:  * -Ttree: Show metadata and some additional node flags.
                     39:    New -Onoval output option to show the unvalidated tree.
1.13      schwarze   40:     --- RELIABILITY BUGFIXES ---
                     41:  * man(1): Make "man -l" work with standard input from a pipe or file,
                     42:    as long as standard output is a terminal.
                     43:  * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl without a type
                     44:    but with a width.
                     45:  * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl -column starting
                     46:    with a tab character instead of a child .It macro.
                     47:  * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to segfaults caused
                     48:    by stray block end macros in nested blocks of mismatching type.
                     49:  * man(1): Fix NULL dereference when the first of multiple pages
                     50:    shown was preformatted.
1.18      schwarze   51:  * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
                     52:    caused by partial implicit macros inside .Bl -column table cells.
1.13      schwarze   53:  * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
                     54:    for macro sequences like .Bl .Bl .It Bo .El .It.
1.15      schwarze   55:  * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
1.13      schwarze   56:    caused by .Ta following a nested .Bl -column breaking another block.
1.16      schwarze   57:  * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption sometimes leading to NULL
1.17      schwarze   58:    dereference caused by indirectly broken .Nd or .Nm blocks.
1.13      schwarze   59:  * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Fix a NULL dereference for .Bl -column with 0 columns.
1.17      schwarze   60:  * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference in some specific cases of a
                     61:    block-end macro calling another block-end macro.
1.13      schwarze   62:  * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference if the only child of the head
                     63:    of the first .Sh was an empty in-line macro.
1.19      schwarze   64:  * eqn(7): Fix NULL dereference in the terminal formatter
                     65:    for empty matrices and empty square roots.
1.13      schwarze   66:  * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure for a .Bd without a type that
                     67:    breaks another block.
1.20    ! schwarze   68:  * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure that happened for some .Bl -column
        !            69:    lists containing a column width of "-4n", "-3n", or "-2n".
1.13      schwarze   70:  * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by .Bl -column without .It
                     71:    but containing eqn(7) or tbl(7) code.
                     72:  * roff(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by \z\[u00FF] with -Tps/-Tpdf.
                     73:  * roff(7): Fix an assertion failures caused by whitespace inside \o''
                     74:    (overstrike) sequences.
                     75:  * -Thtml: Fix an assertion failure caused by -Oman or -Oincludes of
                     76:    excessive length.
                     77:     --- PORTABILITY IMPROVEMENTS ---
                     78:  * man(1): Do not mix stdio narrow and wide stream orientation
                     79:    on stdout, which could cause output corruption on glibc.
                     80:  * mandoc(1): Autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode.
                     81:  * Autodetect whether PATH_MAX is defined.
                     82:  * Autodetect if nanosleep(3) needs -lrt.
                     83:  * Put compiler arguments that may contain -l at the end.
                     84:     --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
                     85:  * mdoc(7): Fix SYNOPSIS output if the first child of .Nm is a macro.
                     86:  * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Improve formatting of .Bl -tag with short tags.
                     87:  * man(7) -Thtml: Preserve whitespace in .nf (nofill) mode.
                     88:  * mandoc(1): Error out on invalid output options on the command line.
                     89:     --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
                     90:  * Redesign part of the mandoc_html(3) interfaces, making them much
                     91:    easier to use and reducing the amount of code by a few hundred lines.
                     92:     --- THANKS TO ---
                     93:  * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for designing the new mandocd(8)
                     94:    and parts of the new catman(8), and for a number of patches
                     95:    and bug reports.
                     96:  * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for profiling the new makewhatis(8)
                     97:    implementation and suggesting an algorithmic improvement which
                     98:    more than doubled performance, and for a few bug reports.
                     99:  * Ed Maste (FreeBSD) for an important patch improving reproducibility
                    100:    of builds in makewhatis(8), and for a few bug reports.
                    101:  * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for more than ten important bug reports,
                    102:    most of them found by systematic afl(1) fuzzing.
                    103:  * Benny Lofgren, David Dahlberg, and in particular Vadim Zhukov
                    104:    for crucial help in getting .Bl -tag CSS formatting fixed.
                    105:  * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for an initial version of the
                    106:    patch to autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode.
                    107:  * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for multiple useful discussions
                    108:    and a number of bug reports.
                    109:  * Alexander Bluhm, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Antony Bentley,
                    110:    Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Marc Espie, Martijn van Duren,
                    111:    Stuart Henderson, Ted Unangst, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD), Abhinav
                    112:    Upadhyay, Christos Zoulas, Kamil Rytarowski, Sevan Janiyan,
                    113:    Thomas Klausner (NetBSD), Aaron M. Ucko, Bdale Garbee, Reiner
1.15      schwarze  114:    Herrmann, Shane Kerr (Debian), Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux),
1.13      schwarze  115:    Daniel Sabogal (Alpine Linux), Yuri Pankov (illumos),
                    116:    Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff), Kristaps Dzonsons (bsd.lv),
                    117:    Anton Lindqvist, Jan Stary, Jeremy A. Mates, Mark Patruck,
                    118:    Pavan Maddamsetti, Sean Levy <attila@stalphonsos.com>, and
                    119:    Tiago Silva for bug reports.
                    120:  * Brent Cook, Marc Espie, Philip Guenther, Todd Miller (OpenBSD)
                    121:    and Markus Waldeck for useful discussions.
                    122:  * And as usual, OpenCSW for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11
                    123:    testing environment.
1.11      schwarze  124:
1.12      schwarze  125: Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016
1.11      schwarze  126:
                    127:     --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    128:  * man.conf(5): Design and implement a simpler configuration file format.
                    129:  * man(1): Leverage less(1) -T and :t in a way resembling ctags(1)
                    130:    to jump to the definitions of various terms inside manual pages.
                    131:  * soelim(1): New implementation by Baptiste Daroussin.
1.12      schwarze  132:  * privilege limitation: Use OpenBSD pledge(2) or OS X sandbox_init(3)
                    133:    when available.
                    134:  * man.cgi(8): Support short URIs like http://man.openbsd.org/mdoc .
1.11      schwarze  135:  * mandoc.css: Use one unified stylesheet rather than three different ones.
                    136:     --- MAJOR FUNCTIONALLY RELEVANT BUGFIXES ---
                    137:  * mdoc(7): Fix multiple aspects of SYNOPSIS .Nm formatting.
                    138:  * man(1): Fix process group handling, avoiding unclean shutdowns.
