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Diff for /mandoc/mandoc.1 between version 1.154 and 1.155

version 1.154, 2015/02/16 19:02:48 version 1.155, 2015/02/23 13:31:03
Line 771  This may confuse
Line 771  This may confuse
 .Xr makewhatis 8  .Xr makewhatis 8
 and  and
 .Xr apropos 1 .  .Xr apropos 1 .
 .It Sy "bad NAME section contents"  .It Sy "NAME section without name"
 .Pq mdoc  .Pq mdoc
 The last node in the NAME section is not an  The NAME section does not contain any
   .Ic \&Nm
   child macro.
   .It Sy "NAME section without description"
   .Pq mdoc
   The NAME section lacks the mandatory
 .Ic \&Nd  .Ic \&Nd
 macro, or any preceding macro is not  child macro.
 .Ic \&Nm ,  .It Sy "description not at the end of NAME"
 or the NAME section is completely empty.  .Pq mdoc
 This may confuse  The NAME section does contain an
 .Xr makewhatis 8  .Ic \&Nd
   child macro, but other content follows it.
   .It Sy "bad NAME section content"
   .Pq mdoc
   The NAME section contains plain text or macros other than
   .Ic \&Nm
 and  and
 .Xr apropos 1 .  .Ic \&Nd .
 .It Sy "missing description line, using \(dq\(dq"  .It Sy "missing description line, using \(dq\(dq"
 .Pq mdoc  .Pq mdoc
 The  The

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