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 $FreeBSD$  $FreeBSD$
   $Idaemons: /home/cvs/cvsweb/README.knu,v 3.9 2001/01/13 07:48:09 knu Exp $
   FreeBSD-CVSweb is a WWW interface for CVS repositories.
   CVSweb was originally written by Bill Fenner and improved by Henner
   Zeller, Henrik Nordström, and Ken Coar, then Akinori MUSHA brought
   it back to FreeBSD community and made further improvements.  Ville
   Skyttä has continued that work.
   To track the development, access the MAIN branch of the module
   `projects/cvsweb' in the FreeBSD CVS repository.  For legacy 2.x
   versions, see the branch named 'rel-2_0-branch'.
     Project home page:
     Repository access:
     CVSweb of CVSweb:
     Release archives:
     Mailing list:
   Here is the list of added features over Zeller's version:
   o Customizable "show functions" option
       You can specify a regexp for each file type to teach rcsdiff(1) to
       recognize function lines.
   o Customizable PR categories
   o Move $prcgi to cvsweb.conf
       Now each repository can have its own PR categories and
       query-pr.cgi URL, which can be defined in cvsweb.conf-${cvstree}.
       It is useful when you have such as NetBSD and/or OpenBSD
   o Improved support for text-based browsers
       Unidiff is the default format for diffs, for text-based browsers.
   o Enhanced PR # hyperlinking.
       The following styles are supported.
           PR:     12345, 67890, ..
           PR:     #12345, #67890, ..
           PR#     sparc/12345, i386/67890
           PR:     ports/43210
           .. is related to bin/4567, which is ...
   o Manpage hyperlinking.
       Both `cat(1)' and `cat.1' styles are supported.
   o Revision numbers hyperlinking in annotation.
   o Automatic tarball generation. (Obtained from Debian)
   o Automatic zipball generation.
   o Customizable repository entry order.
   o Location text field.
   o Support for the use of localized charsets.
   o Workaround for buggy web servers.
   o Numerous bugfixes regarding URI/filename manipulation.
   o HTML improvements, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and a separate CSS file for
   o Security fixes to let it work under perl -T.
   o Annotate works under mod_perl and against a read only repository.
   o CvsGraph <http://www.akhphd.au.dk/~bertho/cvsgraph/> integration.
   o Syntax highlighting using GNU Enscript <http://www.iki.fi/~mtr/genscript/>.
   o Line number output for HTMLized views.
   o Support for showing README.cvs.html and README.cvs akin to Apache's
   o Support for external diff tools.
   o Works with mod_perl >= 1.99_11 as well as 1.2x.
   o ...and much more!  See NEWS for high level changes between releases.
   See also README, as well as TODO for new features under consideration
   and development.
   The original Zeller README follows (possibly outdated to some extent):
 The cgi-script cvsweb.cgi is written by Bill Fenner <fenner@freebsd.org>  The cgi-script cvsweb.cgi is written by Bill Fenner <fenner@freebsd.org>
 (see [1]) for the freebsd project. It allows browsing of  (see [1]) for the freebsd project. It allows browsing of
 CVS-repositories (see [2]) with an HTML-browser.  CVS-repositories (see [2]) with an HTML-browser.
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     <http://www.freebsd.org/~fenner/cvsweb/>      <http://www.freebsd.org/~fenner/cvsweb/>
 [2] for cvs, see <http://www.cvshome.org/>  [2] for cvs, see <http://www.cvshome.org/>
   Ville Skyttä <scop@FreeBSD.org> -- The FreeBSD Project

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