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Diff for /mandoc/Attic/mandocdb.8 between version 1.1 and 1.2

version 1.1, 2011/07/14 14:36:37 version 1.2, 2011/07/15 10:15:24
Line 22 
Line 22 
 .Nd index UNIX manuals  .Nd index UNIX manuals
 .Nm  .Nm
 .Op Fl ruv  .Ar dir...
 .Op Fl d Ar dir  
 The  The
 .Nm  .Nm
Line 33  utility extracts keywords from
Line 31  utility extracts keywords from
 manuals and indexes them for fast retrieval.  manuals and indexes them for fast retrieval.
 The arguments are as follows:  The arguments are as follows:
 .Bl -tag -width Ds  .Bl -tag -width Ds
 .It Fl d Ar dir  .It Ar dir...
 The directory into which to write the keyword and index databases.  Recursively scan for
 .It Ar  
 Read input from zero or more files in  
 .Xr mdoc 7  .Xr mdoc 7
 or  and
 .Xr man 7  .Xr man 7
 .Ux  .Ux
 manual format.  manual files in each
 .It Fl r  .Ar dir
 Remove entries.  directory.
 This will remove the index and keyword references.  
 If the record is not found, it is ignored.  
 .It Fl u  
 Update the record.  
 This will first remove the record (as in  
 .Fl r )  
 then re-add it.  
 .It Fl v  
 Verbose output.  
 If specified once, prints the name of each indexed file.  
 If twice, prints keywords for each file.  
 By default,  
 constructs a new  
 .Sx Index Database  .Sx Index Database
 and  and
 .Sx Keyword Database  .Sx Keyword Database
 in the current working directory.  files are installed in each
   .Ar dir
 Existing databases are truncated.  Existing databases are truncated.
 .Pp  .Pp
 If fatal parse errors are encountered, the offending file is printed to  By default,
 stderr, omitted from the index, and the parse continues with the next  .Nm
 input file.  does nothing: the
   .Ar dir...
   invocation must be used.
   If fatal parse errors are encountered while parsing, the offending file
   is printed to stderr, omitted from the index, and the parse continues
   with the next input file.
 .Ss Index Database  .Ss Index Database
 The index database,  The index database,
 .Pa mandoc.index ,  .Pa mandoc.index ,

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