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Revision 3.175, Sat Nov 6 08:47:21 2004 UTC (19 years, 1 month ago) by scop
CVS Tags: FreeBSD-cvsweb-3_0_4
Changes since 3.174: +2 -0 lines

Release 3.0.4.


2004-11-06  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 3.0.4.

	* cvsweb.cgi (spacedHtmlText): Fix tab expansion to not eat all
	characters before the first tab.  This bug was introduced in

2004-11-03  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 3.0.3.

	* cvsweb.cgi (spacedHtmlText): Improve whitespace handling
	when $hr_breakable is true, especially with String::Ediff.
	[Submitted by: Bo Zou <bzou@atreus-systems.com> (modified)]

2004-10-16  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Extend the magic "." revision support so that it
	takes the branch into account (if defined in the query string's
	only_with_tag parameter).  Applies to all download, view, and
	annotate URLs.

2004-10-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (navigateHeader): Support linking to log view's
	branch/tag anchors.

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf (DEBUG): New configuration parameter for
	enabling more output to web server error log for troubleshooting.

2004-08-20  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 3.0.2.

2004-08-11  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Review and rework URI escaping.

2004-08-10  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Send temporary HTTP redirects where appropriate
	instead of always permanent ones.

	* cvsweb.cgi: When submitting the options form in an Attic/ dir,
	stay there, don't change to the parent dir.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Ensure that CVSROOT/modules is always properly closed.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Coding style and variable scoping improvements.

	* cvsweb.conf (MIRRORS): Add example mirror configuration.

2004-07-28  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get rid of the $newpath and $pathinfo globals.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Don't use $&.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add a couple of table summaries.

2004-07-26  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Make Attic "stripping" regexps more strict in
	order to not treat eg. "FooAttic" as Attic.

	* cvsweb.conf (ICONS): Shorten default alt text for binaries
	to [BIN] for better text-based browser experience.

2004-07-24  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Coding style and variable scoping improvements.

2004-07-17  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, css/cvsweb.css: Combine CSS properties for all
	diff lines into the "diff" class, change default diff colors for
	better experience on non-highcolor displays, and use only generic
	font families.

2004-05-08  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 3.0.1.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Include CVSHistory links for files from the log view.

2004-05-05  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Light integration with CVSHistory.

2004-04-24  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (flush_diff_rows): Fix HTML escaping problem in the
	"PreChangeRemove" state.
	[Submitted by: Mark A. Mankins <raider15@mankins.us>]

2004-04-20  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Resurrect the ability to link to the latest revision
	of a file using ?rev=. and ?rev=HEAD.

	* cvsweb.cgi (doGraphView): Make sure branch links from the graph
	view contain only the target branch.

2004-03-30  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow revision numbers without dots (eg. "1").

	* cvsweb.cgi (download_url): Fix download links for valid non-branch
	revisions which contain 0's, for example "".
	Thanks to Jules <jules@zjuul.net> for the heads up.

2004-03-17  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf (cvs_options): Remove -l as it's not available in
	current stable or "feature" versions of cvs.

2004-03-16  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (doAnnotate): Add CSS class for current revision lines.
	* css/cvsweb.css (current-rev): New.
	[Submitted by: Max Laier <max@love2party.net> (modified)]

2004-02-27  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Always pass the -m (module) argument to cvsgraph(1).
	That's the right thing to do and makes the graphing more robust
	against unexpected cvsgraph.conf files.  Also move some related
	documentation from INSTALL to cvsweb.conf.
	Thanks to Gernot W. Schmied and Jon Noack for the heads up.

	* cvsweb.conf: Enscript regexp improvements: fix regexp for
	Perl scripts [Submitted by: Stefan Moessler <moessler@getemed.de>
	and Jon Noack <noackjr@alumni.rice.edu>], treat *.pac as JavaScript,
	use Perl states instead of Makefile ones for Makefile.PL, other
	documentation improvements.

2004-02-26  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 3.0.0.

2004-02-23  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (doDiff): Don't pass -p or -F to rcsdiff(1) when
	doing side by side diffs.  diff(1) from diffutils < 2.8 does not
	like that.  Thanks to Jon Noack for the catch.

	* cvsweb.conf: Improve $showfunc and %funcline_regexp documentation.

2004-02-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 2.9.3 (beta).

	* cvsweb.cgi (printLog): Don't turn off tag, diff etc linking
	in markup view.
	[Submitted by: Christopher Wolf <wolf@ti.com> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi (cvswebMarkup): Use "Revision" consistently, HTML
	escape tag names also when $show_log_in_markup is turned off.

