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Revision 1.32, Wed Aug 8 14:47:38 2018 UTC (2 years, 11 months ago) by schwarze
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: VERSION_1_14_4
Changes since 1.31: +8 -6 lines

release 1.14.4

$Id: NEWS,v 1.32 2018/08/08 14:47:38 schwarze Exp $

This file lists the most important changes in the mandoc.bsd.lv distribution.

Changes in version 1.14.4, released on August 8, 2018

 * In ASCII output, render mathematical symbols and greek letters
   as transliterations conveying the characters' meanings rather
   than trying to imitate their shape.  Consequently, such characters
   can now be used in portable manual pages.  All the same, please
   limit their use to contexts where they really matter, for example
   when showing complicated mathematical formulae.
 * First steps towards better support for small screens in HTML
   output (responsive design): avoid most style= attributes, in
   particular all hard-coded indentations and column widths, and
   provide a better mandoc.css style sheet with a @media query,
   using em units throughout, and avoiding redundancy in selectors.
 * Better HTML output with some more fitting HTML elements, eliminating
   needless class= attributes, and avoiding various HTML syntax errors
   (element nesting, URL-fragment syntax, duplicate id= attributes).
 * When a man(1) argument contains a slash, imply -l like in man-db.
 * Use TIOCGWINSZ to reduce the default -Owidth and -Oindent during
   interactive use on terminals narrower than 79 columns.
 * Generated PostScript files are now more than 50% smaller.
 * Terminal rendering of eqn(7) is improved in several respects.
 * Simplified and nicer output from the mdoc(7) .Lk macro, formatting
   all links in-line, even long ones.
 * roff(7) \n+ and \n- numerical register auto-increment and -decrement
 * roff(7) .nr optional third argument (auto-increment step size)
 * Autodetect in ./configure whether the compiler can use -W and -static,
   allowing to build on Solaris 10 and 11 without any configure.local.
 * Only activate UTF-8 output when the user really selected UTF-8,
   not some other multibyte character encoding.
 * Prevent excessive .ll arguments from generating infinite output.
 * Fix out of bounds accesses to parse buffers that could happen when
   using renamed or user defined macros after roff(7) conditionals.
 * Avoid an assertion failure in certain .Bl -column lists.
 * Avoid a NULL pointer access on deroff() failure after '.SS ""'.
 * Fix a segfault that could be triggered by two invalid .Dt macros.
 * Fix two syntax errors in generated PDF files.
 * Properly state the page size in generated PostScript files.
 * Close a memory leak caused by missing gzclose(3).
 * Fix misformatting of man(7) documents lacking .SH macros
   in PostScript and PDF output.
 * And many minor bugfixes.
    --- THANKS TO ---
 * Marc Espie (OpenBSD) for implementing the size reduction of
   PostScript files, one additional patch for code simplification,
   and two bug reports.
 * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch,
   and Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for checking it.
 * John Gardner for more than a dozen suggestions regarding HTML output.
 * Mike Williams for teaching me how to use %%DocumentMedia and
   setpagedevice in PostScript files.
 * Werner Lemberg (groff) for feedback on mdoc(7) language changes.
 * Colin Watson (man-db) for feedback on man-db semantics.
 * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for lots of feedback and suggestions
   on diagnostic messages and on the documentation.
 * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for suggesting two new style messages
   and one new feature, for two bug reports, and for release testing.
 * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for suggesting a new style message,
   five bug reports, and release testing.
 * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for reporting multiple bugs and missing
 * Paul Irofti (OpenBSD) and Nate Bargmann for suggesting new features.
 * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for bug reports and release testing.
 * Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Stuart Henderson,
   Ted Unangst (OpenBSD), Takeshi Nakayama (NetBSD),
   Anton Lazarov, Jakub Klinkovsky, Jan Stary, Jesper Wallin,
   Will Backmam, and Wolfgang Mueller for bug reports.
 * Sevan Janiyan (NetBSD) for additions to lib.in.
 * George Brown for suggesting code simplifications.
 * David Coppa, Igor Sobrado (OpenBSD), and Alexander Kuleshov
   for documentation improvements.
 * Laura Morales and Raf Czlonka for questions resulting in better
 * Yuri Pankov (illumos) for release testing.

Changes in version 1.14.3, released on August 5, 2017

    --- BUG FIXES ---
 * man(7): Do not crash with out-of-bounds read access to a constant
   array if .sp or a blank line immediately precedes .SS or .SH.
 * mdoc(7): Do not crash with out-of-bounds read access to a constant
   array if .sp or a blank line precede the first .Sh macro.
 * tbl(7): Ignore explicitly specified negative column widths rather than
   wrapping around to huge numbers and risking memory exhaustion.
 * man(1): No longer use names that only occur in the SYNOPSIS section.
   Gets rid of some surprising behaviour and bogus warnings.
    --- THANKS TO ---
   Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux), Markus Waldeck (Debian),
   Peter Bui (nd.edu), and Yuri Pankov (illumos) for bug reports.

