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Diff for /mandoc/Attic/preconv.1 between version 1.3 and 1.4

version 1.3, 2011/05/26 14:43:07 version 1.4, 2011/05/26 14:45:04
Line 86  A file variable is an input line of the form
Line 86  A file variable is an input line of the form
 .Pp  .Pp
 .Dl \%.\e\(dq -*- key: val [; key: val ]* -*-  .Dl \%.\e\(dq -*- key: val [; key: val ]* -*-
 .Pp  .Pp
 where  A coding tag variable is where
 .Cm key  .Cm key
 is  is
 .Qq coding  .Qq coding
 and  and
 .Cm val  .Cm val
 is the name of the encoding.  is the name of the encoding.
 A typical usage may be  A typical file variable with a coding tag is
 .Pp  .Pp
 .Dl \%.\e\(dq -*- mode: troff; coding: utf-8 -*-  .Dl \%.\e\(dq -*- mode: troff; coding: utf-8 -*-
 .It  .It

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