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Revision 1.277, Mon Jun 7 20:57:09 2010 UTC (12 years, 5 months ago) by kristaps
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: VERSION_1_10_1
Changes since 1.276: +13 -9 lines

First check-in of PostScript output.  This does not change any logic
within term.c, but does add a small shim over putchar() that switches on
the output engine.  Prints, for this initial version, only monospace and
without font decorations.  It's a start.

.SUFFIXES:	.html .xml .sgml .1 .3 .7 .md5 .tar.gz .1.txt .3.txt .7.txt .1.sgml .3.sgml .7.sgml .h .h.html .1.ps .3.ps .7.ps

PREFIX		= /usr/local
EXAMPLEDIR	= $(PREFIX)/share/examples/mandoc
INSTALL		= install

VERSION	   = 1.10.1
VDATE	   = 07 June 2010

WFLAGS     = -W -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-unused-parameter -Wwrite-strings

# Specify this if you want to hard-code the operating system to appear
# in the lower-left hand corner of -mdoc manuals.
# CFLAGS += -DOSNAME="\"OpenBSD 4.5\""

# Unset this if you don't want Xo/Xc allowing split `It' lines, which
# breaks symmetry.


MANDOCFLAGS = -Wall -fstrict

MANDOCHTML = -Thtml -Ostyle=style.css,man=%N.%S.html,includes=%I.html


ROFFLNS    = roff.ln

ROFFSRCS   = roff.c

ROFFOBJS   = roff.o

MANDOCLNS  = mandoc.ln

MANDOCSRCS = mandoc.c

MANDOCOBJS = mandoc.o

MDOCLNS	   = mdoc_macro.ln mdoc.ln mdoc_hash.ln mdoc_strings.ln \
	     mdoc_argv.ln mdoc_validate.ln mdoc_action.ln \
	     lib.ln att.ln arch.ln vol.ln msec.ln st.ln

MDOCOBJS   = mdoc_macro.o mdoc.o mdoc_hash.o mdoc_strings.o \
	     mdoc_argv.o mdoc_validate.o mdoc_action.o lib.o att.o \
	     arch.o vol.o msec.o st.o

MDOCSRCS   = mdoc_macro.c mdoc.c mdoc_hash.c mdoc_strings.c \
	     mdoc_argv.c mdoc_validate.c mdoc_action.c lib.c att.c \
	     arch.c vol.c msec.c st.c

MANLNS	   = man_macro.ln man.ln man_hash.ln man_validate.ln \
	     man_action.ln man_argv.ln

MANOBJS	   = man_macro.o man.o man_hash.o man_validate.o \
	     man_action.o man_argv.o
MANSRCS	   = man_macro.c man.c man_hash.c man_validate.c \
	     man_action.c mandoc.c man_argv.c

MAINLNS	   = main.ln mdoc_term.ln chars.ln term.ln tree.ln \
	     compat.ln man_term.ln html.ln mdoc_html.ln \
	     man_html.ln out.ln

MAINOBJS   = main.o mdoc_term.o chars.o term.o tree.o compat.o \
	     man_term.o html.o mdoc_html.o man_html.o out.o

MAINSRCS   = main.c mdoc_term.c chars.c term.c tree.c compat.c \
	     man_term.c html.c mdoc_html.c man_html.c out.c

LLNS	   = llib-llibmdoc.ln llib-llibman.ln llib-lmandoc.ln \
	     llib-llibmandoc.ln llib-llibroff.ln


LIBS	   = libmdoc.a libman.a libmandoc.a libroff.a



DATAS	   = arch.in att.in lib.in msec.in st.in \
	     vol.in chars.in

HEADS	   = mdoc.h libmdoc.h man.h libman.h term.h \
	     libmandoc.h html.h chars.h out.h main.h roff.h \

GSGMLS	   = mandoc.1.sgml mdoc.3.sgml mdoc.7.sgml \
	     mandoc_char.7.sgml man.7.sgml man.3.sgml roff.7.sgml \