Changes in version 1.14.2, released on July 28, 2017

 * New mdoc(7) -Tmarkdown output mode.
 * For -Thtml, implement internal hyperlinks pointing to authoritative
   definitions of various syntax elements, similar to the ctags(1)-like
   less(1) :t internal searching in terminal mode.
 * Provide a superset of the functionality of the former mdoclint(1)
   utility and a new -Wstyle message level with several new messages,
   including validity checking of .Xr cross references.
 * tbl(7): Implement automatic line breaking inside individual table
   cells, and several other formatting improvements.
 * eqn(7): Complete rewrite of the lexer, resulting in several bugfixes.
 * Continue parser unification, in particular allowing generation
   of syntax tree nodes on the roff(7) level, allowing implementation
   of many additional roff requests.
 * Delete the manpage(1) utility.  It was never enabled in any release.
 * Delete the -Txhtml command line option.  It has been an obsolete
   alias for the -Thtml output mode for more than two years.
 * -Tlint now puts parser messages on stdout instead of stderr,
   making commands like "man -l -Tlint *.1" useful.
 * mdoc(7): Various .Lk formatting improvements.
 * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Better CSS for .Bl lists.
 * man(7): Implement the .MT/.ME block macro (mailto hyperlink).
 * man(7): Implement the .DT macro (restore default tab positions).
 * man(7): Improved support for manuals generated with reStructuredText
   by partial support for the \n[an-margin] number register.
 * man(7) -Thtml: Support deep linking to .SH and .SS headers.
 * tbl(7): Implement the "allbox" table option.
 * tbl(7): Implement the column spacing and the 'w' (minimum column
   width) layout modifiers.
 * tbl(7): Significant improvements of the manual page.
 * eqn(7): Much improved font selection, including recognition of
   well-known function names, and a few other formatting improvements.
 * eqn(7) -Thtml: Use <mn> and <mo> in addition to <mi>.
 * roff(7): Implement the .ce (centering), .mc (margin character),
   .rj (right justify), .ta (define tab stops), .ti (temporary indent),
   .als (macro alias), .ec and .eo (escape character control),
   .po (page offset), and .rn (macro rename) requests.
 * roff(7) .am: Implement appending to mdoc(7) and man(7) macros.
 * roff(7): implement the \h (horizontol motion), \l (horizontal
   line drawing), and \p (break output line) escape sequences,
   and also several additional character escape sequences.
 * roff(7): Implement the 'd' conditional (macro or string defined).
 * man.cgi(8) now uses pledge(2), too.
 * regress.pl(1): simpler user interface, better summary output,
   simpler code, and no more recursion.
    --- THANKS TO ---
 * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for the implementation of .MT/.ME,
   reports of many bugs and missing features, and suggestions
   for a number of feature and documentation improvements.
 * Sebastien Marie (OpenBSD) for two source code patches and
   for some useful discussions.
 * Florian Obser (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch and a bug report.
 * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for several bug reports from afl(1)
   and several more from static analysis tools.
 * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for several bug reports, most from afl(1).
 * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for many useful discussions about a
   wide variety of topics, lots of continuous testing, a number of
   bug reports, and some suggestions for messages and documentation.
 * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for lots of help while migrating
   mdoclint(1) functionality to mandoc -Tlint, for suggesting
   several useful new messages, and for release testing.
 * Reyk Floeter (OpenBSD) and Vsevolod Stakhov (FreeBSD) for
   suggesting a markdown output mode.
 * Thomas Guettler for suggesting -Thtml internal hyperlinks.
 * Yuri Pankov (Illumos) for inspiring new warning messages and
   for extensive release testing.
 * Anton Lindqvist and TJ Townsend (both OpenBSD) and Jan Stary
   for multiple bug reports.
 * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for bug reports and release testing.
 * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for suggesting feature improvements
   and for release testing.
 * Martin Natano and Theo de Raadt (both OpenBSD), Andreas Voegele,
   Gabriel Guzman, Gonzalo Tornaria, Markus Waldeck, and Raf Czlonka
   for bug reports.
 * Antoine Jacoutot (OpenBSD) and Steffen Nurpmeso for suggesting
   feature improvements.
 * Dag-Erling Smoergrav (FreeBSD) for inspiring new warning messages.
 * Ted Unangst and Marc Espie (OpenBSD) for providing useful ideas.
 * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for release testing.
 * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff) for help keeping mandoc and groff
   compatible and for committing some of my patches to groff.