                    139:     --- PORTABILITY IMPROVEMENTS ---
                    140:  * Correctly use the ohash(3) compatibility implementation
                    141:    even when building without SQLite support.
                    142:  * Add compat glue for building on Solaris 9 and 10.
                    143:  * Let ./configure select a supported RE syntax for word boundaries.
1.12      schwarze  144:  * Support LDFLAGS, to be used for example for hardening options.
                    145:  * Avoid mixing putchar(3) and putwchar(3) on the same file descriptor,
                    146:    it resulted in output corruption on some platforms.
1.11      schwarze  147:  * Avoid reusing va_lists, use va_copy(3) for better portability.
                    148:  * Do not hardcode the path to the more(1) program.
                    149:     --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    150:  * roff(7): Implement \n(.$ (number of macro arguments).
                    151:  * roff(7): Fully implement \z (do not advance cursor).
                    152:  * roff(7): Implement the `r'  conditional (register exists).
                    153:  * roff(7): Implement \\$* (interpolate all arguments).
                    154:  * roff(7): Parse and ignore \, and \/ (italic corrections).
                    155:  * When there is no -m, no -M, no MANPATH and no /etc/man.conf,
                    156:    fall back to /usr/share/man:/usr/X11R6/man:/usr/local/man.
                    157:  * man(1): Give manuals in purely numerical sections priority over
                    158:    manuals of the same name in sections with an alphabetical suffix.
                    159:  * man.cgi(8): Support "header.html" and "footer.html".
                    160:  * man.cgi(8): Set the "autofocus" attribute on the query text box.
                    161:  * man.cgi(8): Simplify the search form, drop two useless buttons.
1.12      schwarze  162:  * man.cgi(8): Delete the pseudo-manpath "mandoc", assume that
                    163:    apropos(1) and man.cgi(8) are installed in the default manpath.
1.11      schwarze  164:     --- RELIABILITY BUGFIXES ---
                    165:  * mdoc(7): Avoid a use after free and an assertion failure when nodes
                    166:    are deleted during validation.
                    167:  * mdoc(7): Avoid a NULL pointer access when .Bd has no arguments.
                    168:  * mdoc(7): Avoid a NULL pointer access triggered by mismatching end macros.
                    169:  * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when .Fo has no argument.
                    170:  * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when .Ta<tab> occurs in .Bl -column.
                    171:  * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when a body gets broken and has a tail.
                    172:  * roff(7): Avoid an assertion caused by blanks inside \o.
1.12      schwarze  173:  * roff(7): Make .so links to gziped manuals work without mandoc.db(5).
1.11      schwarze  174:  * tbl(7): Avoid a use after free when the last line of a layout is empty.
                    175:  * eqn(7): Avoid an infinite loop caused by recursive "define".
                    176:  * makewhatis(8): Avoid a segfault caused by unusual directory structures.
                    177:  * Fix handling of leading, trailing, and double colons in MANPATH and -m.
                    178:     --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
                    179:  * mdoc(7): Put arguments to end macros of broken partial explicit blocks
                    180:    inside the breaking block.
                    181:  * mdoc(7): Let .Dv force normal font.
                    182:  * mdoc(7): Make trailing whitespace significant in .Bl -tag widths.
                    183:  * mdoc(7): Fix macro interpretation around tabs in .Bl -column.
                    184:  * man(7): Use the default width for .RS without arguments.
                    185:  * man(7): On a new RS nesting level, the saved width starts from
                    186:    the default width, not from the saved width of the previous level.
                    187:  * man(7): Allow .PD in next-line scope.
                    188:  * man(7): Improve handling of empty .HP.
                    189:  * man(7): Improve formatting of .br and .sp inside .HP.
                    190:  * man(7): Do not mistreat empty arguments to font alternating
                    191:    macros as vertical spacing requests.
                    192:  * man(7): Allow fill mode changes in tagged paragraph next-line scope.
                    193:  * man(7): Fix minor bugs in block rewinding and simplify the related code.
                    194:  * man(7): Add missing line breaks before subsection headers.
                    195:  * man(7): Give section and subsection headers hanging indentation.
                    196:  * man(7): Make trailing whitespace significant in .TP widths.
                    197:  * roff(7): Don't allow breaking the output line after hyphens
                    198:    that immediately follow escape sequences.
                    199:  * roff(7): Ignore blank characters at the beginning of conditional blocks.
                    200:  * roff(7): Escape breakable hyphens only after handling input line traps.
                    201:  * roff(7): Reject \[uD800] to \[uDFFF] (surrogates) in the parser.
                    202:  * tbl(7): Allow more than one data field after T} on the same input line.
                    203:  * terminal output: Apply bold and italic to non-ASCII Unicode codepoints.
                    204:  * terminal output: Improve rounding rules for horizontal scaling widths.
                    205:  * HTML output: Render ASCII_NBRSP as "&nbsp;", not "-".
                    206:  * man(1): Do not match the first part of a name if it continues with a dot.
                    207:  * man(1): Keep working even if the current directory is unusable.
                    208:  * man(1): Better error message when $PAGER is invalid.
                    209:  * makewhatis(8): Improve handling of .Va and .Vt macros.
                    210:  * apropos(1): Print "nothing appropriate" to stderr when appropriate.
                    211:  * apropos(1): Abort with a useful error message when elementary
                    212:    database operations like preparing queries or binding variables fail.
                    213:     --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
                    214:  * mdoc(7) and man(7): Unified data structures struct roff_node etc.
                    215:  * mdoc(7) and man(7): Unified node handling library in roff.c.
                    216:  * mdoc(7) and man(7): Seperate validation phase from parsing.
1.12      schwarze  217:  * roff(7): Major character table cleanup.
1.11      schwarze  218:  * Link with libz rather than forking gunzip(1).
                    219:     --- THANKS TO ---
1.12      schwarze  220:  * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for the new soelim(1)
                    221:    and for release testing.
1.11      schwarze  222:  * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for unifying mandoc.css, two nice
                    223:    patches for man.cgi(8), some documentation patches, some bug
                    224:    reports, and various useful discussions.
                    225:  * Todd Miller (OpenBSD) for lots of help with process group and
                    226:    signal handling, a few patches, some bug reports and some useful
                    227:    discussions.
                    228:  * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for yet more testing with afl(1)
                    229:    again resulting in more than half a dozen important bug reports.
1.12      schwarze  230:  * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for some patches, several bug
                    231:    reports, and extensive release testing.
1.15      schwarze  232:  * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for a number of compatibility
1.12      schwarze  233:    patches and suggestions and several bug reports.
