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Revision 3.17, Wed Nov 13 17:28:32 2002 UTC (19 years ago) by scop
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 3.16: +0 -1 lines

Implement CvsGraph integration.

Thanks to:	CvsGraph and ViewCVS folks for ideas.

$Idaemons: /home/cvs/cvsweb/TODO.knu,v 3.6 2001/01/13 07:48:09 knu Exp $

TODO list for the development branch of FreeBSD-CVSweb.

o Ensure that fatal error messages are shown properly when gzip encoding
  is enabled.

o Use specialized modules from CPAN to do stuff, maybe these would be useful:
  + Archive::Tar
  + Archive::Zip
  + Compress::Zlib
  + Compress::Bzip2
  + HTML::Entities and/or Apache::Util
  + URI::Escape and/or Apache::Util

o Move CSS from Perl/HTML code to external .css files.

o Move HTML generation out from the main perl code as much as possible,
  possibly using a template system or XSLT.

o Implement XML output, and a SOAP/XML-RPC interface.

o Integrate/cooperate with various CVS utilities.
  + cvs2cl      <http://www.red-bean.com/cvs2cl/>
  + cvsplot     <http://cvsplot.sourceforge.net/>
  + CVSps       <http://www.cobite.com/cvsps/>

o Get rid of taint warnings on Perl 5.8.