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Revision, Sun Aug 4 18:50:12 2002 UTC (20 years, 7 months ago) by scop
Branch: FreeBSD-cvsweb-2_0-branch
Changes since 3.10: +5 -21 lines

- Fix annotate HTML output.
- Bring README and TODO up to date regarding the stable branch.

Approved by:	knu (mentor)

$Idaemons: /home/cvs/cvsweb/TODO.knu,v 3.6 2001/01/13 07:48:09 knu Exp $

TODO list for the stable 2.0 branch of FreeBSD-CVSweb.

o Ensure that fatal error messages are shown properly when gzip encoding
  is enabled.

o Make annotate work for any repository, and under mod_perl.