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Revision, Thu Nov 7 10:02:14 2019 UTC (3 years, 10 months ago) by schwarze
Branch: FreeBSD-cvsweb-2_0-branch
CVS Tags: cvsweb-2_1
Changes since +3 -3 lines

fix two instances of strings that were expanded by CVS but shouldn't be

$Id: ChangeLog,v 2019/11/07 10:02:14 schwarze Exp $
$knu: ChangeLog,v 2004/02/17 20:16:47 scop

2004-02-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix background color of the description column in
	the directory view.  [Submitted by: nono_99_fr@yahoo.fr]

2003-07-30  Ville Skyttä <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf-freebsd (prcategories): Bring up to date.
	[Submitted by: simon@FreeBSD.org]

2003-04-27  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (htmlify): Don't link "man pages" that contain only
	numbers and punctuation.

2003-02-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (htmlify): Improve man page linking. [Requested by:
	Yoshihiko SARUMARU <mistral@imasy.or.jp>]

2002-09-26  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-CVSweb 2.0.6.

2002-09-22  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf (annotate_options): New config variable.
	* cvsweb.cgi (doAnnotate): Use @annotate_options.
	[Idea from: Debian bug tracking system (#117112)]

2002-08-16  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (doAnnotate): Make annotate work under mod_perl.
	* cvsweb.cgi (html_footer): Output address only if it's set.
	[Obtained from: NetBSD (modified)]

	* cvsweb.conf: Add -u to cvs_options by default on NetBSD.
	[Obtained from: NetBSD]

2002-08-04  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix annotate HTML output.

2002-08-03  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Escape file names in directory listings.

2002-07-30  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* INSTALL: Recommend cvs >= 1.11, typo fixes.

	* cvsweb.conf (cvs_options): Mention cvs < 1.11 '-l' bug.

2002-07-23  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix diffs between tags.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-CVSweb 2.0.5.

2002-07-18  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (chooseMirror):
	Cleanup, sort and reformat mirror listing, fix HTML.

	* cvsweb.cgi (chooseCVSRoot):
	Fix duplicate accesskeys and id's in the "front" page.

	* cvsweb.cgi (download_link):
	Fix typo in JavaScript download window parameter.

2002-07-14  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (download_link): Include query string in JavaScript
	download links in order to unbreak downloads from non-default
	CVS roots.
	[Submitted by: Yann Droneaud <ydroneaud@meuh.eu.org>]

2002-07-10  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Don't display @ForbiddenFiles in directory
	listings; also make sure their logs are not accessible via direct

2002-07-09  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (fileSortCmp): Fix dir sort order breakage when
	there are rogue files in the repository dir and the sort order
	is not by file name.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

2002-07-06  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.conf (long_intro): Remove authors' email addresses.

	* cvsweb.conf (cvs_options): Add -f; avoid reading ~/.cvsrc.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add some labels and access keys to form controls.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-CVSweb 2.0.4.

2002-07-03  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Remove an unused variable.

	* README, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf:
	Update various contact infos and links.

2002-07-02  Ville Skyttä  <scop@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi (printLog): Remove extra <br> from first log message.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Variablize HTML metadata, add "generator".

	* cvsweb.cgi: Close the CVSROOT/descriptions
	filehandle after we're finished with it.

2002-05-22  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Read configuration files with `do' instead of
	`require' to unbreak mod_perl support.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Cosmetic fixes.  Use and/or rather than &&/|| to
	connect sentences.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Exit with -1 if exec() fails.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do not print a redundant `Diff' for rev.1.1.
	[Submitted by:	Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Prevent cross-site scripting.
	[Submitted by: Motoyuki Konno <motoyuki@bsdclub.org> (modified)]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Skip a possible `locked by' clause and extract a
	revision number out of a log entry properly.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Apply some HTML cleanups and use CSS instead of
	ancient HTML 3/4 tags and attributes.	
	[Submitted by:	Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Pass `use' features to import to make it more memory
	[Submitted by: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add new configuration variables: $allow_log_extra,
	$allow_dir_extra, and $allow_source_extra.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.2.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Previous fixes against cross-site scripting
	vulnerabilities were insufficient and buggy (error messages were
	messed up).  Revamp fatal() to HTML-quote automatically and fix
	error message output.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Release as FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.3.

