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 $Id$  $FreeBSD$
   $Idaemons: /home/cvs/cvsweb/README.knu,v 3.9 2001/01/13 07:48:09 knu Exp $
 Added features over Zeller's version:  Added features over Zeller's version:
Line 17  o Improved support for text-based browsers
Line 18  o Improved support for text-based browsers
     Unidiff is the default format for diffs, for text-based browsers.      Unidiff is the default format for diffs, for text-based browsers.
 o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.  o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.
     The following PR numbers will all be hyperlinked. :)      The following styles are supported.
         PR:     12345, 67890, ..          PR:     12345, 67890, ..
Line 31  o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.
Line 32  o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.
         .. is related to bin/4567, which is ...          .. is related to bin/4567, which is ...
 o Manpage hyperlinking.  o Manpage hyperlinking.
     Manpage specification such as cat(1) will be hyperlinked.      Both `cat(1)' and `cat.1' styles are supported.
   o Revision numbers hyperlinking in annotaion.
   o Automatic tarball generation. (Obtained from Debian)
   o Automatic zipball generation.
   o Customizable repository entry order.
   o Location text field.
   o Support for the use of localized charsets.
   o Workaround for buggy web servers.
   o Numerous bugfixes regarding URI/filename manipulation.
   o Security fixes to let it work under perl -T.
 --  --
 Akinori MUSHA <knu@FreeBSD.org>  Akinori MUSHA <knu@FreeBSD.org> -- The FreeBSD Project

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