1.11      schwarze  234:  * Christos Zoulas (NetBSD) for a bug fix patch and some useful
                    235:    suggestions for cleanup.
                    236:  * Florian Obser (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch and some bug reports.
1.12      schwarze  237:  * Sevan Janiyan for help with Solaris compatibility and release
                    238:    testing on many platforms.
                    239:  * Jan Holzhueter and OpenCSW in general for help with Solaris
                    240:    compatibility, and for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11 testing
                    241:    environment.
1.11      schwarze  242:  * Michael McConville (OpenBSD) for some simple cleanup patches.
1.12      schwarze  243:  * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for some bug reports and release testing.
1.11      schwarze  244:  * Christian Weisgerber, Dmitrij Czarkoff, Igor Sobrado,
1.12      schwarze  245:    Ken Westerback, Marc Espie, Mike Belopuhov, Rafael Neves,
                    246:    Ted Unangst, Tim van der Molen, Theo Buehler, Theo de Raadt
                    247:    (OpenBSD), Kurt Jaeger, Dag Erling Smoergrav (FreeBSD),
                    248:    Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD), Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff),
                    249:    Daniel Levai, Fabian Raetz, Jan Stary, Jean-Yves Migeon,
1.11      schwarze  250:    Lorenzo Beretta, Markus Waldeck, Maxim Belooussov, Michael Reed,
                    251:    Peter Bray, and Serguey Parkhomovsky for bug reports and feature
                    252:    suggestions.
                    253:  * Alexander Hall, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Doug Hogan,
                    254:    Jason McIntyre, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse, Kent Spillner,
                    255:    Nicholas Marriott, Peter Hessler, Sebastien Marie, Stefan Sperling,
                    256:    and Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for helpful discussions and feedback.
1.9       schwarze  257:
                    258: Changes in version 1.13.3, released on March 13, 2015
                    260:     --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    261:  * When a manual is missing from an outdated database, let man(1)
                    262:    show it anyway, using a KISS file system lookup as a fallback.
                    263:  * Use this to always provide man(1), even without database support.
                    264:  * Fatal errors no longer exist.  If a file can be opened, mandoc
                    265:    will produce some output; at worst, the output may be almost empty.
                    266:  * New -Wunsupp message level.
                    267:     --- POTENTIONALLY SECURITY RELEVANT BUGFIXES ---
                    268:  * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on incomplete string conditionals.
                    269:    http://mdocml.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/roff.c#rev1.241
                    270:  * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on backslash at EOF in a conditional.
                    271:    http://mdocml.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/roff.c#rev1.247
                    272:  * Fix a use after free sometimes hit when validation deletes a block.
                    273:    http://mdocml.bsd.lv/cgi-bin/cvsweb/mdoc_macro.c#rev1.180
                    274:     --- MAJOR FUNCTIONALLY RELEVANT BUGFIXES ---
                    275:  * Let man(1) show manuals for the current architecture by default,
                    276:    and support the MACHINE environment variable.
                    277:  * Fix the man(1) and apropos(1) -m option, it didn't work at all.
                    278:  * Do not spawn a pager when there is no output.
                    279:  * In makewhatis(8), fix detection of hardlinked manuals on platforms
                    280:    having padding in struct inodev (typically 64bit platforms).
                    281:     --- PORTABILITY IMPROVEMENTS ---
                    282:  * Ignore O_CLOEXEC when the operating system doesn't provide it.
                    283:  * Avoid forward reference to enum type which violates ISO C99.
                    284:  * Support homebrew-style linking on Mac OS X.
                    285:     --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    286:  * lookup: Accept digit+letter and "n" as section names in man(1),
                    287:    and consistently handle digit+letter in file name extensions.
                    288:  * lookup: Speed up -s/-S by using the "mlinks" rather than the "keys" table.
                    289:  * output: Insert horizontal lines between formatted manual pages.
                    290:  * input: New stricter and more resilient UTF-8 parser.
                    291:  * mdoc(7): Refactor block rewinding for simpler and more robust parsing.
                    292:  * man(7): Use the -Ios option when .TH has less than four arguments.
                    293:  * tbl(7): Implement the "center" option.
                    294:  * tbl(7): New option and format parsers, improved in many respects.
                    295:  * roff(7): Basic implementation of the \o escape sequence (overstrike),
                    296:    and improved rendering of overstrikes in PostScript and PDF output.
                    297:  * Message improvements, in particular for, but not restricted to,
                    298:    eqn(7), tbl(7), and wrong numbers of arguments in mdoc(7) and man(7),
                    299:    in various cases also improving output generated by invalid input.
                    300:  * Delete the -V option.  It serves no purpose but keeps confusing people.
                    301:  * gmdiff: Minimal support for Heirloom roff.
                    302:     --- RELIABILITY BUGFIXES ---
                    303:  * tbl(7): Fix a read buffer overrun on 'f' at EOL in a layout.
                    304:  * roff(7): Fix a read buffer overrun on incomplete numerical conditions.
                    305:  * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .Nd followed by an explicit block.
                    306:  * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .It Xo without .Xc.
                    307:  * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .Eo without a tail.
                    308:  * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access in the validation of empty .St macros.
                    309:  * man(7)/tbl(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .TS right after .TP.
                    310:  * tbl(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on layout lines without any cells.
                    311:  * eqn(7): Fix NULL pointer accesses in the terminal formatter.
                    312:  * roff(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on trailing \s-/\s+ without an argument.
                    313:  * gz: Fix a potential NULL pointer access after waitpid() failure.
                    314:  * roff(7): Don't let the modulo operator divide by zero.
                    315:  * input: Fix an assertion failure on certain invalid UTF-8 input.
                    316:  * terminal output: Allow arbitrary depth of the font stack (assertion fix).
                    317:  * mdoc(7): Fix assertion failures and endless loops on invalid block closing.
                    318:  * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure on .Bl .Sm not followed by .It.
                    319:  * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure on .Bl -column ... .El .Ta.
                    320:  * tbl(7): Fix assertion failures by macros inside table data,
                    321:    but do not throw away the macro arguments.
                    322:  * Prevent certain kinds of unreasonable input from producing excessive
                    323:    output, in one case caused by unsigned integer underflow.
                    324:  * Fix a potential memory leak in makewhatis(8) on very long filenames.
                    325:     --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
                    326:  * mdoc(7): Fix parsing of badly nested blocks with multiple identical blocks.
                    327:  * mdoc(7): Support negative indentations for displays and lists.