2004-02-14  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (DIFFTYPES): Use width=168 in side by side diffs to
	support 80 character line lengths.
	[Submitted by: Christopher Wolf <wolf@ti.com>]

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.css: Better control over line wrapping in the
	directory view.
	[Submitted by: Christopher Wolf <wolf@ti.com> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi, enscript/lang_cvsweb_diff.st: Use a separate Enscript
	language file for diffs, and tune it for better diff readability.
	[Submitted by: Christopher Wolf <wolf@ti.com> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix tarball/zip creation from non-toplevel dirs.
	This was broken since revision 3.191 (FreeBSD-CVSweb 2.9.1).
	[Submitted by: Christopher Wolf <wolf@ti.com> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi (doGraphView): Add a compatiblity kludge for the
	client side image map markup to make it work eg. with Mozilla
	based browsers.  Thanks to Christopher Wolf for the catch.

2004-01-31  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 2.9.2 (beta).

	* cvsweb.cgi: Rework handling of forbidden files.  forbidden_module()
	and @HideModules had nothing to do with modules in CVS terminology,
	and the implementation was broken.  forbidden() and @ForbiddenFiles
	now affect directories as well.

	* cvsweb.conf: Sample regexp improvements, remove @HideModules,
	disable Apache logo by default.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Path canonicalization/portability improvements, makes
	@ForbiddenFiles more robust against not-too-paranoid regexps.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Hide CVSROOT directories only directly below the root.

	* README, README.FreeBSD: Combine into README.

2004-01-24  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add support for per file type external diff commands.
	[Submitted by: Bryce Nesbitt <bryce1@obviously.com> (modified)]	

	* cvsweb.conf (DIFF_COMMANDS): New, to support the above.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Avoid some warnings when HTMLifying diffs and doing
	revisionless checkouts (ie. HEAD), improve diff linking for binary
	files, fix "as text" links for non-text/plain text files, make
	search_path a bit more robust.

	* cvsweb.conf (command_path): Change to a list for portability.
	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up IPC::Run usage; get rid of timeouts, they
	seem to cause more harm than good.

2004-01-21  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use only_complete in MIME::Types initialization
	to get only useful entries: smaller memory footprint.

2004-01-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Review, clean up and speed up regular expression
	usage.  Also change a few globals to constants.

	* cvsweb.conf: Remove the $checkout_magic configuration variable.
	Support for it has been apparently broken since 2000-10-10 so
	probably nobody will miss it.

2004-01-11  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Lots of improvements in download/view linking
	wrt. MIME types and binary files, avoid logging the file
	multiple times when doing a checkout.
	(VERSION): Set to 2.9.2-dev.

	* css/cvsweb.css (display-link): New.

	* cvsweb.conf (long_intro): Improve.

2004-01-10  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (download_link): Get rid of the open-in-new-window
	code altogether.  The end user should decide, not the sysadmin.

	* cvsweb.conf: Remove now unused parameters $open_extern_window,
	$extern_window_height, and $extern_window_width.

2003-10-25  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (doCheckout): Fix checkout from paths where the
	top level directory starts with a dot, improve error message.
	[Submitted by: David O'Shea <dcoshea@hotmail.com>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: General error handling and message improvements.
	Avoid "cvs export" for unsupported tarball requests.

2003-10-05  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* Release 2.9.1 (beta).

	* cvsweb.cgi: Show contents of README.cvs(.html) in the dir view
	header if such a file is present in the directory.

	* cvsweb.cgi (human_readable_diff): Add some links to markup view.

	* INSTALL: Clean up and add instructions for upgrading from 2.0.x.

2003-10-02  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Improve markup, change to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

2003-09-26  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Pulling in the huge CGI module only for the sake
	of query string parsing isn't quite worth it.  Revert to a
	homebrew implementation, use URI::Escape and grok semicolons as

2003-09-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (cvswebMarkup): Add line numbers support to
	internal "preformat-in-markup" mode.  Prefer enscript(1) over
	it (if enabled).

2003-09-14  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Rewrite tarball/zip creation using IPC::Run,
	now works with mod_perl.  Improve error handling, allow .tgz
	extension for tarballs.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Don't show tarball/zip download links if the
	commands for creating them aren't available.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Strict input checking and laundering, needed
	for running under Perl 5.8 with taint checks enabled (PR 52386).
	Use the CGI module for input parsing.

	* cvsweb.cgi: More use of File::Spec for portability.

	* cvsweb.conf: Improve documentation and default settings.

2003-09-07  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Don't offer tarball/zip downloads for empty dirs.

