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Revision 3.19, Fri Feb 27 21:07:38 2004 UTC (16 years, 7 months ago) by scop
Changes since 3.18: +4 -0 lines

Enscript file type regexp fixes:
- Fix regexp for Perl scripts (*.pl highlighting works again)
- Treat *.pac as JavaScript
- Use Perl states instead of Makefile ones for Makefile.PL

Submitted by:	Stefan Moessler <moessler@getemed.de>
		Jon Noack <noackjr@alumni.rice.edu>


This document describes the high level changes between FreeBSD-CVSweb
versions.  For detailed changes including credits, see ChangeLog.
For installation instructions and upgrade notes, see INSTALL.

Changes since 3.0.0, not yet released:

* Improve Enscript file type detection regexps.

Changes in 3.0.0, released 2004-02-26:

* Fix Enscript colored side by side diffs with diffutils < 2.8.

Changes in 2.9.3 (beta), released 2004-02-15:

* Fix tarball/zip creation from non-toplevel dirs (was broken since 2.9.1).
* Support 80 character line lengths in side by side diffs.
* Improved control over line wrapping in the directory view.
* Separate GNU Enscript language file for diffs.
* Better browser compatiblity in client side graph image maps.
* Don't turn off tag, diff etc linking in markup view.

Changes in 2.9.2 (beta), released 2004-01-31:

* Improved download/view/diff linking wrt. MIME types and binary files.
* Support for per file type, external diff commands.
* Support for read-only repository access mode also for cvs >= 1.12.1.
* Fix checkouts from paths where the top level dir starts with a dot.
* Improved hidden/forbidden file/dir functionality.
* The minimum supported version of GNU Enscript is actually 1.6.3, and
  for mod_perl 2, >= 1.99_11 is strongly recommended although it does run
  to some extent with 1.99_08.

Changes in 2.9.1 (beta) (after 2.0.6), released 2003-10-05:

* Much improved HTML quality, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, use of external CSS.
* Visual and accessibility improvements.
* Graphical revision views using CvsGraph (>= 1.4.0).
* Source and diff syntax highlighting using GNU Enscript (>= 1.6.2).
* mod_perl 2 support (>= 1.99_08).
* Ability to handle directories with *lots* of files.
* Case insensitive sorting option for directories.
* Cross site scripting paranoia against weirdly formatted tags etc.
* Option to display line numbers in source views.
* Improved MIME type discovery and support for binary files.
* Support for (X)Emacs-style human readable diffs using String::Ediff.
* Taint-safety on Perl 5.8, strict CGI query parameter checking.
* Ability to show Apache FancyIndex-style README.cvs(.html) in dir views.
* Lots of minor bugfixes.
* Portability improvements.
* Documentation improvements.
* Code cleanups.
* For information how to upgrade from 2.0.x versions, see INSTALL.