SGMLS	   = index.sgml

HTMLS	   = ChangeLog.html index.html man.h.html mdoc.h.html \
	     mandoc.h.html roff.h.html mandoc.1.html mdoc.3.html \
	     man.3.html mdoc.7.html man.7.html mandoc_char.7.html \
	     roff.7.html roff.3.html

PSS	   = mandoc.1.ps mdoc.3.ps man.3.ps mdoc.7.ps man.7.ps \
	     mandoc_char.7.ps roff.7.ps roff.3.ps

XSLS	   = ChangeLog.xsl

TEXTS	   = mandoc.1.txt mdoc.3.txt man.3.txt mdoc.7.txt man.7.txt \
	     mandoc_char.7.txt ChangeLog.txt \
	     roff.7.txt roff.3.txt

EXAMPLES   = example.style.css

XMLS	   = ChangeLog.xml

STATICS	   = index.css style.css external.png

MD5S	   = mdocml-$(VERSION).md5 

TARGZS	   = mdocml-$(VERSION).tar.gz

MANS	   = mandoc.1 mdoc.3 mdoc.7 mandoc_char.7 man.7 \
	     man.3 roff.7 roff.3

BINS	   = mandoc

TESTS	   = test-strlcat.c test-strlcpy.c

CONFIGS	   = config.h.pre config.h.post

DOCLEAN	   = $(BINS) $(LNS) $(LLNS) $(LIBS) $(OBJS) $(HTMLS) \
	     $(TARGZS) tags $(MD5S) $(XMLS) $(TEXTS) $(GSGMLS) \
	     config.h config.log $(PSS)


all:	$(BINS)

lint:	$(LLNS)

	rm -f $(DOCLEAN)

dist:	mdocml-$(VERSION).tar.gz

www:	all $(GSGMLS) $(HTMLS) $(TEXTS) $(MD5S) $(TARGZS) $(PSS)

ps:	$(PSS)

installwww: www
	$(INSTALL_DATA) mdocml-$(VERSION).tar.gz $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/snapshots/
	$(INSTALL_DATA) mdocml-$(VERSION).md5 $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/snapshots/
	$(INSTALL_DATA) mdocml-$(VERSION).tar.gz $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/snapshots/mdocml.tar.gz
	$(INSTALL_DATA) mdocml-$(VERSION).md5 $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/snapshots/mdocml.md5

	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)
	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man7
	$(INSTALL_MAN) mandoc.1 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
	$(INSTALL_MAN) man.7 mdoc.7 roff.7 mandoc_char.7 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man7
	$(INSTALL_DATA) example.style.css $(DESTDIR)$(EXAMPLEDIR)

	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/mandoc
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1/mandoc.1
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man7/mdoc.7
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man7/roff.7
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man7/man.7
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man7/mandoc_char.7
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(EXAMPLEDIR)/example.style.css

