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Revision 4.3, Tue Nov 26 12:14:38 2019 UTC (3 years ago) by schwarze
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 4.2: +1 -6 lines

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$Id: NEWS,v 4.3 2019/11/26 12:14:38 schwarze Exp $
$knu: NEWS,v 1.48 2005/09/25 20:28:51 scop

This document describes the high level changes between CCVSweb
versions.  For detailed changes including credits, see ChangeLog.
For installation instructions and upgrade notes, see INSTALL.

Changes in 3.0.6, released 2005-09-25:

* Better human readable diff output when rcsdiff doesn't output anything.
* Improved "Diff to" presentation in log view.
* Allow MIME types to contain "+".

Changes in 3.0.5, released 2005-01-22:

* Fixed links in human readable diff view when it's the default diff format.
* Submitting the option form preserves hidden user settings.
* Improvements related to tightly controlled setups such as SELinux.
* Configuration and configuration documentation improvements.
* Tab expansion fix for HTMLized views.

Changes in 3.0.4, released 2004-11-06:

* Fixed tab expansion to not eat everything before a tab in HTMLized diffs.

Changes in 3.0.3, released 2004-11-03:

* Improved support for the magic "." (== latest) revision on branches
  for download, view, and annotate URLs.
* Improved whitespace handling in "human readable" (HTMLized) diffs.
* The new cvsweb.conf parameter $DEBUG can be set to a true value in order
  to enable more output to the web server error log for troubleshooting.

Changes in 3.0.2, released 2004-08-20:

* More robust URI escaping, links to paths/filenames containing unusual
  characters work better now.
* Visual, accessibility, and CSS class structure improvements.
* Minor optimizations and bug fixes.

Changes in 3.0.1, released 2004-05-08:

* Light integration with CVSHistory.
* CvsGraph invocation is more robust against unexpected cvsgraph.conf settings.
* Fix download links for non-branch files whose revision number contains 0's.
* Linking to the latest revision of a file works again using ?rev=(.|HEAD).
* Improve Enscript file type detection regexps.
* Improve annotate view formatting a bit.
* Other minor enhancements.

Changes in 3.0.0, released 2004-02-26:

* Fix Enscript colored side by side diffs with diffutils < 2.8.

Changes in 2.9.3 (beta), released 2004-02-15:

* Fix tarball/zip creation from non-toplevel dirs (was broken since 2.9.1).
* Support 80 character line lengths in side by side diffs.
* Improved control over line wrapping in the directory view.
* Better browser compatiblity in client side graph image maps.
* Don't turn off tag, diff etc linking in markup view.

Changes in 2.9.2 (beta), released 2004-01-31:

* Improved download/view/diff linking wrt. MIME types and binary files.
* Support for per file type, external diff commands.
* Support for read-only repository access mode also for cvs >= 1.12.1.
* Fix checkouts from paths where the top level dir starts with a dot.
* Improved hidden/forbidden file/dir functionality.

Changes in 2.9.1 (beta) (after 2.0.6), released 2003-10-05:

* Much improved HTML quality, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, use of external CSS.
* Visual and accessibility improvements.
* Graphical revision views using CvsGraph (>= 1.4.0).
* mod_perl 2 support (>= 1.99_08).
* Ability to handle directories with *lots* of files.
* Case insensitive sorting option for directories.
* Cross site scripting paranoia against weirdly formatted tags etc.
* Option to display line numbers in source views.
* Improved MIME type discovery and support for binary files.
* Support for (X)Emacs-style human readable diffs using String::Ediff.
* Taint-safety on Perl 5.8, strict CGI query parameter checking.
* Ability to show Apache FancyIndex-style README.cvs(.html) in dir views.
* Lots of minor bugfixes.
* Portability improvements.
* Documentation improvements.
* Code cleanups.
* For information how to upgrade from 2.0.x versions, see INSTALL.