2002-05-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: There are no spaces at EOL in modern rlog output.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

2002-05-08  Motoyuki Konno <motoyuki@FreeBSD.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a cross-site scripting vulnerablity.

2002-05-07  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd: NetBSD and OpenBSD
	don't use "CVSHeader" but "Id".
	[Submitted by: motoyuki@FreeBSD.org]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Work around a bug of cvs -p; expand symlinks in a
	[Submitted by: motoyuki@FreeBSD.org]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix parsing in 'tags' state.
	[Submitted by: "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <vassilii@tarunz.org>]

2002-04-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Perform an HTML cleanup.
	[Submitted by: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Call this version FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.1.

2002-04-05  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* INSTALL: Somehow description configuration doesn't work if you
	put trailing /'s in module names, so fix the document for the
	[Submitted by: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <lioux@FreeBSD.org>]

2002-02-06  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use TMPDIR instead of the hardcoded /tmp.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Never pass 'MAIN' to cvs(1).  'HEAD' is the valid

2001-11-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.conf-freebsd: Allow downloading a tarball of a project
	directory as well as a port directory.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Call this version FreeBSD-cvsweb 2.0.0.

2001-10-11  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Introduce optional output filter.
	[Requested by:	Shigeyuki Fukushima <shige@FreeBSD.org>]

	* ChangeLog, README.knu, TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf,
	cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-ruby: Add FreeBSD tags and adjust my vendor tags.

2001-10-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a bug where it produces wrong download links
	when cvsweb.cgi is placed right under the document root.
	[Reported by:    Arnaud on EFnet]

2001-08-01  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: perltidy -i=8 -t -pt=2 -bt=2 -sbt=2 -ci=4 -noll -sfs
	-nasc -ce

	* cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd, cvsweb.conf-ruby: perltidy -i=8 -t -pt=2 -bt=2
	-sbt=2 -ci=4 -noll -sfs -nasc -ce

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: MFZ 1.111, but introduce @ForbiddenFiles
	instead of @DissallowRead to forbid user to cvs
	checkout/diff/annotate specified files.

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.112: A couple of trivial fixes.

2001-07-26  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Chdir to TMPDIR so it works even when the cgi-bin
	directory is unreadable.
	[Submitted by: Dmitry Morozovsky <marck@rinet.ru>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Let the module/path box appear and work properly
	when there is only one repository.
	[Submitted by: Dmitry Morozovsky <marck@rinet.ru>]

2001-07-06  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Support "zip" as an additional

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.110.  But the bug had already been fixed in

2001-06-22  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get rid of a potential "uninitialized variable
	usage" warning.
	[Submitted by: Bill Fenner <fenner@FreeBSD.org>]

2001-06-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.109.  Preset the global variable the stores
	the per file cvs info to avoid accumulating cruft under modperl.

2001-06-05  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change "Previous Directory" to "Parent Directory".

	* cvsweb.cgi: Properly HTML-quote function names in the colored
	diff view.
	[Submitted by: Ian Whalley <ian@whalley.org>]

2001-05-18  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Avoid localizing @_ to make threaded Perl happy.
	[FreeBSD PR: 26851]
	[Submitted by: David Wolfskill <dhw@whistle.com>]

2001-05-10  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Correct a link in the navigation header.
	[Submitted by: Tanaka Akira <akr@m17n.org>]

2001-05-08  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a typo and get diff -F RE to really work.

2001-04-25  Akinori MUSHA  <knu@iDaemons.org>

	* cvsweb.conf: Introduce the new knu-cvsweb site:

	* ChangeLog: Update and reformat.