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.css: Redesign option forms, general
	markup improvements.

2003-09-06  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get rid of mod_perl specific code.
	It's not needed and will only cause trouble because of subtle
	differences between mod_perl 1 and 2.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Try to find and cd into a readable directory
	before doing any cvs or rcs operations for better support for
	non-readable cgi-bin directories.

2003-08-12  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.css: Use String::Ediff for Emacs-style
	human readable ediffs if available.
	[Submitted by: Bo Zou <boxzou@yahoo.com> (modified)]

2003-08-08  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use IPC::Run instead of IPC::Open2 and IO::Pipe
	for better portablity (eg. for mod_perl 1.99+).

2003-08-03  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Baby steps in use of File::Spec (0.8+) for
	better portability.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Implement enscript-colored diffs

	* cvsweb.cgi (doDiff): Use rcsdiff_options.

	* cvsweb.conf (rcsdiff_options): New.

2003-07-30  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf-freebsd (prcategories): Bring up to date.
	[Submitted by: simon@FreeBSD.org]

2003-07-20  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Make $cvstreedefault optional in cvsweb.conf,
	improve error messages and warnings.
	* cvsweb.conf: Doc updates.

2003-06-25  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Rework MIME type discovery, now uses
	MIME::Types(3) if it's available.
	(cvswebMarkup): Use height="100%" for <embed>.
	* cvsweb.conf: Doc update, comment out '*' from %MTYPES.
	[Heads up by: Daniel Wallner <daniel.wallner@bredband.net>]

2003-06-24  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Don't try to rlog(1) unreadable files
	[Submitted by: Bernd Groh <bgroh@redhat.com> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi (doGraphView): Make it work with multiple roots.
	[Submitted by: Christophe Kalt <kalt@taranis.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Show binary (-kb) files with a different icon,
	show keyword expansion mode in log view.
	* cvsweb.conf: Add binfile to %ICONS.
	* icons/binary.gif: New.
	[Submitted by: Paul Gelderblom <paulgelderblom@bigfoot.com>]

2003-05-04  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (cvswebMarkup): Implement line number output.
	[Submitted by: Roy Smith <roy@panix.com> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.conf (DEFAULTVALUE): Don't show line numbers by default.
	* enscript/lang_cvsweb.st: Support for line numbers.
	* css/cvsweb.css (src): Ditto.
	* README.FreeBSD: Ditto.

2003-05-01  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (cvswebMarkup): Syntax highlighting with GNU Enscript.
	* cvsweb.conf (CMD): Search for enscript.
	* cvsweb.conf (allow_enscript, enscript_options, enscript_types): New.
	* enscript/lang_cvsweb.st: New.
	[Submitted by: Neal Horman <neal@wanlink.com> (modified)]

	* INSTALL: Document GNU Enscript stuff.
	* README.FreeBSD: Ditto.

2003-04-27  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Nuke $verbose and some undefinedness warnings.
	Handle text/vnd.viewcvs-markup for interoperability/easier
	migration from ViewCVS.

	* cvsweb.cgi (fileSortCmp): Sort parent dir first, then Attic.

	* cvsweb.cgi (htmlify): Don't link "man pages" that contain only
	numbers	and punctuation.

	* cvsweb.cgi (doGraphView): Prevent cross site scripting in
	CvsGraph maps, output HTML 4.

	* INSTALL: Minimum supported CvsGraph version is 1.4.0.

2003-02-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (htmlify): Improve man page linking. [Requested by:
	Yoshihiko SARUMARU <mistral@imasy.or.jp>]

2002-12-23  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf*, cvsweb.cgi: Use $^O instead of `uname`.
	See the perlport(1) manual page for $^O values.

	* cvsweb.conf (CMD): Prefer gtar over tar.
	(zip_options): Add -q to prevent zip(1) from trashing error logs.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get rid of unsafe environment variables.
	[Submitted by: Paul Gelderblom <paul.gelderblom@lostboys.nl>]

2002-12-21  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf (file_list_len): New configuration variable.

	* cvsweb.cgi (getDirLogs): Use $file_list_len to handle dirs
	with lots of files.
	[Submitted by:  Peter Klausner <peter.klausner@systor.com> and
	 Tomas Novak <tnovak@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add case (in)sensitive sort option for files.
	[Submitted by: Paul Gelderblom <paul.gelderblom@lostboys.nl>]

2002-11-24  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use File::Temp for creating temporary stuff,
	only dirs for now, bump minimum Perl version to 5.005_03.

