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Diff for /mandoc/Attic/mandocdb.8 between version 1.21 and 1.22

version 1.21, 2014/03/17 08:34:00 version 1.22, 2014/04/03 15:24:32
Line 23 
Line 23 
 .Nd index UNIX manuals  .Nd index UNIX manuals
 .Nm  .Nm
 .Op Fl anvW  .Op Fl anQvW
   .Op Fl T Cm utf8
 .Op Fl C Ar file  .Op Fl C Ar file
 .Nm  .Nm
 .Op Fl anvW  .Op Fl anQvW
   .Op Fl T Cm utf8
 .Ar dir ...  .Ar dir ...
 .Nm  .Nm
 .Op Fl nvW  .Op Fl nQvW
   .Op Fl T Cm utf8
 .Fl d Ar dir  .Fl d Ar dir
 .Op Ar  .Op Ar
 .Nm  .Nm
 .Op Fl nvW  .Op Fl nvW
   .Op Fl T Cm utf8
 .Fl u Ar dir  .Fl u Ar dir
 .Op Ar  .Op Ar
 .Nm  .Nm
   .Op Fl Q
 .Fl t Ar  .Fl t Ar
 The  The
Line 89  Specify an alternative configuration
Line 94  Specify an alternative configuration
 in  in
 .Xr man.conf 5  .Xr man.conf 5
 format.  format.
   .It Fl D
   Display all files added or removed to the index.
   With a second
   .Fl D ,
   also show all keyswords added for each file.
 .It Fl d Ar dir  .It Fl d Ar dir
 Merge (remove and re-add)  Merge (remove and re-add)
 .Ar  .Ar
Line 97  to the database in
Line 107  to the database in
 .It Fl n  .It Fl n
 Do not create or modify any database;  Do not create or modify any database;
 scan and parse only.  scan and parse only.
   .It Fl Q
   Quickly build reduced-size databases
   by reading only the NAME sections of manuals.
   The resulting databases will usually contain names and descriptions only.
   .It Fl T Cm utf8
   Use UTF-8 encoding instead of ASCII for strings stored in the databases.
 .It Fl t Ar  .It Fl t Ar
 Check the given  Check the given
 .Ar files  .Ar files
Line 168  It was rewritten in
Line 184  It was rewritten in
 for  for
 .Ox 2.7  .Ox 2.7
 and in C for  and in C for
 .Ox 5.1 .  .Ox 5.6 .
 .Pp  .Pp
 The  The
 .Ar dir  .Ar dir
Line 179  the options
Line 195  the options
 in  in
 .Ox 2.7 ;  .Ox 2.7 ;
 and the options  and the options
 .Fl aCvW  .Fl aCnQTvW
 in  in
 .Ox 5.1 .  .Ox 5.6 .
 .An -nosplit  .An -nosplit
 .An Bill Joy  .An Bill Joy

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