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Line 894  until the end of the macro scope.
Line 894  until the end of the macro scope.
 Note that macros like  Note that macros like
 .Sx \&BR  .Sx \&BR
 open and close a font scope for each argument.  open and close a font scope for each argument.
 This section mentions some areas of questionable portability between  
 implementations of the  
 More incompatibilities exist.  
 .Bl -dash -compact  
 Do not depend on  
 .Sx \&SH  
 .Sx \&SS  
 to close out a literal context opened with  
 .Sx \&nf .  
 This behaviour may not be portable.  
 troff suppresses a newline before  
 .Sq \(aq  
 macro output; in mandoc, it is an alias for the standard  
 .Sq \&.  
 control character.  
 In page header lines, GNU troff versions up to and including 1.21  
 only print  
 .Ar volume  
 names explicitly specified in the  
 .Sx \&TH  
 macro; mandoc and newer groff print the default volume name  
 corresponding to the  
 .Ar section  
 number when no  
 .Ar volume  
 is given, like in  
 .Xr mdoc 7 .  
 .Sx EE ,  
 .Sx EX ,  
 .Sx OP ,  
 .Sx UE ,  
 .Sx UR  
 macros are part of the GNU extended  
 macro set, and may not be portable to non-GNU troff implementations.  
 .Xr man 1 ,  .Xr man 1 ,
 .Xr mandoc 1 ,  .Xr mandoc 1 ,

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