2002-11-16  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Move CSS to external file, HTML escaping fixes.
	* cvsweb.conf: New configuration variable: $cssurl
	* css/cvsweb.css: New.

2002-11-13  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Implement CvsGraph integration.
	Thanks to CvsGraph and ViewCVS folks for ideas.

	* cvsweb.conf (allow_cvsgraph, cvsgraph_config): New variables.
	(ICONS): Add graph icon.
	* icons/minigraph.png: New.

	* INSTALL, README.FreeBSD, TODO.FreeBSD: CvsGraph update.

2002-10-21  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: More CSS'ifications.
	(htmlify): Improve URL regexp.

	* cvsweb.conf: Remove many options obsoleted by use of CSS,
	they'll be customizable again when the CSS moves to an external

2002-09-23  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf (annotate_options): New config variable.
	* cvsweb.cgi (doAnnotate): Use @annotate_options.
	[Idea from: Debian bug tracking system (#117112)]

2002-08-16  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (doAnnotate): Make annotate work under mod_perl.
	* cvsweb.cgi (html_footer): Output address only if it's set.
	[Obtained from: NetBSD (modified)]

	* cvsweb.conf: Add -u to cvs_options by default on NetBSD.
	[Obtained from: NetBSD]

2002-08-04  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Made annotate work against a read only repository.
	This implementation uses the global -n option to cvs(1) if
	any of the annotate dirs is not writable.  If all are, we don't
	use -n since locking ensures consistent annotations.
	While working with this, noticed that annotate didn't work under
	mod_perl, nor does it after this change.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix annotate HTML output.

2002-08-03  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Escape filenames in directory listings.
	Re-indentation, whitespace cleanup.

2002-07-30  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* INSTALL: Recommend cvs >= 1.11, typo fixes.

	* cvsweb.conf (cvs_options): Mention cvs < 1.11 '-l' bug.

2002-07-23  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix diffs between tags.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-CVSweb 2.0.5.

2002-07-18  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (chooseMirror):
	Cleanup, sort and reformat mirror listing, fix HTML.

	* cvsweb.cgi (chooseCVSRoot):
	Fix duplicate accesskeys and id's in the "front" page.

	* cvsweb.cgi (download_link):
	Fix typo in JavaScript download window parameter.

2002-07-14  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (download_link): Include query string in JavaScript
	download links in order to unbreak downloads from non-default
	CVS roots.
	[Submitted by: Yann Droneaud <ydroneaud@meuh.eu.org>]

2002-07-10  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Don't display @ForbiddenFiles in directory
	listings; also make sure their logs are not accessible via direct

2002-07-09  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (fileSortCmp): Fix dir sort order breakage when
	there are rogue files in the repository dir and the sort order
	is not by file name.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

2002-07-06  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf (long_intro): Remove authors' email addresses.

	* cvsweb.conf (cvs_options): Add -f; avoid reading ~/.cvsrc.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add some labels and access keys to form controls.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-CVSweb 2.0.4.

2002-07-03  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Remove an unused variable.

	* README, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf:
	Update various contact infos and links.

2002-07-02  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (printLog): Remove extra <br> from first log message.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Variablize HTML metadata, add "generator".

	* cvsweb.cgi: Close the CVSROOT/descriptions
	filehandle after we're finished with it.

2002-05-22  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Read configuration files with `do' instead of
	`require' to unbreak mod_perl support.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Cosmetic fixes.  Use and/or rather than &&/|| to
	connect sentences.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Exit with -1 if exec() fails.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do not print a redundant `Diff' for rev.1.1.
	[Submitted by:	Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Prevent cross-site scripting.
	[Submitted by: Motoyuki Konno <motoyuki@bsdclub.org> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Skip a possible `locked by' clause and extract a
	revision number out of a log entry properly.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Apply some HTML cleanups and use CSS instead of
	ancient HTML 3/4 tags and attributes.	
	[Submitted by:	Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Pass `use' features to import to make it more memory
	[Submitted by: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add new configuration variables: $allow_log_extra,
	$allow_dir_extra, and $allow_source_extra.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.2.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Previous fixes against cross-site scripting
	vulnerabilities were insufficient and buggy (error messages were
	messed up).  Revamp fatal() to HTML-quote automatically and fix
	error message output.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.3.

2002-05-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: There are no spaces at EOL in modern rlog output.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

2002-05-08  Motoyuki Konno <motoyuki@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a cross-site scripting vulnerablity.