$(OBJS): config.h

$(LNS): config.h

man_macro.ln man_macro.o: man_macro.c libman.h

lib.ln lib.o: lib.c lib.in libmdoc.h

att.ln att.o: att.c att.in libmdoc.h

arch.ln arch.o: arch.c arch.in libmdoc.h

vol.ln vol.o: vol.c vol.in libmdoc.h

chars.ln chars.o: chars.c chars.in chars.h

msec.ln msec.o: msec.c msec.in libmdoc.h

st.ln st.o: st.c st.in libmdoc.h

mdoc_macro.ln mdoc_macro.o: mdoc_macro.c libmdoc.h

mdoc_term.ln mdoc_term.o: mdoc_term.c term.h mdoc.h

mdoc_strings.ln mdoc_strings.o: mdoc_strings.c libmdoc.h

man_hash.ln man_hash.o: man_hash.c libman.h

mdoc_hash.ln mdoc_hash.o: mdoc_hash.c libmdoc.h

mdoc.ln mdoc.o: mdoc.c libmdoc.h

man.ln man.o: man.c libman.h

main.ln main.o: main.c mdoc.h man.h roff.h

compat.ln compat.o: compat.c 

term.ln term.o: term.c term.h man.h mdoc.h chars.h

html.ln html.o: html.c html.h chars.h

mdoc_html.ln mdoc_html.o: mdoc_html.c html.h mdoc.h

man_html.ln man_html.o: man_html.c html.h man.h out.h

out.ln out.o: out.c out.h

mandoc.ln mandoc.o: mandoc.c libmandoc.h

tree.ln tree.o: tree.c man.h mdoc.h

mdoc_argv.ln mdoc_argv.o: mdoc_argv.c libmdoc.h

man_argv.ln man_argv.o: man_argv.c libman.h

man_validate.ln man_validate.o: man_validate.c libman.h

mdoc_validate.ln mdoc_validate.o: mdoc_validate.c libmdoc.h

mdoc_action.ln mdoc_action.o: mdoc_action.c libmdoc.h

libmdoc.h: mdoc.h

	cvs2cl --xml --xml-encoding iso-8859-15 -t --noxmlns -f $@

	cvs2cl -t -f $@

ChangeLog.html: ChangeLog.xml ChangeLog.xsl
	xsltproc -o $@ ChangeLog.xsl ChangeLog.xml

mdocml-$(VERSION).tar.gz: $(DOINSTALL)
	mkdir -p .dist/mdocml/mdocml-$(VERSION)/
	cp -f $(DOINSTALL) .dist/mdocml/mdocml-$(VERSION)/
	( cd .dist/mdocml/ && tar zcf ../../$@ mdocml-$(VERSION)/ )
	rm -rf .dist/

llib-llibmdoc.ln: $(MDOCLNS)
	$(LINT) -Clibmdoc $(MDOCLNS)

llib-llibman.ln: $(MANLNS)
	$(LINT) -Clibman $(MANLNS)

llib-llibmandoc.ln: $(MANDOCLNS)
	$(LINT) -Clibmandoc $(MANDOCLNS)

llib-llibroff.ln: $(ROFFLNS)
	$(LINT) -Clibroff $(ROFFLNS)

llib-lmandoc.ln: $(MAINLNS) llib-llibmdoc.ln llib-llibman.ln llib-llibmandoc.ln llib-llibroff.ln
	$(LINT) -Cmandoc $(MAINLNS) llib-llibmdoc.ln llib-llibman.ln llib-llibmandoc.ln llib-llibroff.ln

libmdoc.a: $(MDOCOBJS)
	$(AR) rs $@ $(MDOCOBJS)

libman.a: $(MANOBJS)
	$(AR) rs $@ $(MANOBJS)

libmandoc.a: $(MANDOCOBJS)
	$(AR) rs $@ $(MANDOCOBJS)

libroff.a: $(ROFFOBJS)
	$(AR) rs $@ $(ROFFOBJS)

mandoc: $(MAINOBJS) libroff.a libmdoc.a libman.a libmandoc.a
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $(MAINOBJS) libroff.a libmdoc.a libman.a libmandoc.a

	validate --warn $<
	sed -e "s!@VERSION@!$(VERSION)!" -e "s!@VDATE@!$(VDATE)!" $< > $@

.1.1.txt .3.3.txt .7.7.txt:
	./mandoc $(MANDOCFLAGS) $< | col -b > $@

.1.1.sgml .3.3.sgml .7.7.sgml:
	./mandoc $(MANDOCFLAGS) $(MANDOCHTML) $< > $@

.1.1.ps .3.3.ps .7.7.ps:
	./mandoc $(MANDOCFLAGS) $(MANDOCPS) $< > $@

	md5 $< > $@

	highlight -I $< >$@

config.h: config.h.pre config.h.post
	rm -f config.log
	( cat config.h.pre; \
	echo; \
	if $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -Werror -c test-strlcat.c >> config.log 2>&1; then \
		echo '#define HAVE_STRLCAT'; \
		rm test-strlcat.o; \
	fi; \
	if $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -Werror -c test-strlcpy.c >> config.log 2>&1; then \
		echo '#define HAVE_STRLCPY'; \
		rm test-strlcpy.o; \
	fi; \
	echo; \
	cat config.h.post \
	) > $@