2001-03-28 02:20  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Re-fix the bogus fix for the previous
	colons-in-a-filename problem.
	[Noted by: Yar Tikhiy <yar@freebsd.org>]

2001-03-28 01:39  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Conform cvsweb-markup pages to HTML 4.0
	[Submitted by: Will Andrews <will@physics.purdue.edu>]
	[Validated by: http://validator.w3.org/]

2001-03-23 04:46  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.106.  Do closedir() properly.

2001-03-23 04:36  knu

	* ChangeLog: Add a log missed on 2001-02-01.

2001-03-23 04:29  knu

	* ChangeLog: Encode colons in file names properly.
	[FreeBSD PR: 25963]
	[Submitted by: Marc van Woerkom <3d@FreeBSD.org>]

2001-03-23 04:27  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Encode colons in file names properly.
	[FreeBSD PR: 25963]
	[Submitted by: Marc van Woerkom <3d@FreeBSD.org>]

2001-02-02 06:39  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use a fixed-width font in the colored diff view.
	[Requested by: Julian Elischer <julian@elischer.org>]

2001-01-29 12:54  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Remove an obsolete notice: CVSWEB_CONFIG is disused.
	One leftover substitution: "cvs" -> $CMD{cvs}

2001-01-14 18:04  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: s/at here/here/

2001-01-13 16:48  knu

	* ChangeLog, README.knu, TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf,
	cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-ruby: Add some knu-cvsweb info.

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.105.

	* README.knu, TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf,
	cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-ruby: Change CVS tags: "Id" -> "Idaemons".

2001-01-12 16:48  knu

	* ChangeLog: Add ChangeLog.

2001-01-12 08:42  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up URI parser.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Workaround thttpd's buggy SCRIPT_NAME / PATH_INFO
	[Requested by: Makoto MATSUSHITA <matusita@jp.FreeBSD.org>]

	* cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd, cvsweb.conf-openbsd:
	Allow downloading a single port/pkgsrc in tarball by default.

2001-01-12 03:17  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: D'oh, forgot to chomp the result of
	[Submitted by: Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.inka.de>]

2001-01-11 11:00  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Oops.

2001-01-11 10:52  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd: Run "tar cf - ... | gzip -c" rather than "tar
	zcf - ..." to avoid tar(1)'s automatic padding of nulls to align
	with the block size, which is just garbage for a receiver.
	[Noted by: Katsuyuki Komatsu <komatsu@sarion.co.jp>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Have $uname variable to hold the OS implementation

	* cvsweb.conf: Move %CMD's initialization part to the beginning of
	cvsweb.conf so it can use $uname and configure properly for the

	* cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd: Wrap FreeBSD or OpenBSD specific features in
	conditional blocks using $uname.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix some open() calls in good manners.

2001-01-05 09:00  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Delete $ENV{PATH} before everything. (against -T
	paranoia) It's nothing to worry since cvsweb.cgi always invokes
	executables by full paths, though.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Correct the error messages regarding $command_path.

2001-01-03 17:57  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Don't rely on perl's $ENV{PATH} search.
	Search commands for itself and specify them by full paths.

2001-01-03 11:55  knu

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi: Don't forget to add $query to the URL
	when redirecting.  Now module alias redirection and Attic
	redirection work with all sticky variables preserved. (Previously
	they didn't work against a non-default cvsroot)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Put a text field on each directory view that allows
	user to jump directly to an arbitrary module, which can be
	specified either by a full module/file path or by a module alias.

2001-01-03 08:34  knu

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: List CVS repository entries
	in the specified order, not alphabetical.

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Now /usr/local/etc/cvsweb/
	is the default directory for configuration files.