2002-05-07  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd: NetBSD and OpenBSD
	don't use $CVSHeader$ but $Id: ChangeLog,v 3.175 2004/11/06 08:47:21 scop Exp $.
	[Submitted by: motoyuki@FreeBSD.org]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Work around a bug of cvs -p; expand symlinks in a
	[Submitted by: motoyuki@FreeBSD.org]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix parsing in 'tags' state.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

2002-04-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Perform an HTML cleanup.
	[Submitted by: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Call this version FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.1.

2002-04-05  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* INSTALL: Somehow description configuration doesn't work if you
	put trailing /'s in module names, so fix the document for the
	[Submitted by: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <lioux@FreeBSD.org>]

2002-02-06  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use TMPDIR instead of the hardcoded /tmp.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Never pass 'MAIN' to cvs(1).  'HEAD' is the valid

2001-11-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.conf-freebsd: Allow downloading a tarball of a project
	directory as well as a port directory.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Call this version FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.0.

2001-10-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Introduce optional output filter.
	[Requested by:	Shigeyuki Fukushima <shige@FreeBSD.org>]

	* ChangeLog, README.knu, TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf,
	cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-ruby: Add FreeBSD tags and adjust my vendor tags.

2001-10-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a bug where it produces wrong download links
	when cvsweb.cgi is placed right under the document root.
	[Reported by:    Arnaud on EFnet]

2001-08-01  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: perltidy -i=8 -t -pt=2 -bt=2 -sbt=2 -ci=4 -noll -sfs
	-nasc -ce

	* cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd, cvsweb.conf-ruby: perltidy -i=8 -t -pt=2 -bt=2
	-sbt=2 -ci=4 -noll -sfs -nasc -ce

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: MFZ 1.111, but introduce @ForbiddenFiles
	instead of @DissallowRead to forbid user to cvs
	checkout/diff/annotate specified files.

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.112: A couple of trivial fixes.

2001-07-26  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Chdir to TMPDIR so it works even when the cgi-bin
	directory is unreadable.
	[Submitted by: Dmitry Morozovsky <marck@rinet.ru>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Let the module/path box appear and work properly
	when there is only one repository.
	[Submitted by: Dmitry Morozovsky <marck@rinet.ru>]

2001-07-06  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Support "zip" as an additional

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.110.  But the bug had already been fixed in

2001-06-22  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get rid of a potential "uninitialized variable
	usage" warning.
	[Submitted by: Bill Fenner <fenner@FreeBSD.org>]

2001-06-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.109.  Preset the global variable the stores
	the per file cvs info to avoid accumulating cruft under modperl.

2001-06-05  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change "Previous Directory" to "Parent Directory".

	* cvsweb.cgi: Properly HTML-quote function names in the colored
	diff view.
	[Submitted by: Ian Whalley <ian@whalley.org>]

2001-05-18  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Avoid localizing @_ to make threaded Perl happy.
	[FreeBSD PR: 26851]
	[Submitted by: David Wolfskill <dhw@whistle.com>]

2001-05-10  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Correct a link in the navigation header.
	[Submitted by: Tanaka Akira <akr@m17n.org>]

2001-05-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a typo and get diff -F RE to really work.

2001-04-25  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.conf: Introduce the new knu-cvsweb site:

	* ChangeLog: Update and reformat.

2001-03-28 02:20  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Re-fix the bogus fix for the previous
	colons-in-a-filename problem.
	[Noted by: Yar Tikhiy <yar@freebsd.org>]

2001-03-28 01:39  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Conform cvsweb-markup pages to HTML 4.0
	[Submitted by: Will Andrews <will@physics.purdue.edu>]
	[Validated by: http://validator.w3.org/]

2001-03-23 04:46  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.106.  Do closedir() properly.

2001-03-23 04:36  knu

	* ChangeLog: Add a log missed on 2001-02-01.

2001-03-23 04:29  knu

	* ChangeLog: Encode colons in file names properly.
	[FreeBSD PR: 25963]
	[Submitted by: Marc van Woerkom <3d@FreeBSD.org>]

2001-03-23 04:27  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Encode colons in file names properly.
	[FreeBSD PR: 25963]
	[Submitted by: Marc van Woerkom <3d@FreeBSD.org>]

2001-02-02 06:39  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use a fixed-width font in the colored diff view.
	[Requested by: Julian Elischer <julian@elischer.org>]

2001-01-29 12:54  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Remove an obsolete notice: CVSWEB_CONFIG is disused.
	One leftover substitution: "cvs" -> $CMD{cvs}

2001-01-14 18:04  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: s/at here/here/

2001-01-13 16:48  knu

	* ChangeLog, README.knu, TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf,
	cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-ruby: Add some knu-cvsweb info.

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.105.

