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Diff for /mandoc/Attic/mandocdb.8 between version 1.13 and 1.14

version 1.13, 2011/12/16 08:04:34 version 1.14, 2011/12/16 12:06:35
Line 110  database with record values consisting of
Line 110  database with record values consisting of
 .Pp  .Pp
 .Bl -enum -compact  .Bl -enum -compact
 .It  .It
 the string  the character
 .Cm mdoc ,  .Cm d ,
 .Cm man ,  .Cm a ,
 or  or
 .Cm cat  .Cm c
 to indicate the file type  to indicate the file type
 .Po  .Po
 file in  
 .Xr mdoc 7 ,  .Xr mdoc 7 ,
 .Xr man 7 ,  .Xr man 7 ,
 and post-formatted, respectively  and post-formatted, respectively
Line 137  and the description.
Line 136  and the description.
 .Pp  .Pp
 Each of the above is NUL-terminated.  Each of the above is NUL-terminated.
 .Pp  .Pp
 Both the manual section and description may be zero-length if the record  If the record value is zero-length, it is unassigned.
 is unassigned.  
 Entries are sequentially-numbered, but the filenames are unordered.  
 .Ss Keyword Database  .Ss Keyword Database
 The keyword database,  The keyword database,
 .Pa mandoc.db ,  .Pa mandoc.db ,

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