2001-01-02 21:23  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Get cvsweb.cgi to run under perl -T.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change perl command line: Change perl5 to perl and
	just declare `require 5.000'. Remove -s option that was intended
	for debug use.  Add -T option to perform security checks.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change search paths for cvsweb.conf: Don't adopt the
	value of $ENV{CVSWEB_CONFIG} that was intended for debug use.
	Search the same directory that cvsweb.cgi is in instead of the
	current directory.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Invoking `last' in `do { ... } while (0);' is wrong.
	Change the loop to `while (1) { ... last; }'.

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Don't do chdir.  Instead, use tar(1)'s
	-C option and cvs(1) export's -d option.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Explicitly define $ENV{PATH}.

	* cvsweb.conf: Turn $allow_compress off by default so user can
	debug cvsweb.cgi easily.

2001-01-02 08:15  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add $prkeyword variable to allow user to use (e.g.)
	`Bug' instead of `PR' as the bug report identifier.

	* cvsweb.conf, cvsweb.conf-freebsd, cvsweb.conf-netbsd,
	cvsweb.conf-openbsd, cvsweb.conf-ruby: Add
	cvsweb.conf-{freebsd,openbsd,netbsd,ruby} files, and move rather
	FreeBSD specific configuration values to cvsweb.conf-freebsd.

	* cvsweb.conf: Add a %funcline_regexp entry for Ruby. (*.rb)

2001-01-02 06:24  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Add `pending' to the list of PR categories.

2001-01-02 05:57  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Reduce 'Use of uninitialized value' warnings.
	[Noticed by: Wolfram Schneider <wosch@schneider.org>]

2000-12-30 08:56  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Oops, I forgot "cvs export" always need a -r/-D.
	Specify -rHEAD when no tag/branch is defaulted.

2000-12-30 08:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Add $preformat_in_markup variable and
	turn it off by default.  This option should be turned off when you
	have files in the repository that are in a multibyte encoding which
	uses HTML special characters ([<>&"]) as part of a multi-byte
	character. (such as iso-2022-jp, ShiftJIS, etc.)  Otherwise those
	files will get screwed up in markup.

	* cvsweb.conf: Fix for those systems which tar(1)'s are not GNU
	tar(1): Add @tar_options variable and make the
	--ignore-failed-read flag optional.  Use cvs export instead of cvs
	checkout, so the --exclude 'CVS' flag isn't needed.
	[Noticed by: Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.inka.de>]

	* cvsweb.conf: Fix for those systems which cvs(1)'s don't support
	-R option (Actually, only FreeBSD's and OpenBSD's cvs(1) support
	it): Add @cvs_options and make the -R flag optional.

2000-12-29 22:29  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add charset to all text/* output, including diffs.
	[Submitted by: Alexey Zelkin <phantom@cris.net>]

2000-12-29 18:12  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: The use of `do "file"' is obsolete.  Use require

2000-12-29 17:47  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add the prototype declaration for hrefquote().

2000-12-29 03:17  knu

	* README.knu: Mention automatic tarball generation feature.

2000-12-29 03:16  knu

	* TODO.knu: Directory sorting was fixed at the same time that
	"show only tags" feature was fixed.

2000-12-29 03:07  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Specify --ignore-failed-read on invoking tar(1).

2000-12-29 02:49  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Add "automatic tarball generation"
	feature.  You can check out a whole directory in gzipped tarball.
	[Obtained from: Debian package: cvsweb_1.93-1]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow space characters in file names. (not tested

2000-12-18 13:25  knu

	* TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi: Revert MFZ: 1.103 -> 1.104 which introduced
	a bogus bug.  As noone seems to need to use 0.X revisions, I'd just
	drop it.  This should fix the "show only tags" feature.

2000-12-18 12:47  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Silence the warnings.

2000-12-18 11:48  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Add meta tags to prevent WWW robots from crawling
	over the cvsweb.
	[Submitted by: Wolfram Schneider <wolfram@schneider.org>]

2000-12-08 00:11  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Silence `Use of uninitialized value' warnings.

2000-12-07 03:20  knu

	* TODO.knu: Mention "show only tags" feature breakage.