                    328:  * mdoc(7): Don't mistreat negative .sp arguments as large positive ones.
                    329:  * mdoc(7): Some spacing fixes for .Eo/.Ec.
                    330:  * man(7): Support negative horizontal widths.
                    331:  * man(7): Do not print out invalid .IP arguments.
                    332:  * man(7): Correctly handle scaling units after .PD.
                    333:  * man(7): Support .RE with an argument.
                    334:  * man(7): Fix restoring indentation after .RS with large negative arguments.
                    335:  * tbl(7): Prevent tables from breaking the filling of preceding text.
                    336:  * tbl(7): Fix vertical spacing at the beginning of tables.
                    337:  * tbl(7): Parser and formatter fixes for line drawing and font modifiers.
                    338:  * tbl(7): Correct handling of blank data lines.
                    339:  * eqn(7): Add sometimes missing whitespace before equation output.
                    340:  * roff(7): Fix vertical scaling, most of it was wrong.
                    341:  * roff(7): Slightly improve \w width measurements.
                    342:  * roff(7): Accept the historic aliases \s10 to \s39 for \s(10 to \s(39.
                    343:  * roff(7): Correctly escape quotes when expanding macro arguments.
                    344:  * roff(7): Correctly handle scaling units in numerical expressions,
                    345:    and some other improvements to the parsing of numerical expressions.
                    346:  * roff(7): Three minor fixes with respect to evaluation of conditionals.
                    347:  * roff(7): Let .it accept numerical expressions, not just constants.
                    348:  * mandoc_char(7): Correct some character names and renderings.
1.10      schwarze  349:  * If earlier files set a non-zero exit status, never reset it to zero.
1.9       schwarze  350:     --- THANKS TO ---
                    351:  * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for yet more testing with afl (the American
                    352:    Fuzzy Lop security fuzzer), again resulting in many bug reports.
                    353:  * Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for suggesting the main new feature (man(1) file
                    354:    system lookup) and for reporting an important bug (pager without output).
                    355:  * Theo Buehler for an important bug report (-s/-S slowness)
                    356:    and for proposing a nice new feature (lines between pages).
                    357:  * Jason McIntyre for an important bug report (hardlink detection)
                    358:    and multiple documentation patches.
                    359:  * Pascal Stumpf (OpenBSD) and Alessandro de Laurenzis for
                    360:    important bug reports (architecture and man -m, respectively).
                    361:  * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for proposing a new feature (man(7) -Ios),
                    362:    a bug report, and release testing.
                    363:  * Anthony Bentley, Daniel Dickman, Ted Unangst (OpenBSD) and
                    364:    Kristaps Dzonsons (bsd.lv) for source code patches and bug reports.
                    365:  * Christian Weisgerber (OpenBSD) for more than half a dozen bug reports.
                    366:  * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff) for bug reports and release testing.
                    367:  * Antoine Jacoutot (OpenBSD) for release testing.
                    368:  * Alexis Hildebrandt (Homebrew), Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD),
                    369:    Jonathan Perkin (SmartOS), Pedro Giffuni (FreeBSD), Svyatoslav
                    370:    Mishyn (Crux Linux), Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD), Jan Stary, Patrick
                    371:    Keshishian, Sebastien Marie, and Steffen Nurpmeso for bug reports.
1.7       schwarze  372:
1.8       schwarze  373: Changes in version 1.13.2, released on December 13, 2014
1.7       schwarze  374:
                    375:     --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    376:  * Include an implementation of man(1), the manual page viewer.
                    377:  * Unified set of command line option, each one supported by all
                    378:    command names, including new options -a (format all), -c (no
                    379:    pager), -h (synopsis only), and -w (list filenames).
                    380:  * Support the MANPAGER and PAGER environment variables.
                    381:  * Support gzip'ed manuals by the whole toolset, even as .so targets.
                    382:  * Support UTF-8 and Latin-1 input by the whole toolset, delete preconv(1).
                    383:  * Switch the default output mode from -Tascii to -Tlocale.
                    384:  * Improve -Tascii output for Unicode escape sequences.
                    385:  * Let the -Thtml output mode produce polyglot HTML5.
                    386:  * Many improvements for eqn(7), in particular in-line equations,
                    387:    MathML output in -Thtml mode, and much improved terminal formatting.
                    388:     --- PORTABILITY IMPROVEMENTS ---
                    389:  * Change the build sequence to the usual ./configure; make; make install.
                    390:  * Support ./configure.local for build customizations.
                    391:  * Autodetect wchar, sqlite3, and manpath support.
                    392:  * Provide a fallback version of fts(3) for systems lacking it.
                    393:  * Support choosing alternative binary and manual names.
                    394:     --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    395:  * Rudimentary implementation of the e, x, and z tbl(7) layout
                    396:    modifiers to equalize, maximize, and ignore the width of columns.
                    397:  * Implement font modifiers in tbl(7) layouts.
                    398:  * Allow comma-separated options in the tbl(7) options line.
                    399:  * Parse and ignore the .pl (page length) roff(7) request.
                    400:  * Implement .An -[no]split for the mdoc(7) -Thtml output mode.
                    401:  * Support bold italic font in PostScript and PDF output.
                    402:  * Warn about commas in function arguments and parentheses in function names.
                    403:  * Warn about botched .Xr ordering and punctuation below SEE ALSO.
                    404:  * Warn about AUTHORS sections without .An macros.
                    405:  * Warn about attempts to call non-callable macros.
                    406:  * New developer documentation manual page mandoc_headers(3).
                    407:     --- BUGFIXES ---
                    408:  * Fix read buffer overrun sometimes triggered by trailing whitespace.
                    409:  * Fix read buffer overrun triggered by certain invalid \H sequences.
                    410:  * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by .Bl without any arguments.
                    411:  * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by .It Nm Fo without .Fc.
                    412:  * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by .Sh Xo .Sh without .Xc.
                    413:  * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by missing .Nm.
                    414:  * Fix an assertion triggered by .It right after .El.
                    415:  * Fix an assertion triggered by .Ec without preceding .Eo.
                    416:  * Fix an assertion triggered by .Sm or .Db with multiple arguments.
                    417:  * Fix assertion failures triggered by very large width arguments.
                    418:  * Fix a division by zero in the roff(7) parser.
                    419:  * Prevent negative arguments to .ll from causing integer underflow.
                    420:  * Correctly autodetect source format even when .Dd is preceded by .ll.
                    421:  * Multiple fixes with respect to .Bd and .Bl -offset and -width.