Changes in version 1.14.1, released on February 21, 2017

 * apropos(1): Reimplement complete semantic search functionality
   without the dependency on SQLite3, using only POSIX APIs.
   This comes with a completely new mandoc.db(5) file format.
 * man(1): Support more than one tag entry for the same search term,
   plus some minor improvements to the less(1) :t support.
 * -Thtml: Use real macro names for CSS classes.
   Systematic cleanup of and many improvements to mandoc.css.
 * -Thtml: Produce human readable HTML code by using indentation
   and better line breaks.  Improve various HTML elements,
   and trim several useless ones.
 * New catman(8) utility, still somewhat experimental.
 * Now includes a portable version of the OpenBSD mandoc regression
   suite, see regress/regress.pl.1 for details.
 * Operating systems that don't provide mmap(3) are no longer supported.
 * Drop support for manpath(1).  Even if your system has manpath(1),
   it is simpler to use MANPATH_DEFAULT in configure.local for
   operating system defaults, man.conf(5) for machine-specific
   modifications, and ${MANPATH}, -m, and -M for user preferences
   than to bother with the complexity of manpath(1).
 * makewhatis(8) -p: No longer warn about missing MLINKS since these
   are no longer needed for anything.
 * mdoc(7): Warn about invalid punctuation and content below NAME.
 * mdoc(7): Warn about .Xr lacking the second argument (section).
 * mdoc(7): Warn about violations of the rule "new sentence, new line".
 * roff(7): Warn about trailing whitespace at the end of comments.
 * mdoc(7): Improve rendering of double quotes.
 * mdoc(7): Always do text production in the validator, never in the
   formatters.  Cleaner, simpler, shorter, helps NetBSD apropos(1)
   and also makes -Ttree output more useful.
 * -Ttree: Show metadata and some additional node flags.
   New -Onoval output option to show the unvalidated tree.
 * man(1): Make "man -l" work with standard input from a pipe or file,
   as long as standard output is a terminal.
 * man(7): Fix out of bounds read access if a text node immediately
   preceded the first .SH header.
 * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl without a type
   but with a width.
 * mdoc(7): Fix out of bounds read access for .Bl -column starting
   with a tab character instead of a child .It macro.
 * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to segfaults caused
   by stray block end macros in nested blocks of mismatching type.
 * man(1): Fix NULL dereference when the first of multiple pages
   shown was preformatted.
 * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
   caused by partial implicit macros inside .Bl -column table cells.
 * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
   for macro sequences like .Bl .Bl .It Bo .El .It.
 * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption leading to NULL dereference
   caused by .Ta following a nested .Bl -column breaking another block.
 * mdoc(7): Fix syntax tree corruption sometimes leading to NULL
   dereference caused by indirectly broken .Nd or .Nm blocks.
 * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Fix a NULL dereference for .Bl -column with 0 columns.
 * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference in some specific cases of a
   block-end macro calling another block-end macro.
 * mdoc(7): Fix NULL dereference if the only child of the head
   of the first .Sh was an empty in-line macro.
 * eqn(7): Fix NULL dereference in the terminal formatter
   for empty matrices and empty square roots.
 * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure for a .Bd without a type that
   breaks another block.
 * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure that happened for some .Bl -column
   lists containing a column width of "-4n", "-3n", or "-2n".
 * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by .Bl -column without .It
   but containing eqn(7) or tbl(7) code.
 * roff(7): Fix an assertion failure caused by \z\[u00FF] with -Tps/-Tpdf.
 * roff(7): Fix an assertion failures caused by whitespace inside \o''
   (overstrike) sequences.
 * -Thtml: Fix an assertion failure caused by -Oman or -Oincludes of
   excessive length.
 * man(1): Do not mix stdio narrow and wide stream orientation
   on stdout, which could cause output corruption on glibc.
 * mandoc(1): Autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode.
 * ./configure: Autodetect whether PATH_MAX and O_DIRECTORY are defined.
 * ./configure: Autodetect if nanosleep(3) needs -lrt.
 * ./configure: Provide an ${LN} configuration variable.
 * ./configure: Put compiler arguments that may contain -l at the end.
    --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
 * mdoc(7): Fix SYNOPSIS output if the first child of .Nm is a macro.
 * mdoc(7) -Thtml: Improve formatting of .Bl -tag with short tags.
 * man(7) -Thtml: Preserve whitespace in .nf (nofill) mode.
 * mandoc(1): Error out on invalid output options on the command line.
    --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
 * Redesign part of the mandoc_html(3) interfaces, making them much
   easier to use and reducing the amount of code by a few hundred lines.
    --- THANKS TO ---
 * Michael Stapelberg (Debian) for designing the new mandocd(8)
   and parts of the new catman(8), for release testing, and for a
   number of patches and bug reports.
 * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for profiling the new makewhatis(8)
   implementation and suggesting an algorithmic improvement which
   more than doubled performance, and for a few bug reports.
 * Ed Maste (FreeBSD) for an important patch improving reproducibility
   of builds in makewhatis(8), and for a few bug reports.
 * Theo Buehler (OpenBSD) for almost twenty important bug reports,
   most of them found by systematic afl(1) fuzzing.
 * Benny Lofgren, David Dahlberg, and in particular Vadim Zhukov
   for crucial help in getting .Bl -tag CSS formatting fixed.
 * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for an initial version of the
   patch to autodetect a suitable locale for -Tutf8 mode
   and for release testing.
 * Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD) for multiple useful discussions
   and a number of bug reports.
 * Sevan Janiyan (NetBSD) for extensive release testing and multiple
   bug reports.
 * Thomas Klausner and Christos Zoulas (NetBSD), Yuri Pankov (illumos),
   and Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for release testing and bug reports.
 * Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD) for release testing.
 * Alexander Bluhm, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Antony Bentley,
   Christian Weisgerber, Jonathan Gray, Marc Espie, Martijn van Duren,
   Stuart Henderson, Ted Unangst, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD), Abhinav
   Upadhyay, Kamil Rytarowski (NetBSD), Aaron M. Ucko, Bdale Garbee,
   Reiner Herrmann, Shane Kerr (Debian), Daniel Sabogal (Alpine Linux),
   Carsten Kunze (Heirloom roff), Kristaps Dzonsons (bsd.lv),
   Anton Lindqvist, Jan Stary, Jeremy A. Mates, Mark Patruck,
   Pavan Maddamsetti, Sean Levy <attila@stalphonsos.com>, and
   Tiago Silva for bug reports.
 * Brent Cook, Marc Espie, Philip Guenther, Todd Miller (OpenBSD)
   and Markus Waldeck for useful discussions.
 * And as usual, OpenCSW for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11
   testing environment.

