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version 3.3, 2000/09/03 18:25:47 version 3.6, 2000/12/28 18:17:21
Line 31  o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.
Line 31  o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.
         .. is related to bin/4567, which is ...          .. is related to bin/4567, which is ...
 o Manpage hyperlinking.  o Manpage hyperlinking.
     Manpage specification such as cat(1) will be hyperlinked.      Manpage specification such as cat(1) and cat.1 will be hyperlinked.
   o Revision numbers hyperlinking in annotaion.
   o Automatic tarball generation. (Obtained from Debian)
 --  --
 Akinori MUSHA <knu@FreeBSD.org>  Akinori MUSHA <knu@FreeBSD.org>

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