                    422:  * Many bugfixes with respect to scaling units.
                    423:  * Multiple fixes with respect to delimiter handling by in-line macros.
                    424:  * Multiple fixes with respect to .Pf.
                    425:  * Make \c work properly in no-fill mode.
                    426:  * Stricter syntax checking of Unicode character names.
                    427:     --- THANKS TO ---
                    428:  * Kristaps Dzonsons for rewriting the eqn(7) parser, implementing
                    429:    HTML5 and MathML output, and various other code contributions.
                    430:  * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for extensive testing with afl (the
                    431:    American Fuzzy Lop security fuzzer) resulting in many bug reports.
                    432:  * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD), Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD), Daniel
                    433:    Dickman, Doug Hogan, Jason McIntyre, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD),
                    434:    and Martin Natano for source code patches.
                    435:  * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff), Daniel Levai (Slackware),
                    436:    Garrett D'Amore (illumos), Giovanni Becchis, Matthew Dempsky,
                    437:    Stuart Henderson, Ted Unangst, Todd Miller (OpenBSD), Thomas
                    438:    Klausner (NetBSD), Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD), Justin Haynes,
                    439:    Marcus Merighi, Sebastien Marie, Steffen Nurpmeso and Theo Buehler
                    440:    for bug reports.
1.5       schwarze  441:
                    442: Changes in version 1.13.1, released on August 10, 2014
                    444:     --- MAJOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    445:  * A complete apropos(1)/makewhatis(8)/man.cgi(8) suite
                    446:    based on SQLite3 is now included.
                    447:  * The roff(7) parser now provides an almost complete implementation
                    448:    of numerical expressions.
                    449:  * Warning and error messages have been improved in many ways.
                    450:    Almost all fatal errors were downgraded to normal errors and some
                    451:    even to warnings.  Almost all messages now mention the macro where
                    452:    the issue is detected and many indicate the workaround employed.
                    453:    The mandoc(1) manual now includes a list explaining all messages.
                    454:     --- MINOR NEW FEATURES ---
                    455:  * The roff(7) parser now supports the .ami (append to macro with
                    456:    indirectly specified name), .as (append to user-defined
                    457:    string), .dei (define macro with indirectly specified name),
                    458:    .ll (line length), and .rr (remove register) requests.
                    459:  * The roff(7) parser now supports string comparison and numerical
                    460:    conditionals in the .if and .ie requests.
                    461:  * The roff parser now fully supports the \B (validate numerical
                    462:    expression) and partially supports the \w (measure text width)
                    463:    escape sequences.
                    464:  * The terminal formatter now supports the \: (optional line break)
                    465:    escape sequence.
                    466:  * The roff parser now supports expansion of user-defined strings
                    467:    involving indirect references.
                    468:  * The roff(7) parser now handles some pre-defined read-only
                    469:    number registers that occur in the pod2man(1) preamble.
                    470:  * For backward compatibility, the mdoc(7) parser and formatters
                    471:    now support the obsolete macros .En, .Es, .Fr, and .Ot.
                    472:  * The mdoc(7) formatter non partially supports .Bd -centered.
                    473:  * tbl(7) now handles leading and trailing vertical lines.
                    474:  * The build system now provides fallback versions of strcasestr(3)
                    475:    and strsep(3) for systems lacking them.
                    476:  * The mdoc(7) manual now explains how various standards
                    477:    supported by the .St macro are related to each other.
                    478:     --- BUGFIXES ---
                    479:  * In the roff(7) parser, several bugs were fixed with respect
                    480:    to closing conditional blocks on macro lines.
                    481:  * Parsing of roff(7) identifiers and escape sequences was improved
                    482:    in multiple respects.
                    483:  * In the mdoc(7) parser, the handling of defective document
                    484:    prologues was improved in multiple ways.
                    485:  * The mdoc(7) parser no longer skips content before the first section
                    486:    header, and it no longer deletes non-.% content from .Rs blocks.
                    487:  * In the mdoc(7) parser, a crash was fixed related to weird .Sh headers.
                    488:  * In the mdoc(7) parser, handling of .Sm with missing or invalid
                    489:    arguments was corrected.
                    490:  * In the mdoc(7) parser, trailing punctuation at the end of partial
                    491:    implicit macros no longer triggers end-of-sentence spacing.
                    492:  * In the terminal formatter, two crashes were fixed: one triggered by
                    493:    excessive indentation and another by excessively long .Nm arguments.
                    494:  * In the terminal formatter, a floating point rounding bug was
                    495:    fixed that sometimes caused an off-by-one error in indentation.
                    496:  * In the UTF-8 formatter, rendering of accents, breakable hyphens,
                    497:    and non-breakable spaces was corrected.
                    498:  * In the HTML formatter, encoding of special characters was
                    499:    corrected in multiple respects.
                    500:  * In the mdoc(7) formatter, rendering of .Ex and .Rv was
                    501:    improved for various edge cases.
                    502:  * In the mdoc(7) formatter, handling of empty .Bl -inset item
                    503:    heads was improved.
                    504:  * In the man(7) formatter, some bugs were fixed with respect
                    505:    to same-line detection in the context of .TP and .nf macros,
                    506:    and the indentation of .IP and .TP blocks was improved.
                    507:  * The mandoc(3) library no longer prints to stderr.
                    508:     --- THANKS TO ---
                    509:    Abhinav Upadhyay (NetBSD), Andreas Voegele, Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD),
                    510:    Christian Weisgerber (OpenBSD), Havard Eidnes (NetBSD), Jan Stary,
                    511:    Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD), Jeremie Courreges-Anglas (OpenBSD),
                    512:    Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD), Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado (OpenBSD),
                    513:    Marc Espie (OpenBSD), Matthias Scheler (NetBSD), Pascal Stumpf (OpenBSD),
                    514:    Paul Onyschuk (Alpine Linux), Sebastien Marie, Steffen Nurpmeso,
                    515:    Stuart Henderson (OpenBSD), Ted Unangst (OpenBSD), Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD),
                    516:    Thomas Klausner (NetBSD), and Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD)
                    517:    for reporting bugs and missing features.
1.4       schwarze  518:
                    519: Changes in version 1.12.3, released on December 31, 2013
                    521:  * In the mdoc(7) SYNOPSIS, line breaks and hanging indentation
                    522:    now work correctly for .Fo/.Fa/.Fc and .Fn blocks.
                    523:    Thanks to Franco Fichtner for doing part of the work.