Changes in version 1.13.4, released on July 14, 2016

 * man.conf(5): Design and implement a simpler configuration file format.
 * man(1): Leverage less(1) -T and :t in a way resembling ctags(1)
   to jump to the definitions of various terms inside manual pages.
 * soelim(1): New implementation by Baptiste Daroussin.
 * privilege limitation: Use OpenBSD pledge(2) or OS X sandbox_init(3)
   when available.
 * man.cgi(8): Support short URIs like http://man.openbsd.org/mdoc .
 * mandoc.css: Use one unified stylesheet rather than three different ones.
 * mdoc(7): Fix multiple aspects of SYNOPSIS .Nm formatting.
 * man(1): Fix process group handling, avoiding unclean shutdowns.
 * Correctly use the ohash(3) compatibility implementation
   even when building without SQLite support.
 * Add compat glue for building on Solaris 9 and 10.
 * Let ./configure select a supported RE syntax for word boundaries.
 * Support LDFLAGS, to be used for example for hardening options.
 * Avoid mixing putchar(3) and putwchar(3) on the same file descriptor,
   it resulted in output corruption on some platforms.
 * Avoid reusing va_lists, use va_copy(3) for better portability.
 * Do not hardcode the path to the more(1) program.
 * roff(7): Implement \n(.$ (number of macro arguments).
 * roff(7): Fully implement \z (do not advance cursor).
 * roff(7): Implement the `r'  conditional (register exists).
 * roff(7): Implement \\$* (interpolate all arguments).
 * roff(7): Parse and ignore \, and \/ (italic corrections).
 * When there is no -m, no -M, no MANPATH and no /etc/man.conf,
   fall back to /usr/share/man:/usr/X11R6/man:/usr/local/man.
 * man(1): Give manuals in purely numerical sections priority over
   manuals of the same name in sections with an alphabetical suffix.
 * man.cgi(8): Support "header.html" and "footer.html".
 * man.cgi(8): Set the "autofocus" attribute on the query text box.
 * man.cgi(8): Simplify the search form, drop two useless buttons.
 * man.cgi(8): Delete the pseudo-manpath "mandoc", assume that
   apropos(1) and man.cgi(8) are installed in the default manpath.
 * mdoc(7): Avoid a use after free and an assertion failure when nodes
   are deleted during validation.
 * mdoc(7): Avoid a NULL pointer access when .Bd has no arguments.
 * mdoc(7): Avoid a NULL pointer access triggered by mismatching end macros.
 * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when .Fo has no argument.
 * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when .Ta<tab> occurs in .Bl -column.
 * mdoc(7): Avoid an assertion when a body gets broken and has a tail.
 * roff(7): Avoid an assertion caused by blanks inside \o.
 * roff(7): Make .so links to gziped manuals work without mandoc.db(5).
 * tbl(7): Avoid a use after free when the last line of a layout is empty.
 * eqn(7): Avoid an infinite loop caused by recursive "define".
 * makewhatis(8): Avoid a segfault caused by unusual directory structures.
 * Fix handling of leading, trailing, and double colons in MANPATH and -m.
    --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
 * mdoc(7): Put arguments to end macros of broken partial explicit blocks
   inside the breaking block.
 * mdoc(7): Let .Dv force normal font.
 * mdoc(7): Make trailing whitespace significant in .Bl -tag widths.
 * mdoc(7): Fix macro interpretation around tabs in .Bl -column.
 * man(7): Use the default width for .RS without arguments.
 * man(7): On a new RS nesting level, the saved width starts from
   the default width, not from the saved width of the previous level.
 * man(7): Allow .PD in next-line scope.
 * man(7): Improve handling of empty .HP.
 * man(7): Improve formatting of .br and .sp inside .HP.
 * man(7): Do not mistreat empty arguments to font alternating
   macros as vertical spacing requests.
 * man(7): Allow fill mode changes in tagged paragraph next-line scope.
 * man(7): Fix minor bugs in block rewinding and simplify the related code.
 * man(7): Add missing line breaks before subsection headers.
 * man(7): Give section and subsection headers hanging indentation.
 * man(7): Make trailing whitespace significant in .TP widths.
 * roff(7): Don't allow breaking the output line after hyphens
   that immediately follow escape sequences.
 * roff(7): Ignore blank characters at the beginning of conditional blocks.
 * roff(7): Escape breakable hyphens only after handling input line traps.
 * roff(7): Reject \[uD800] to \[uDFFF] (surrogates) in the parser.
 * tbl(7): Allow more than one data field after T} on the same input line.
 * terminal output: Apply bold and italic to non-ASCII Unicode codepoints.
 * terminal output: Improve rounding rules for horizontal scaling widths.
 * HTML output: Render ASCII_NBRSP as "&nbsp;", not "-".
 * man(1): Do not match the first part of a name if it continues with a dot.
 * man(1): Keep working even if the current directory is unusable.
 * man(1): Better error message when $PAGER is invalid.
 * makewhatis(8): Improve handling of .Va and .Vt macros.
 * apropos(1): Print "nothing appropriate" to stderr when appropriate.
 * apropos(1): Abort with a useful error message when elementary
   database operations like preparing queries or binding variables fail.
    --- STRUCTURAL CHANGES, no functional change ---
 * mdoc(7) and man(7): Unified data structures struct roff_node etc.
 * mdoc(7) and man(7): Unified node handling library in roff.c.
 * mdoc(7) and man(7): Seperate validation phase from parsing.
 * roff(7): Major character table cleanup.
 * Link with libz rather than forking gunzip(1).
    --- THANKS TO ---
 * Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD) for the new soelim(1)
   and for release testing.
 * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD) for unifying mandoc.css, two nice
   patches for man.cgi(8), some documentation patches, some bug
   reports, and various useful discussions.
 * Todd Miller (OpenBSD) for lots of help with process group and
   signal handling, a few patches, some bug reports and some useful
 * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for yet more testing with afl(1)
   again resulting in more than half a dozen important bug reports.
 * Svyatoslav Mishyn (Crux Linux) for some patches, several bug
   reports, and extensive release testing.
 * Leah Neukirchen (Void Linux) for a number of compatibility
   patches and suggestions and several bug reports.
 * Christos Zoulas (NetBSD) for a bug fix patch and some useful
   suggestions for cleanup.
 * Florian Obser (OpenBSD) for a bugfix patch and some bug reports.
 * Sevan Janiyan for help with Solaris compatibility and release
   testing on many platforms.
 * Jan Holzhueter and OpenCSW in general for help with Solaris
   compatibility, and for providing me with a Solaris 9/10/11 testing
 * Michael McConville (OpenBSD) for some simple cleanup patches.
 * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for some bug reports and release testing.
 * Christian Weisgerber, Dmitrij Czarkoff, Igor Sobrado,
   Ken Westerback, Marc Espie, Mike Belopuhov, Rafael Neves,
   Ted Unangst, Tim van der Molen, Theo Buehler, Theo de Raadt
   (OpenBSD), Kurt Jaeger, Dag Erling Smoergrav (FreeBSD),
   Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD), Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff),
   Daniel Levai, Fabian Raetz, Jan Stary, Jean-Yves Migeon,
   Lorenzo Beretta, Markus Waldeck, Maxim Belooussov, Michael Reed,
   Peter Bray, and Serguey Parkhomovsky for bug reports and feature
 * Alexander Hall, Andrew Fresh, Antoine Jacoutot, Doug Hogan,
   Jason McIntyre, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse, Kent Spillner,
   Nicholas Marriott, Peter Hessler, Sebastien Marie, Stefan Sperling,
   and Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for helpful discussions and feedback.