	* README.knu, TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf,
	cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-ruby: Change CVS tags: "Id" -> "Idaemons".

2001-01-12 16:48  knu

	* ChangeLog: Add ChangeLog.

2001-01-12 08:42  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up URI parser.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Workaround thttpd's buggy SCRIPT_NAME / PATH_INFO
	[Requested by: Makoto MATSUSHITA <matusita@jp.FreeBSD.org>]

	* cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd:
	Allow downloading a single port/pkgsrc in tarball by default.

2001-01-12 03:17  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: D'oh, forgot to chomp the result of
	[Submitted by: Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.inka.de>]

2001-01-11 11:00  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Oops.

2001-01-11 10:52  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd: Run "tar cf - ... | gzip -c" rather than "tar
	zcf - ..." to avoid tar(1)'s automatic padding of nulls to align
	with the block size, which is just garbage for a receiver.
	[Noted by: Katsuyuki Komatsu <komatsu@sarion.co.jp>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Have $uname variable to hold the OS implementation

	* cvsweb.conf: Move %CMD's initialization part to the beginning of
	cvsweb.conf so it can use $uname and configure properly for the

	* cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd: Wrap FreeBSD or OpenBSD specific features in
	conditional blocks using $uname.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix some open() calls in good manners.

2001-01-05 09:00  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Delete $ENV{PATH} before everything. (against -T
	paranoia) It's nothing to worry since cvsweb.cgi always invokes
	executables by full paths, though.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Correct the error messages regarding $command_path.

2001-01-03 17:57  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Don't rely on perl's $ENV{PATH} search.
	Search commands for itself and specify them by full paths.

2001-01-03 11:55  knu

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi: Don't forget to add $query to the URL
	when redirecting.  Now module alias redirection and Attic
	redirection work with all sticky variables preserved. (Previously
	they didn't work against a non-default cvsroot)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Put a text field on each directory view that allows
	user to jump directly to an arbitrary module, which can be
	specified either by a full module/file path or by a module alias.

2001-01-03 08:34  knu

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: List CVS repository entries
	in the specified order, not alphabetical.

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Now /usr/local/etc/cvsweb/
	is the default directory for configuration files.

2001-01-02 21:23  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Get cvsweb.cgi to run under perl -T.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change perl command line: Change perl5 to perl and
	just declare `require 5.000'. Remove -s option that was intended
	for debug use.  Add -T option to perform security checks.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change search paths for cvsweb.conf: Don't adopt the
	value of $ENV{CVSWEB_CONFIG} that was intended for debug use.
	Search the same directory that cvsweb.cgi is in instead of the
	current directory.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Invoking `last' in `do { ... } while (0);' is wrong.
	Change the loop to `while (1) { ... last; }'.

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Don't do chdir.  Instead, use tar(1)'s
	-C option and cvs(1) export's -d option.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Explicitly define $ENV{PATH}.

	* cvsweb.conf: Turn $allow_compress off by default so user can
	debug cvsweb.cgi easily.

2001-01-02 08:15  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add $prkeyword variable to allow user to use (e.g.)
	`Bug' instead of `PR' as the bug report identifier.

	* cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd, cvsweb.conf-ruby: Add
	cvsweb.conf-{freebsd,openbsd,netbsd,ruby} files, and move rather
	FreeBSD specific configuration values to cvsweb.conf-freebsd.

	* cvsweb.conf: Add a %funcline_regexp entry for Ruby. (*.rb)

2001-01-02 06:24  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Add `pending' to the list of PR categories.

2001-01-02 05:57  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Reduce 'Use of uninitialized value' warnings.
	[Noticed by: Wolfram Schneider <wosch@schneider.org>]

2000-12-30 08:56  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Oops, I forgot "cvs export" always need a -r/-D.
	Specify -rHEAD when no tag/branch is defaulted.

2000-12-30 08:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Add $preformat_in_markup variable and
	turn it off by default.  This option should be turned off when you
	have files in the repository that are in a multibyte encoding which
	uses HTML special characters ([<>&"]) as part of a multi-byte
	character. (such as iso-2022-jp, ShiftJIS, etc.)  Otherwise those
	files will get screwed up in markup.

	* cvsweb.conf: Fix for those systems which tar(1)'s are not GNU
	tar(1): Add @tar_options variable and make the
	--ignore-failed-read flag optional.  Use cvs export instead of cvs
	checkout, so the --exclude 'CVS' flag isn't needed.
	[Noticed by: Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.inka.de>]

	* cvsweb.conf: Fix for those systems which cvs(1)'s don't support
	-R option (Actually, only FreeBSD's and OpenBSD's cvs(1) support
	it): Add @cvs_options and make the -R flag optional.