                    524:  * The mdoc(7) .Bk macro got some addititonal bugfixes.
                    525:  * In mdoc(7) macro arguments, double quotes can now be quoted
                    526:    by doubling them, just like in man(7).
                    527:    Thanks to Tsugutomo ENAMI for the patch.
                    528:  * At the end of man(7) macro lines, end-of-sentence spacing
                    529:    now works.  Thanks to Franco Fichtner for the patch.
                    530:  * For backward compatibility, the man(7) parser now supports the
                    531:    man-ext .UR/.UE (uniform resource identifier) block macros.
                    532:  * The man(7) parser now handles closing blocks that are not open
                    533:    more gracefully.
                    534:  * The man(7) parser now ignores blank lines right after .SH and .SS.
                    535:  * In the man(7) formatter, reset indentation when leaving a block,
                    536:    not just when entering the next one.
                    537:  * The roff(7) .nr request now supports incrementing and decrementing
                    538:    number registers and stops parsing the number right before the
                    539:    first non-digit character.
                    540:  * The roff(7) parser now supports the alternative escape sequence
                    541:    syntax \C'uXXXX' for Unicode characters.
                    542:  * The roff(7) parser now parses and ignores the .fam (font family)
                    543:    and .hw (hyphenation points) requests and the \d and \u escape
                    544:    sequences.
                    545:  * The roff(7) manual got a new ESCAPE SEQUENCE REFERENCE.
1.1       schwarze  546:
1.2       schwarze  547: Changes in version 1.12.2, released on Oktober 5, 2013
1.1       schwarze  548:
                    549:  * The mdoc(7) to man(7) converter, to be called as mandoc -Tman,
                    550:    is now fully functional.
                    551:  * The mandoc(1) utility now supports the -Ios (default operating system)
                    552:    input option, and the -Tutf8 output mode now actually works.
                    553:  * The mandocdb(8) utility no longer truncates existing databases when
                    554:    starting to build new ones, but only replaces them when the build
                    555:    actually succeeds.
                    556:  * The man(7) parser now supports the PD macro (paragraph distance),
                    557:    and (for GNU man-ext compatibility only) EX (example block) and EE
                    558:    (example end).  Plus several bugfixes regarding indentation, line
                    559:    breaks, and vertical spacing, and regarding RS following TP.
                    560:  * The roff(7) parser now supports the \f(BI (bold+italic) font escape,
                    561:    the \z (zero cursor advance) escape and the cc (change control
                    562:    character) and it (input line trap) requests. Plus bugfixes regarding
                    563:    the \t (tab) escape, nested escape sequences, and conditional requests.
                    564:  * In mdoc(7), several bugs were fixed related to UTF-8 output of quoting
                    565:    enclosures, delimiter handling, list indentation and horizontal and
                    566:    vertical spacing, formatting of the Lk, %U, and %C macros, plus some
                    567:    bugfixes related to the handling of syntax errors like badly nested
                    568:    font blocks, stray Ta macros outside column lists, unterminated It Xo
                    569:    blocks, and non-text children of Nm blocks.
                    570:  * In tbl(7), the width of horizontal spans and the vertical spacing
                    571:    around tables was corrected, and in man(7) files, a crash was fixed
                    572:    that was triggered by some particular unclosed T{ macros.
                    573:  * For mandoc developers, we now provide a tbl(3) library manual and
                    574:    gmdiff, a very small, very simplistic groff-versus-mandoc output
                    575:    comparison tool.
1.2       schwarze  576:  * Provide this NEWS file.
1.1       schwarze  577:
                    578: Changes in version 1.12.1, released on March 23, 2012
                    580:  * Significant work on apropos(1) and mandocdb(8). These tools are now
                    581:    much more robust.  A whatis(1) implementation is now handled as an
                    582:    apropos(1) mode.  These tools are also able to minimally handle
                    583:    pre-formatted pages, that is, those already formatted by another
                    584:    utility such as GNU troff.
                    585:  * The man.cgi(7) script is also now available for wider testing.
                    586:    It interfaces with mandocdb(8) manuals cached by catman(8).
                    587:    HTML output is generated on-the-fly by libmandoc or internal
                    588:    methods to convert pre-formatted pages.
                    589:  * The mailing list archive for the discuss and tech lists are being
                    590:    hosted by Gmane at gmane.comp.tools.mdocml.user and
                    591:    gmane.comp.tools.mdocml.devel, respectively.
                    593: Changes in version 1.12.0, released on October 8, 2011
                    595:  * This version features a new, work-in-progress mandoc(1) output mode:
                    596:    -Tman.  This mode allows a system maintainer to distribute man(7)
                    597:    media for older systems that may not natively support mdoc(7), such
                    598:    as old Solaris systems.
                    599:  * The -Ofragment option was added to mandoc(1)'s -Thtml and -Txhtml modes.
                    600:  * While adding features, an apropos(1) utility has been merged from the
                    601:    mandoc-tools sandbox.  This interfaces with mandocdb(8) for semantic
                    602:    search of manual content.  apropos(1) is different from the traditional
                    603:    apropos primarily in allowing keyword search (such as for functions,
                    604:    utilities, etc.) and regular expressions.  Note that the calling
                    605:    syntax for apropos is likely to change as it settles down.
                    606:  * In documentation news, the mdoc(7) and man(7) manuals have been
                    607:    made considerably more readable by adding MACRO OVERVIEW sections, by
                    608:    moving the gory details of the LANGUAGE SYNTAX to the roff(7) manual,
                    609:    and by moving the very technical MACRO SYNTAX sections down to the
                    610:    bottom of the page.
                    611:  * Furthermore, for tbl(7), the -Tascii mode horizontal spacing of tables
                    612:    was rewritten completely.  It is now compatible with groff(1), both
                    613:    with and without frames and rulers.
                    614:  * Nesting of indented blocks is now supported in man(7), and several
                    615:    bugs were fixed regarding indentation and alignment.
                    616:  * The page headers in mdoc(7) are now nicer for very long titles.
                    618: Changes in version 1.11.7, released on September 2, 2011
                    620:  * Added demandoc(1) utility for stripping away macros and escapes.
                    621:    This replaces the historical deroff(1) utility.
                    622:  * Also improved the mdoc(7) and man(7) manuals.
                    624: Changes in version 1.11.6, released on August 16, 2011
                    626:  * Handling of tr macro in roff(7) implemented.  This makes Perl
                    627:    documentation much more readable.  Hyphenation is also now enabled in
                    628:    man(7) format documents.  Many other general improvements have been
                    629:    implemented.