Changes in version 1.13.3, released on March 13, 2015

 * When a manual is missing from an outdated database, let man(1)
   show it anyway, using a KISS file system lookup as a fallback.
 * Use this to always provide man(1), even without database support.
 * Fatal errors no longer exist.  If a file can be opened, mandoc
   will produce some output; at worst, the output may be almost empty.
 * New -Wunsupp message level.
 * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on incomplete string conditionals.
 * Fix a potential write buffer overrun on backslash at EOF in a conditional.
 * Fix a use after free sometimes hit when validation deletes a block.
 * Let man(1) show manuals for the current architecture by default,
   and support the MACHINE environment variable.
 * Fix the man(1) and apropos(1) -m option, it didn't work at all.
 * Do not spawn a pager when there is no output.
 * In makewhatis(8), fix detection of hardlinked manuals on platforms
   having padding in struct inodev (typically 64bit platforms).
 * Ignore O_CLOEXEC when the operating system doesn't provide it.
 * Avoid forward reference to enum type which violates ISO C99.
 * Support homebrew-style linking on Mac OS X.
 * lookup: Accept digit+letter and "n" as section names in man(1),
   and consistently handle digit+letter in file name extensions.
 * lookup: Speed up -s/-S by using the "mlinks" rather than the "keys" table.
 * output: Insert horizontal lines between formatted manual pages.
 * input: New stricter and more resilient UTF-8 parser.
 * mdoc(7): Refactor block rewinding for simpler and more robust parsing.
 * man(7): Use the -Ios option when .TH has less than four arguments.
 * tbl(7): Implement the "center" option.
 * tbl(7): New option and format parsers, improved in many respects.
 * roff(7): Basic implementation of the \o escape sequence (overstrike),
   and improved rendering of overstrikes in PostScript and PDF output.
 * Message improvements, in particular for, but not restricted to,
   eqn(7), tbl(7), and wrong numbers of arguments in mdoc(7) and man(7),
   in various cases also improving output generated by invalid input.
 * Delete the -V option.  It serves no purpose but keeps confusing people.
 * gmdiff: Minimal support for Heirloom roff.
 * tbl(7): Fix a read buffer overrun on 'f' at EOL in a layout.
 * roff(7): Fix a read buffer overrun on incomplete numerical conditions.
 * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .Nd followed by an explicit block.
 * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .It Xo without .Xc.
 * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .Eo without a tail.
 * mdoc(7): Fix a NULL pointer access in the validation of empty .St macros.
 * man(7)/tbl(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on .TS right after .TP.
 * tbl(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on layout lines without any cells.
 * eqn(7): Fix NULL pointer accesses in the terminal formatter.
 * roff(7): Fix a NULL pointer access on trailing \s-/\s+ without an argument.
 * gz: Fix a potential NULL pointer access after waitpid() failure.
 * roff(7): Don't let the modulo operator divide by zero.
 * input: Fix an assertion failure on certain invalid UTF-8 input.
 * terminal output: Allow arbitrary depth of the font stack (assertion fix).
 * mdoc(7): Fix assertion failures and endless loops on invalid block closing.
 * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure on .Bl .Sm not followed by .It.
 * mdoc(7): Fix an assertion failure on .Bl -column ... .El .Ta.
 * tbl(7): Fix assertion failures by macros inside table data,
   but do not throw away the macro arguments.
 * Prevent certain kinds of unreasonable input from producing excessive
   output, in one case caused by unsigned integer underflow.
 * Fix a potential memory leak in makewhatis(8) on very long filenames.
    --- MINOR BUGFIXES ---
 * mdoc(7): Fix parsing of badly nested blocks with multiple identical blocks.
 * mdoc(7): Support negative indentations for displays and lists.
 * mdoc(7): Don't mistreat negative .sp arguments as large positive ones.
 * mdoc(7): Some spacing fixes for .Eo/.Ec.
 * man(7): Support negative horizontal widths.
 * man(7): Do not print out invalid .IP arguments.
 * man(7): Correctly handle scaling units after .PD.
 * man(7): Support .RE with an argument.
 * man(7): Fix restoring indentation after .RS with large negative arguments.
 * tbl(7): Prevent tables from breaking the filling of preceding text.
 * tbl(7): Fix vertical spacing at the beginning of tables.
 * tbl(7): Parser and formatter fixes for line drawing and font modifiers.
 * tbl(7): Correct handling of blank data lines.
 * eqn(7): Add sometimes missing whitespace before equation output.
 * roff(7): Fix vertical scaling, most of it was wrong.
 * roff(7): Slightly improve \w width measurements.
 * roff(7): Accept the historic aliases \s10 to \s39 for \s(10 to \s(39.
 * roff(7): Correctly escape quotes when expanding macro arguments.
 * roff(7): Correctly handle scaling units in numerical expressions,
   and some other improvements to the parsing of numerical expressions.
 * roff(7): Three minor fixes with respect to evaluation of conditionals.
 * roff(7): Let .it accept numerical expressions, not just constants.
 * mandoc_char(7): Correct some character names and renderings.
 * If earlier files set a non-zero exit status, never reset it to zero.
    --- THANKS TO ---
 * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for yet more testing with afl (the American
   Fuzzy Lop security fuzzer), again resulting in many bug reports.
 * Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for suggesting the main new feature (man(1) file
   system lookup) and for reporting an important bug (pager without output).
 * Theo Buehler for an important bug report (-s/-S slowness)
   and for proposing a nice new feature (lines between pages).
 * Jason McIntyre for an important bug report (hardlink detection)
   and multiple documentation patches.
 * Pascal Stumpf (OpenBSD) and Alessandro de Laurenzis for
   important bug reports (architecture and man -m, respectively).
 * Thomas Klausner (NetBSD) for proposing a new feature (man(7) -Ios),
   a bug report, and release testing.
 * Anthony Bentley, Daniel Dickman, Ted Unangst (OpenBSD) and
   Kristaps Dzonsons (bsd.lv) for source code patches and bug reports.
 * Christian Weisgerber (OpenBSD) for more than half a dozen bug reports.
 * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff) for bug reports and release testing.
 * Antoine Jacoutot (OpenBSD) for release testing.
 * Alexis Hildebrandt (Homebrew), Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD),
   Jonathan Perkin (SmartOS), Pedro Giffuni (FreeBSD), Svyatoslav
   Mishyn (Crux Linux), Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD), Jan Stary, Patrick
   Keshishian, Sebastien Marie, and Steffen Nurpmeso for bug reports.