2000-12-29 22:29  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add charset to all text/* output, including diffs.
	[Submitted by: Alexey Zelkin <phantom@cris.net>]

2000-12-29 18:12  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: The use of `do "file"' is obsolete.  Use require

2000-12-29 17:47  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add the prototype declaration for hrefquote().

2000-12-29 03:17  knu

	* README.knu: Mention automatic tarball generation feature.

2000-12-29 03:16  knu

	* TODO.knu: Directory sorting was fixed at the same time that
	"show only tags" feature was fixed.

2000-12-29 03:07  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Specify --ignore-failed-read on invoking tar(1).

2000-12-29 02:49  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Add "automatic tarball generation"
	feature.  You can check out a whole directory in gzipped tarball.
	[Obtained from: Debian package: cvsweb_1.93-1]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow space characters in file names. (not tested

2000-12-18 13:25  knu

	* TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi: Revert MFZ: 1.103 -> 1.104 which introduced
	a bogus bug.  As noone seems to need to use 0.X revisions, I'd just
	drop it.  This should fix the "show only tags" feature.

2000-12-18 12:47  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Silence the warnings.

2000-12-18 11:48  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add meta tags to prevent WWW robots from crawling
	over the cvsweb.
	[Submitted by: Wolfram Schneider <wolfram@schneider.org>]

2000-12-08 00:11  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Silence `Use of uninitialized value' warnings.

2000-12-07 03:20  knu

	* TODO.knu: Mention "show only tags" feature breakage.

2000-12-07 03:19  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Emit a rather better error message when a user
	requests to check out a deleted file.
	[Pointed out by: Chris Faulhaber <jedgar@fxp.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Cut an out-of-date error message. (adding -R and -l
	options to the cvs command line should have obsoleted it)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Optimize, clean up.

2000-11-23 04:26  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Add a new variable $charset to specify
	the charset for HTML output.
	[Submitted by: SADA Kenji <sada@bsdclub.org>]

2000-11-05 00:32  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Silence `Use of uninitialized value' warnings.

2000-11-03 02:36  knu

	* README.knu: Mention cat.1 is hyperlinked as well as cat(1).

2000-11-03 02:34  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.104: ("Allow for 0.X versions. CVS accepts
	such version numbers in import -b even if not strictly legal...")

2000-11-03 02:33  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Set the default diff type to unidiff for all
	browsers, not only text-based ones.

2000-10-21 00:46  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Always give options to click on a non-colored diff
	_and_ a colored diff.
	[Requested by: SO many people :>]

2000-10-20 22:59  knu

	* TODO.knu: Hyperlinking was properly fixed.

2000-10-20 21:28  knu

	* TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi: Fix htmllify so that <A href="...">...</A>
	won't nest. :)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do not show additional "(colored)" diff links when
	long colored diff is the default.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Reduce the use of `.' operator that is known to be
	expensive.  Fix indent, clean up.

2000-10-11 06:14  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Introduce a new function: htmlquote().

	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up hyperlink tags.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use &link() instead of <a href="...">...</a>.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do urlencode() or htmlquote() as appropriate.

2000-10-11 03:48  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: - Recognize "links" as another text mode browser.  -
	Fix the revision links in the annotation view of a file.
	[Submitted by: Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.inka.de>]

2000-10-07 16:44  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix &link() not to put a redundant trailing LF.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Improve manpage linking to support "foo.1" as well
	as "foo(1)".

2000-10-07 16:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix screwups in the last commit.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Parse rlog's output explicitly.  Recognize 77 ='s as
	a file separator, and 28 -'s as revision separator.
	[Submitted by: Makoto MATSUSHITA <matusita@jp.FreeBSD.org>]

2000-10-03 04:07  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Cleanup $barequery generation.  Undefine "my"
	variables when they are done.

2000-10-01 05:10  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix annotation bugs.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do not pass gzip'ed directives to cvs. (it never
	worked, sigh)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix mis-spacing. Now it should look pretty well.

2000-10-01 03:48  knu

	* INSTALL, cvsweb.cgi: Specify -R (Read-only mode) and -l (Do not
	log in history) flags when doing a cvs annotation so that one does
	not need to turn on the write permission on CVSROOT/history for the
	user which httpd runs cvsweb.cgi as. (typically "nobody")

2000-10-01 03:27  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix the comment to make how to set $config clear.
	[Inspired by: "Dan Langille" <dan@langille.org>]

2000-09-29 03:06  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Trap errors in the configuration files on loading and
	show error messages.  (Previously it failed silently)
	[Submitted by: Sean Scarff <sean@pavilion.net>]

2000-09-22 20:13  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Remove $backcolor and introduce
	$body_tag_for_src to allow to set the foreground color.
	[Noticed by: dcs@FreeBSD.org]

2000-09-22 00:30  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.103.