                    631: Changes in version 1.11.5, released on July 24, 2011
                    633:  * Significant eqn(7) improvements.  mdocml can now parse arbitrary eqn
                    634:    input (although few GNU extensions are accepted, nor is mixing
                    635:    low-level roff with eqn).  See the eqn(7) manual for details.
                    636:    For the time being, equations are rendered as simple in-line text.
                    637:    The equation parser satisfies the language specified in the
                    638:    Second Edition User's Guide:
                    639:    http://www.kohala.com/start/troff/v7man/eqn/eqn2e.ps
                    641: Changes in version 1.11.4, released on July 12, 2011
                    643:  * Bug-fixes and clean-ups across all systems, especially in mandocdb(8)
                    644:    and the man(7) parser.  This release was significantly assisted by
                    645:    participants in OpenBSD's c2k11.  Thanks!
                    647: Changes in version 1.11.3, released on May 26, 2011
                    649:  * Introduce locale-encoding of output with the -Tlocale output option and
                    650:    Unicode escaped-character input.  See mandoc(1) and mandoc_char(7),
                    651:    respectively, for details.  This allows for non-ASCII characters (e.g.,
                    652:    \[u5000]) to be rendered in the locale's encoding, if said environment
                    653:    supports wide-character encoding (if it does not, -Tascii is used
                    654:    instead).  Locale support can be turned off at compile time by removing
                    655:    -DUSE_WCHAR in the Makefile, in which case -Tlocale is always a synonym
                    656:    for -Tascii.
                    657:  * Furthermore, multibyte-encoded documents, such as those in UTF-8, may
                    658:    be on-the-fly recoded into mandoc(1) input by using the newly-added
                    659:    preconv(1) utility.  Note: in the future, this feature may be
                    660:    integrated into mandoc(1).
                    662: Changes in version 1.11.2, released on May 12, 2011
                    664:  * Corrected some installation issues in version 1.11.1.
                    665:  * Further migration to libmandoc.
                    666:  * Initial public release (this utility is very much under development)
                    667:    of mandocdb(8).  This utility produces keyword databases of manual
                    668:    content, which features semantic querying of manual content.
                    670: Changes in version 1.11.1, released on April 4, 2011
                    672:  * The earlier libroff, libmdoc, and libman soup have been merged into
                    673:    a single library, libmandoc, which manages all aspects of parsing
                    674:    real manuals, from line-handling to tbl(7) parsing.
                    675:  * As usual, many general fixes and improvements have also occurred.
                    676:    In particular, a great deal of redundancy and superfluous code has
                    677:    been removed with the merging of the backend libraries.
1.3       schwarze  678:  * see also the changes in 1.10.10
                    680: Changes in version 1.10.10, March 20, 2011, NOT released
                    682:  * Initial eqn(7) functionality is in place.  For the time being,
                    683:    this is limited to the recognition of equation blocks;
                    684:    future version of mdocml will expand upon this framework.
1.1       schwarze  685:
                    686: Changes in version 1.10.9, released on January 7, 2011
                    688:  * Many back-end fixes have been implemented: argument handling (quoting),
                    689:    man(7) improvements, error/warning classes, and many more.
                    690:  * Initial tbl(7) functionality (see the "TS", "TE", and "T&" macros in
                    691:    the roff(7) manual) has been merged from tbl.bsd.lv.  Output is still
                    692:    minimal, especially for -Thtml and -Txhtml, but manages to at least
                    693:    display data.  This means that mandoc(1) now has built-in support
                    694:    for two troff preprocessors via libroff: soelim(1) and tbl(1).
                    696: Changes in version 1.10.8, released on December 24, 2010
1.3       schwarze  698:  * Overhauled the -Thtml and -Txhtml output modes.  They now display
1.1       schwarze  699:    readable output in arbitrary browsers, including text-based ones like
                    700:    lynx(1).  See HTML and XHTML manuals in the DOCUMENTATION section
                    701:    for examples.  Attention: available style-sheet classes have been
                    702:    considerably changed!  See the example.style.css file for details.
                    703:    Lastly, libmdoc and libman have been cleaned up and reduced in size
                    704:    and complexity.
1.3       schwarze  705:  * see also the changes in 1.10.7
                    707: Changes in version 1.10.7, December 6, 2010, NOT released
                    709:  Significant improvements merged from OpenBSD downstream, including:
                    710:  * many new roff(7) components,
                    711:  * in-line implementation of troff's soelim(1),
                    712:  * broken-block handling,
                    713:  * overhauled error classifications, and
                    714:  * cleaned up handling of error conditions.
1.1       schwarze  715:
                    716: Changes in version 1.10.6, released on September 27, 2010
                    718:  * Calling conventions for mandoc(1) have changed: -W improved and -f
                    719:    deprecated.
                    720:  * Non-ASCII characters are also now uniformly discarded.
                    721:  * Lots of documentation improvements.
                    722:  * Many incremental fixes accomodating for groff's more interesting
                    723:    productions.
                    724:  * Lastly, pod2man(1) preambles are now fully accepted after some
                    725:    considerable roff(7) and special character support.
                    727: Changes in version 1.10.5, released on July 27, 2010
                    729:  * Primarily a bug-fix and polish release, but including -Tpdf support
                    730:    in mandoc(1) by way of "Summer of Code".  Highlights:
                    731:  * fix "Sm" and "Bd" handling
                    732:  * fix end-of-sentence handling for embedded sentences
                    733:  * polish man(7) documentation
                    734:  * document all mdoc(7) macros
                    735:  * polish mandoc(1) -Tps output
                    736:  * lots of internal clean-ups in character escapes
                    737:  * un-break literal contexts in man(7) documents
                    738:  * improve -Thtml output for -man
                    739:  * add mandoc(1) -Tpdf support
                    741: Changes in version 1.10.4, released on July 12, 2010
                    743:  * Lots of features developed during both "Summer of Code" and the
                    744:    OpenBSD c2k10 hackathon:
                    745:  * minimal "ds" roff(7) symbols are supported
                    746:  * beautified SYNOPSIS section output
                    747:  * acceptance of scope-block breakage in mdoc(7)
                    748:  * clarify error message status
                    749:  * many minor bug-fixes and formatting issues resolved
1.3       schwarze  750:  * see also changes in 1.10.3
                    752: Changes in version 1.10.3, June 29, 2010, NOT released
                    754:  * variable font-width and paper-size support in mandoc(1) -Tps output
                    755:  * "Bk" mdoc(7) support
1.1       schwarze  756:
                    757: Changes in version 1.10.2, released on June 19, 2010
                    759:  * Small release featuring text-decoration in -Tps output,
                    760:    a few minor relaxations of errors, and some optimisations.