Changes in version 1.13.2, released on December 13, 2014

 * Include an implementation of man(1), the manual page viewer.
 * Unified set of command line option, each one supported by all
   command names, including new options -a (format all), -c (no
   pager), -h (synopsis only), and -w (list filenames).
 * Support the MANPAGER and PAGER environment variables.
 * Support gzip'ed manuals by the whole toolset, even as .so targets.
 * Support UTF-8 and Latin-1 input by the whole toolset, delete preconv(1).
 * Switch the default output mode from -Tascii to -Tlocale.
 * Improve -Tascii output for Unicode escape sequences.
 * Let the -Thtml output mode produce polyglot HTML5.
 * Many improvements for eqn(7), in particular in-line equations,
   MathML output in -Thtml mode, and much improved terminal formatting.
 * Change the build sequence to the usual ./configure; make; make install.
 * Support ./configure.local for build customizations.
 * Autodetect wchar, sqlite3, and manpath support.
 * Provide a fallback version of fts(3) for systems lacking it.
 * Support choosing alternative binary and manual names.
 * Rudimentary implementation of the e, x, and z tbl(7) layout
   modifiers to equalize, maximize, and ignore the width of columns.
 * Implement font modifiers in tbl(7) layouts.
 * Allow comma-separated options in the tbl(7) options line.
 * Parse and ignore the .pl (page length) roff(7) request.
 * Implement .An -[no]split for the mdoc(7) -Thtml output mode.
 * Support bold italic font in PostScript and PDF output.
 * Warn about commas in function arguments and parentheses in function names.
 * Warn about botched .Xr ordering and punctuation below SEE ALSO.
 * Warn about AUTHORS sections without .An macros.
 * Warn about attempts to call non-callable macros.
 * New developer documentation manual page mandoc_headers(3).
    --- BUGFIXES ---
 * Fix read buffer overrun sometimes triggered by trailing whitespace.
 * Fix read buffer overrun triggered by certain invalid \H sequences.
 * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by .Bl without any arguments.
 * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by .It Nm Fo without .Fc.
 * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by .Sh Xo .Sh without .Xc.
 * Fix NULL pointer access triggered by missing .Nm.
 * Fix an assertion triggered by .It right after .El.
 * Fix an assertion triggered by .Ec without preceding .Eo.
 * Fix an assertion triggered by .Sm or .Db with multiple arguments.
 * Fix assertion failures triggered by very large width arguments.
 * Fix a division by zero in the roff(7) parser.
 * Prevent negative arguments to .ll from causing integer underflow.
 * Correctly autodetect source format even when .Dd is preceded by .ll.
 * Multiple fixes with respect to .Bd and .Bl -offset and -width.
 * Many bugfixes with respect to scaling units.
 * Multiple fixes with respect to delimiter handling by in-line macros.
 * Multiple fixes with respect to .Pf.
 * Make \c work properly in no-fill mode.
 * Stricter syntax checking of Unicode character names.
    --- THANKS TO ---
 * Kristaps Dzonsons for rewriting the eqn(7) parser, implementing
   HTML5 and MathML output, and various other code contributions.
 * Jonathan Gray (OpenBSD) for extensive testing with afl (the
   American Fuzzy Lop security fuzzer) resulting in many bug reports.
 * Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD), Baptiste Daroussin (FreeBSD), Daniel
   Dickman, Doug Hogan, Jason McIntyre, Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD),
   and Martin Natano for source code patches.
 * Carsten Kunze (Heirloom troff), Daniel Levai (Slackware),
   Garrett D'Amore (illumos), Giovanni Becchis, Matthew Dempsky,
   Stuart Henderson, Ted Unangst, Todd Miller (OpenBSD), Thomas
   Klausner (NetBSD), Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD), Justin Haynes,
   Marcus Merighi, Sebastien Marie, Steffen Nurpmeso and Theo Buehler
   for bug reports.

