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Revision 1.1, Fri Mar 6 14:13:47 2009 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by kristaps
Branch: MAIN

Strings abstracted into dynamically-created C files.
Added -V option.
Deprecated README files.

alpha		Alpha
amd64		AMD64
amiga		Amiga
arc		ARC
arm		ARM
armish		ARMISH
aviion		AViiON
hp300		HP300
hppa		HPPA
hppa64		HPPA64
i386		i386
landisk		LANDISK
luna88k		Luna88k
mac68k		Mac68k
macppc		MacPPC
mvme68k		MVME68k
mvme88k		MVME88k
mvmeppc		MVMEPPC
pmax		PMAX
sgi		SGI
socppc		SOCPPC
sparc		SPARC
sparc64		SPARC64
sun3		Sun3
vax		VAX
zaurus		Zaurus