                    762: Changes in version 1.10.1, released on June 7, 2010
                    764:  * This primarily focusses on the "Bl" and "It" macros described in
                    765:    mdoc(7).  Multi-line column support is now fully compatible with groff,
                    766:    as are implicit list entries for columns.
                    767:  * Removed manuals(7) in favour of http://manpages.bsd.lv.
                    768:  * The way we handle the SYNOPSIS section (see the SYNOPSIS documentation
                    769:    in MANUAL STRUCTURE) has also been considerably simplified compared
                    770:    to groff's method.
                    771:  * Furthermore, the -Owidth=width output option has been added to -Tascii,
                    772:    see mandoc(1).
                    773:  * Lastly, initial PostScript output has been added with the -Tps option
                    774:    to mandoc(1).  It's brutally simple at the moment: fixed-font, with no
                    775:    font decorations.
                    777: Changes in version 1.10.0, released on May 29, 2010
                    779:  * Release consisting of the results from the m2k10 hackathon and up-merge
                    780:    from OpenBSD.  This requires a significant note of thanks to Ingo
                    781:    Schwarze (OpenBSD) and Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD) for their hard work,
                    782:    and again to Joerg for hosting m2k10.  Highlights (mostly cribbed from
                    783:    Ingo's m2k10 report) follow in no particular order:
                    784:  * a libroff preprocessor in front of libmdoc and libman stripping out
                    785:    roff(7) instructions;
                    786:  * end-of-sentence (EOS) detection in free-form and macro lines;
                    787:  * correct handling of tab-separated columnar lists in mdoc(7);
                    788:  * improved main calling routines to optionally use mmap(3) for better
                    789:    performance;
                    790:  * cleaned up exiting when invoked as -Tlint or over multiple files
                    791:    with -fign-errors;
                    792:  * error and warning message handling re-written to be unified for
                    793:    libroff, libmdoc, and libman;
                    794:  * handling of badly-nested explicit-scoped macros;
                    795:  * improved free-form text parsing in libman and libmdoc;
                    796:  * significant GNU troff compatibility improvements in -Tascii,
                    797:    largely in terms of spacing;
                    798:  * a regression framework for making sure the many fragilities of GNU
                    799:    troff aren't trampled in subsequent work;
                    800:  * support for -Tascii breaking at hyphens encountered in free-form text;
                    801:  * and many more minor fixes and improvements
                    803: Changes in version 1.9.25, released on May 13, 2010
                    805:  * Fixed handling of "\*(Ba" escape.
                    806:  * Backed out -fno-ign-chars (pointless complexity).
                    807:  * Fixed erroneous breaking of literal lines.
                    808:  * Fixed SYNOPSIS breaking lines before non-initial macros.
                    809:  * Changed default section ordering.
                    810:  * Most importantly, the framework for end-of-sentence double-spacing is
                    811:    in place, now implemented for the "end-of-sentence, end-of-line" rule.
                    812:  * This is a stable roll-back point before the mandoc hackathon in Rostock!
                    814: Changes in version 1.9.24, released on May 9, 2010
                    816:  * Rolled back break-at-hyphen.
                    817:  * -DUGLY is now the default (no feature splits!).
                    818:  * Free-form text is not de-chunked any more: lines are passed
                    819:    whole-sale into the front-end, including whitespace.
                    820:  * Added mailing lists.
                    822: Changes in version 1.9.23, released on April 7, 2010
                    824:  * mdocml has been linked to the OpenBSD build.
                    825:  * This version incorporates many small changes, mostly from patches
                    826:    by OpenBSD, allowing crufty manuals to slip by with warnings instead
                    827:    of erroring-out.
                    828:  * Some subtle semantic issues, such as punctuation scope, have also
                    829:    been fixed.
                    830:  * Lastly, some issues with -Thtml have been fixed, which prompted an
                    831:    update to the online manual pages style layout.
                    833: Changes in version 1.9.22, released on March 31, 2010
                    835:  * Adjusted merge of the significant work by Ingo Schwarze
                    836:    in getting "Xo" blocks (block full implicit, e.g., "It"
                    837:    for non-columnar lists) to work properly.  This isn't
                    838:    enabled by default: you must specify -DUGLY as a compiler
                    839:    flag (see the Makefile for details).
                    841: Changes in version 1.9.20, released on March 30, 2010
                    843:  * More efforts to get roff instructions in man(7) documents under
                    844:    control.  Note that roff instructions embedded in line-scoped,
                    845:    next-line macros (e.g. "B") are not supported.
                    846:  * Leading punctuation for mdoc(7) macros, such as "Fl ( ( a",
                    847:    are now correctly handled.
                    849: Changes in version 1.9.18, released on March 27, 2010
                    851:  * Many fixes (largely pertaining to scope)
                    852:    and improvements (e.g., handling of apostrophe-control macros,
                    853:    which fixes the strange "BR" seen in some macro output)
                    854:    to handling roff instructions in man(7) documents.
                    856: Changes in version 1.9.17, released on March 25, 2010
                    858:  * Accept perlpod(1) standard preamble.
                    859:  * Also accept (and discard) "de", "dei", "am", "ami", and "ig"
                    860:    roff macro blocks.
                    862: Changes in version 1.9.16, released on March 22, 2010
                    864:  * Inspired by patches and bug reports by Ingo Schwarze,
                    865:    allowed man(7) to accept non-printing elements to be nested
                    866:    within next-line scopes, such as "br" within "B" or "TH",
                    867:    which is valid roff.
                    868:  * Longsoon architecture also noted and Makefile cleaned up.
                    870: Changes in version 1.9.15, released on February 18, 2010
                    872:  * Moved to our new BSD.lv home.
                    873:  * XHTML is now an acceptable output mode for mandoc(1);
                    874:  * "Xr" made more compatible with groff;
                    875:  * "Vt" fixed when invoked in SYNOPSIS;
                    876:  * "\\" escape removed;
                    877:  * end-of-line white-space detected for all lines;
                    878:  * subtle bug fixed in list display for some modes;
                    879:  * compatibility layer checked in for compilation in diverse
                    880:    UNIX systems;
                    881:  * and column lengths handled correctly.
                    883: For older releases, see the ChangeLog files
                    884: in http://mdocml.bsd.lv/snapshots/ .