Changes in version 1.13.1, released on August 10, 2014

 * A complete apropos(1)/makewhatis(8)/man.cgi(8) suite
   based on SQLite3 is now included.
 * The roff(7) parser now provides an almost complete implementation
   of numerical expressions.
 * Warning and error messages have been improved in many ways.
   Almost all fatal errors were downgraded to normal errors and some
   even to warnings.  Almost all messages now mention the macro where
   the issue is detected and many indicate the workaround employed.
   The mandoc(1) manual now includes a list explaining all messages.
 * The roff(7) parser now supports the .ami (append to macro with
   indirectly specified name), .as (append to user-defined
   string), .dei (define macro with indirectly specified name),
   .ll (line length), and .rr (remove register) requests.
 * The roff(7) parser now supports string comparison and numerical
   conditionals in the .if and .ie requests.
 * The roff parser now fully supports the \B (validate numerical
   expression) and partially supports the \w (measure text width)
   escape sequences.
 * The terminal formatter now supports the \: (optional line break)
   escape sequence.
 * The roff parser now supports expansion of user-defined strings
   involving indirect references.
 * The roff(7) parser now handles some pre-defined read-only
   number registers that occur in the pod2man(1) preamble.
 * For backward compatibility, the mdoc(7) parser and formatters
   now support the obsolete macros .En, .Es, .Fr, and .Ot.
 * The mdoc(7) formatter non partially supports .Bd -centered.
 * tbl(7) now handles leading and trailing vertical lines.
 * The build system now provides fallback versions of strcasestr(3)
   and strsep(3) for systems lacking them.
 * The mdoc(7) manual now explains how various standards
   supported by the .St macro are related to each other.
    --- BUGFIXES ---
 * In the roff(7) parser, several bugs were fixed with respect
   to closing conditional blocks on macro lines.
 * Parsing of roff(7) identifiers and escape sequences was improved
   in multiple respects.
 * In the mdoc(7) parser, the handling of defective document
   prologues was improved in multiple ways.
 * The mdoc(7) parser no longer skips content before the first section
   header, and it no longer deletes non-.% content from .Rs blocks.
 * In the mdoc(7) parser, a crash was fixed related to weird .Sh headers.
 * In the mdoc(7) parser, handling of .Sm with missing or invalid
   arguments was corrected.
 * In the mdoc(7) parser, trailing punctuation at the end of partial
   implicit macros no longer triggers end-of-sentence spacing.
 * In the terminal formatter, two crashes were fixed: one triggered by
   excessive indentation and another by excessively long .Nm arguments.
 * In the terminal formatter, a floating point rounding bug was
   fixed that sometimes caused an off-by-one error in indentation.
 * In the UTF-8 formatter, rendering of accents, breakable hyphens,
   and non-breakable spaces was corrected.
 * In the HTML formatter, encoding of special characters was
   corrected in multiple respects.
 * In the mdoc(7) formatter, rendering of .Ex and .Rv was
   improved for various edge cases.
 * In the mdoc(7) formatter, handling of empty .Bl -inset item
   heads was improved.
 * In the man(7) formatter, some bugs were fixed with respect
   to same-line detection in the context of .TP and .nf macros,
   and the indentation of .IP and .TP blocks was improved.
 * The mandoc(3) library no longer prints to stderr.
    --- THANKS TO ---
   Abhinav Upadhyay (NetBSD), Andreas Voegele, Anthony Bentley (OpenBSD),
   Christian Weisgerber (OpenBSD), Havard Eidnes (NetBSD), Jan Stary,
   Jason McIntyre (OpenBSD), Jeremie Courreges-Anglas (OpenBSD),
   Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD), Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado (OpenBSD),
   Marc Espie (OpenBSD), Matthias Scheler (NetBSD), Pascal Stumpf (OpenBSD),
   Paul Onyschuk (Alpine Linux), Sebastien Marie, Steffen Nurpmeso,
   Stuart Henderson (OpenBSD), Ted Unangst (OpenBSD), Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD),
   Thomas Klausner (NetBSD), and Ulrich Spoerlein (FreeBSD)
   for reporting bugs and missing features.

Changes in version 1.12.3, released on December 31, 2013

 * In the mdoc(7) SYNOPSIS, line breaks and hanging indentation
   now work correctly for .Fo/.Fa/.Fc and .Fn blocks.
   Thanks to Franco Fichtner for doing part of the work.
 * The mdoc(7) .Bk macro got some addititonal bugfixes.
 * In mdoc(7) macro arguments, double quotes can now be quoted
   by doubling them, just like in man(7).
   Thanks to Tsugutomo ENAMI for the patch.
 * At the end of man(7) macro lines, end-of-sentence spacing
   now works.  Thanks to Franco Fichtner for the patch.
 * For backward compatibility, the man(7) parser now supports the
   man-ext .UR/.UE (uniform resource identifier) block macros.
 * The man(7) parser now handles closing blocks that are not open
   more gracefully.
 * The man(7) parser now ignores blank lines right after .SH and .SS.
 * In the man(7) formatter, reset indentation when leaving a block,
   not just when entering the next one.
 * The roff(7) .nr request now supports incrementing and decrementing
   number registers and stops parsing the number right before the
   first non-digit character.
 * The roff(7) parser now supports the alternative escape sequence
   syntax \C'uXXXX' for Unicode characters.
 * The roff(7) parser now parses and ignores the .fam (font family)
   and .hw (hyphenation points) requests and the \d and \u escape
 * The roff(7) manual got a new ESCAPE SEQUENCE REFERENCE.