2000-09-20 05:07  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Follow tab-width/tabstop/ts directives when
	expanding tabs into spaces.  Currently, only first 10 lines are
	scanned for the directives.

2000-09-20 04:57  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.101.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a few bugs under mod_perl.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use the Compress::Zlib module if available.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Embed PDF files inside the cvs markup view.

2000-09-20 03:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: s/ts/tabstop/ that I forgot to substitute in the
	last update.

2000-09-12 02:11  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow one to set the default diff type.
	[Inspired by: Makoto MATSUSHITA <matusita@jp.FreeBSD.org>]

2000-09-10 20:54  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up spacedHtmlText().

2000-09-05 00:55  knu

	* README.knu: Mention revision numbers hyperlinking in annotation.

2000-09-05 00:53  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get the revision numbers in annotation available as
	[Requested by: Josef Karthauser <joe@pavilion.net>]

2000-09-04 23:50  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix previously introduced incorrect fix.	      
	s/\s+\n$//; --> s/\s+$/\n/;
	[FreeBSD PR: misc/20989]
	[Submitted by: Tony Finch <dot@dotat.at>]

2000-09-04 03:25  knu

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Introduce manpage

2000-09-04 02:33  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get all mail URLs and addresses as hyperlinks, not
	just the first one.  (s/// --> s///g)

2000-08-25 18:01  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get side-by-side diff working when $showfunc is true,
	noting that `-p' option of diff(1) can only be used with context
	and unified diffs.
	[Submitted by: Roger Hardiman <roger@cs.strath.ac.uk>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow to specify CVS tags or branch names (including
	`.' and `HEAD') on cvs checkout.
	(e.g. http://foo/cvsweb.cgi/bar/dood.c?rev=.
	Not for diff currently, as rcsdiff does not grok CVS tags.
	[Inspired by: Folks at the FreeBSD cvs-all list.]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Specify `-R' (turn on read-only repository mode) and
	`-l' (do not log in the command history) on cvs checkout, so that
	one does not need a write permission with the repository.

2000-08-25 00:53  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.94.

2000-08-16 05:39  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Turn evil $hr_ignwhite off.

2000-08-15 17:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix cvsweb.cgi's hidden bug:  s/\s+$//;  -->

	Whitespace cleanup.

2000-08-15 15:54  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Declare prototypes and shut up warnings.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Remove redundant white space at the end of lines.

2000-08-14 03:58  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use cvsweb.conf* in the current directory when they
	don't exist in /usr/local/etc/.

2000-08-01 21:42  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: #!/usr/bin/perl -> #!/usr/bin/perl5

2000-07-29 21:41  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Resurrect $Revision: 3.175 $ tags of Zeller's version.

2000-07-29 21:10  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change $prcgi to include `?pr=' part for such as

2000-07-29 21:04  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Change $prcgi to include `?pr=' part for such as

2000-07-29 20:16  knu

	* README.knu: Add an RCS tag.

2000-07-29 20:07  knu

	* README.knu: Add README.knu to document the enhancements over
	Zeller's version.

2000-07-29 18:24  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Another STDERR bit. (I only did 1/2 previously..)

2000-07-29 06:38  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: D'oh.  Correct @stickyvars.

2000-07-29 04:38  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Output diffs in unidiff format for text-based
	browsers. (by default)

	* cvsweb.conf: Convert freebsd.org to FreeBSD.org.

2000-07-29 02:24  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Merge From Zeller: 1.93

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use CR LF in HTTP header.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Redirect STDERR to /dev/null before executing rlog
	instead of closing it.

2000-07-28 01:16  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Clean up.

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Replace $hr_funout with $showfunc and
	always show function names if defined.  (It has been only for
	human readable format until this change)

2000-07-20 20:52  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow to use `!!CVSROOTdescr!!' in $long_intro to
	embed per CVSROOT description.

2000-07-20 20:14  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Make $hr_funout default.

2000-07-20 20:06  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Display my mail address instead of Zeller's.

2000-07-20 06:59  knu

	* INSTALL, README, TODO, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf, icons/back.gif,
	icons/dir.gif, icons/miniback.gif, icons/minidir.gif,
	icons/minitext.gif, icons/text.gif: Start point.