2000-12-07 03:19  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Emit a rather better error message when a user
	requests to check out a deleted file.
	[Pointed out by: Chris Faulhaber <jedgar@fxp.org>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Cut an out-of-date error message. (adding -R and -l
	options to the cvs command line should have obsoleted it)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Optimize, clean up.

2000-11-23 04:26  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Add a new variable $charset to specify
	the charset for HTML output.
	[Submitted by: SADA Kenji <sada@bsdclub.org>]

2000-11-05 00:32  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Silence `Use of uninitialized value' warnings.

2000-11-03 02:36  knu

	* README.knu: Mention cat.1 is hyperlinked as well as cat(1).

2000-11-03 02:34  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.104: ("Allow for 0.X versions. CVS accepts
	such version numbers in import -b even if not strictly legal...")

2000-11-03 02:33  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Set the default diff type to unidiff for all
	browsers, not only text-based ones.

2000-10-21 00:46  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Always give options to click on a non-colored diff
	_and_ a colored diff.
	[Requested by: SO many people :>]

2000-10-20 22:59  knu

	* TODO.knu: Hyperlinking was properly fixed.

2000-10-20 21:28  knu

	* TODO.knu, cvsweb.cgi: Fix htmllify so that <A href="...">...</A>
	won't nest. :)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do not show additional "(colored)" diff links when
	long colored diff is the default.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Reduce the use of `.' operator that is known to be
	expensive.  Fix indent, clean up.

2000-10-11 06:14  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Introduce a new function: htmlquote().

	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up hyperlink tags.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use &link() instead of <a href="...">...</a>.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do urlencode() or htmlquote() as appropriate.

2000-10-11 03:48  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: - Recognize "links" as another text mode browser.  -
	Fix the revision links in the annotation view of a file.
	[Submitted by: Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.inka.de>]

2000-10-07 16:44  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix &link() not to put a redundant trailing LF.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Improve manpage linking to support "foo.1" as well
	as "foo(1)".

2000-10-07 16:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix screwups in the last commit.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Parse rlog's output explicitly.  Recognize 77 ='s as
	a file separator, and 28 -'s as revision separator.
	[Submitted by: Makoto MATSUSHITA <matusita@jp.FreeBSD.org>]

2000-10-03 04:07  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Cleanup $barequery generation.  Undefine "my"
	variables when they are done.

2000-10-01 05:10  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix annotation bugs.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Do not pass gzip'ed directives to cvs. (it never
	worked, sigh)

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix mis-spacing. Now it should look pretty well.

2000-10-01 03:48  knu

	* INSTALL, cvsweb.cgi: Specify -R (Read-only mode) and -l (Do not
	log in history) flags when doing a cvs annotation so that one does
	not need to turn on the write permission on CVSROOT/history for the
	user which httpd runs cvsweb.cgi as. (typically "nobody")

2000-10-01 03:27  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix the comment to make how to set $config clear.
	[Inspired by: "Dan Langille" <dan@langille.org>]

2000-09-29 03:06  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Trap errors in the configuration files on loading and
	show error messages.  (Previously it failed silently)
	[Submitted by: Sean Scarff <sean@pavilion.net>]

2000-09-22 20:13  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Remove $backcolor and introduce
	$body_tag_for_src to allow to set the foreground color.
	[Noticed by: dcs@FreeBSD.org]

2000-09-22 00:30  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.103.

2000-09-20 05:07  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Follow tab-width/tabstop/ts directives when
	expanding tabs into spaces.  Currently, only first 10 lines are
	scanned for the directives.

2000-09-20 04:57  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ: 1.101.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix a few bugs under mod_perl.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use the Compress::Zlib module if available.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Embed PDF files inside the cvs markup view.

2000-09-20 03:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: s/ts/tabstop/ that I forgot to substitute in the
	last update.

2000-09-12 02:11  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow one to set the default diff type.
	[Inspired by: Makoto MATSUSHITA <matusita@jp.FreeBSD.org>]

2000-09-10 20:54  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Clean up spacedHtmlText().

