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Revision, Thu Nov 7 09:44:35 2019 UTC (4 years, 1 month ago) by schwarze
Branch: FreeBSD-cvsweb-2_0-branch
CVS Tags: cvsweb-2_1
Changes since 3.1: +3 -0 lines

Fix CVS identifiers: remove "FreeBSD" ids that were never functional
in the KNU/SCOP repository, remove "Idaemons" ids that got frozen at
some random point in the history, add "knu" ids reporting the latest revision
from the KNU/SCOP repo merged into this branch, and add "Id" identifiers
to report the current revision in the SCHWARZE repository.

$Id: TODO,v 2019/11/07 09:44:35 schwarze Exp $
$knu: TODO,v 1.1 2000/07/19 21:59:47 knu

o request tar or zip of entire directory (any tag); caching
o limit the number of logentries shown
o show left/right/up icons in diff/logtable
o implement frames (backbutton on top of page)
o DiffSelection: jump back to 'User Text Field'
  if entered text (javascript - anyone a javascript
  programmer ?) - 
  done, thanks to Andy Sharp <asharp@hobbes.clarity.ca>
o make 'exec's save: use full path and do not spawn shell
o use strict, Apache: mod_perl; done, thanks to
  Jens-Uwe Mager <jum@helios.de>
o explore if we can use cvs directly to abandon the
  use of 'rlog', 'rcsdiff'. This could be done much
  like it is for cvs annotate; 
  'co' done, but it seems to have problems with files which
  have spaces in the path (rare) -> CVS bug
  The 'rlog'-function could be implemented just like the 
  annotate function, using a cvs in server mode. 
  The 'rcsdiff'-functionality is almost covered by 
  'cvs rdiff' .. but I am missing the -p and -w options
  then ..
  Any way to traverse the directory structure with cvs C/S 
  ( we need the cvs list patch here I think) ? 
  The performance could be - C/S-mode - .. bad. Caching ?
  This way we someday won't need to have physical access to
  the Repository (though this may not be what we want: consider
  10'000 Users browsing your anonymous CVS via a remote cvsweb)
o try to figure out what's the latest change within a subdirectory ..
  the trivial (recursive ..) solution would be a bit timeconsuming
o include date in the checkout pathinfo (+branchname),
  to get really what you want (the current solution is not optimal
  if you manage/review webpages: you always get a checkout of the
  _latest_ pictures embedded in the webpage, not pictures from the 
  same date the page is)
o rewrite this stuff as servlet ..
o check wether we can set $HOME to /tmp - to avoid problems with
  cvs looking for .cvsrc etc.
o annotate with last Log-Message in the header
o allow to choose which representation we have in dir-view
o open external window only if we've a specific mime-type (html)