2000-09-05 00:55  knu

	* README.knu: Mention revision numbers hyperlinking in annotation.

2000-09-05 00:53  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get the revision numbers in annotation available as
	[Requested by: Josef Karthauser <joe@pavilion.net>]

2000-09-04 23:50  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix previously introduced incorrect fix.	      
	s/\s+\n$//; --> s/\s+$/\n/;
	[FreeBSD PR: misc/20989]
	[Submitted by: Tony Finch <dot@dotat.at>]

2000-09-04 03:25  knu

	* README.knu, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Introduce manpage

2000-09-04 02:33  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get all mail URLs and addresses as hyperlinks, not
	just the first one.  (s/// --> s///g)

2000-08-25 18:01  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Get side-by-side diff working when $showfunc is true,
	noting that `-p' option of diff(1) can only be used with context
	and unified diffs.
	[Submitted by: Roger Hardiman <roger@cs.strath.ac.uk>]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow to specify CVS tags or branch names (including
	`.' and `HEAD') on cvs checkout.
	(e.g. http://foo/cvsweb.cgi/bar/dood.c?rev=.
	Not for diff currently, as rcsdiff does not grok CVS tags.
	[Inspired by: Folks at the FreeBSD cvs-all list.]

	* cvsweb.cgi: Specify `-R' (turn on read-only repository mode) and
	`-l' (do not log in the command history) on cvs checkout, so that
	one does not need a write permission with the repository.

2000-08-25 00:53  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: MFZ 1.94.

2000-08-16 05:39  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Turn evil $hr_ignwhite off.

2000-08-15 17:35  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Fix cvsweb.cgi's hidden bug:  s/\s+$//;  -->

	Whitespace cleanup.

2000-08-15 15:54  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Declare prototypes and shut up warnings.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Remove redundant white space at the end of lines.

2000-08-14 03:58  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use cvsweb.conf* in the current directory when they
	don't exist in /usr/local/etc/.

2000-08-01 21:42  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: #!/usr/bin/perl -> #!/usr/bin/perl5

2000-07-29 21:41  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Resurrect "Revision" tags of Zeller's version.

2000-07-29 21:10  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Change $prcgi to include `?pr=' part for such as

2000-07-29 21:04  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Change $prcgi to include `?pr=' part for such as

2000-07-29 20:16  knu

	* README.knu: Add an RCS tag.

2000-07-29 20:07  knu

	* README.knu: Add README.knu to document the enhancements over
	Zeller's version.

2000-07-29 18:24  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Another STDERR bit. (I only did 1/2 previously..)

2000-07-29 06:38  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: D'oh.  Correct @stickyvars.

2000-07-29 04:38  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Output diffs in unidiff format for text-based
	browsers. (by default)

	* cvsweb.conf: Convert freebsd.org to FreeBSD.org.

2000-07-29 02:24  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Merge From Zeller: 1.93

	* cvsweb.cgi: Use CR LF in HTTP header.

	* cvsweb.cgi: Redirect STDERR to /dev/null before executing rlog
	instead of closing it.

2000-07-28 01:16  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Clean up.

	* cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf: Replace $hr_funout with $showfunc and
	always show function names if defined.  (It has been only for
	human readable format until this change)

2000-07-20 20:52  knu

	* cvsweb.cgi: Allow to use `!!CVSROOTdescr!!' in $long_intro to
	embed per CVSROOT description.

2000-07-20 20:14  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Make $hr_funout default.

2000-07-20 20:06  knu

	* cvsweb.conf: Display my mail address instead of Zeller's.

2000-07-20 06:59  knu

	* INSTALL, README, TODO, cvsweb.cgi, cvsweb.conf, icons/back.gif,
	icons/dir.gif, icons/miniback.gif, icons/minidir.gif,
	icons/minitext.gif, icons/text.gif: Start point.