Changes in version 1.12.2, released on Oktober 5, 2013

 * The mdoc(7) to man(7) converter, to be called as mandoc -Tman,
   is now fully functional.
 * The mandoc(1) utility now supports the -Ios (default operating system)
   input option, and the -Tutf8 output mode now actually works.
 * The mandocdb(8) utility no longer truncates existing databases when
   starting to build new ones, but only replaces them when the build
   actually succeeds.
 * The man(7) parser now supports the PD macro (paragraph distance),
   and (for GNU man-ext compatibility only) EX (example block) and EE
   (example end).  Plus several bugfixes regarding indentation, line
   breaks, and vertical spacing, and regarding RS following TP.
 * The roff(7) parser now supports the \f(BI (bold+italic) font escape,
   the \z (zero cursor advance) escape and the cc (change control
   character) and it (input line trap) requests. Plus bugfixes regarding
   the \t (tab) escape, nested escape sequences, and conditional requests.
 * In mdoc(7), several bugs were fixed related to UTF-8 output of quoting
   enclosures, delimiter handling, list indentation and horizontal and
   vertical spacing, formatting of the Lk, %U, and %C macros, plus some
   bugfixes related to the handling of syntax errors like badly nested
   font blocks, stray Ta macros outside column lists, unterminated It Xo
   blocks, and non-text children of Nm blocks.
 * In tbl(7), the width of horizontal spans and the vertical spacing
   around tables was corrected, and in man(7) files, a crash was fixed
   that was triggered by some particular unclosed T{ macros.
 * For mandoc developers, we now provide a tbl(3) library manual and
   gmdiff, a very small, very simplistic groff-versus-mandoc output
   comparison tool.
 * Provide this NEWS file.

Changes in version 1.12.1, released on March 23, 2012

 * Significant work on apropos(1) and mandocdb(8). These tools are now
   much more robust.  A whatis(1) implementation is now handled as an
   apropos(1) mode.  These tools are also able to minimally handle
   pre-formatted pages, that is, those already formatted by another
   utility such as GNU troff.
 * The man.cgi(7) script is also now available for wider testing.
   It interfaces with mandocdb(8) manuals cached by catman(8).
   HTML output is generated on-the-fly by libmandoc or internal
   methods to convert pre-formatted pages.
 * The mailing list archive for the discuss and tech lists are being
   hosted by Gmane at gmane.comp.tools.mdocml.user and
   gmane.comp.tools.mdocml.devel, respectively.

Changes in version 1.12.0, released on October 8, 2011

 * This version features a new, work-in-progress mandoc(1) output mode:
   -Tman.  This mode allows a system maintainer to distribute man(7)
   media for older systems that may not natively support mdoc(7), such
   as old Solaris systems.
 * The -Ofragment option was added to mandoc(1)'s -Thtml and -Txhtml modes.
 * While adding features, an apropos(1) utility has been merged from the
   mandoc-tools sandbox.  This interfaces with mandocdb(8) for semantic
   search of manual content.  apropos(1) is different from the traditional
   apropos primarily in allowing keyword search (such as for functions,
   utilities, etc.) and regular expressions.  Note that the calling
   syntax for apropos is likely to change as it settles down.
 * In documentation news, the mdoc(7) and man(7) manuals have been
   made considerably more readable by adding MACRO OVERVIEW sections, by
   moving the gory details of the LANGUAGE SYNTAX to the roff(7) manual,
   and by moving the very technical MACRO SYNTAX sections down to the
   bottom of the page.
 * Furthermore, for tbl(7), the -Tascii mode horizontal spacing of tables
   was rewritten completely.  It is now compatible with groff(1), both
   with and without frames and rulers.
 * Nesting of indented blocks is now supported in man(7), and several
   bugs were fixed regarding indentation and alignment.
 * The page headers in mdoc(7) are now nicer for very long titles.

Changes in version 1.11.7, released on September 2, 2011

 * Added demandoc(1) utility for stripping away macros and escapes.
   This replaces the historical deroff(1) utility.
 * Also improved the mdoc(7) and man(7) manuals.

Changes in version 1.11.6, released on August 16, 2011

 * Handling of tr macro in roff(7) implemented.  This makes Perl
   documentation much more readable.  Hyphenation is also now enabled in
   man(7) format documents.  Many other general improvements have been

Changes in version 1.11.5, released on July 24, 2011

 * Significant eqn(7) improvements.  mdocml can now parse arbitrary eqn
   input (although few GNU extensions are accepted, nor is mixing
   low-level roff with eqn).  See the eqn(7) manual for details.
   For the time being, equations are rendered as simple in-line text.
   The equation parser satisfies the language specified in the
   Second Edition User's Guide:

Changes in version 1.11.4, released on July 12, 2011

 * Bug-fixes and clean-ups across all systems, especially in mandocdb(8)
   and the man(7) parser.  This release was significantly assisted by
   participants in OpenBSD's c2k11.  Thanks!

Changes in version 1.11.3, released on May 26, 2011

 * Introduce locale-encoding of output with the -Tlocale output option and
   Unicode escaped-character input.  See mandoc(1) and mandoc_char(7),
   respectively, for details.  This allows for non-ASCII characters (e.g.,
   \[u5000]) to be rendered in the locale's encoding, if said environment
   supports wide-character encoding (if it does not, -Tascii is used
   instead).  Locale support can be turned off at compile time by removing
   -DUSE_WCHAR in the Makefile, in which case -Tlocale is always a synonym
   for -Tascii.
 * Furthermore, multibyte-encoded documents, such as those in UTF-8, may
   be on-the-fly recoded into mandoc(1) input by using the newly-added
   preconv(1) utility.  Note: in the future, this feature may be
   integrated into mandoc(1).

Changes in version 1.11.2, released on May 12, 2011

 * Corrected some installation issues in version 1.11.1.
 * Further migration to libmandoc.
 * Initial public release (this utility is very much under development)
   of mandocdb(8).  This utility produces keyword databases of manual
   content, which features semantic querying of manual content.

Changes in version 1.11.1, released on April 4, 2011

 * The earlier libroff, libmdoc, and libman soup have been merged into
   a single library, libmandoc, which manages all aspects of parsing
   real manuals, from line-handling to tbl(7) parsing.
 * As usual, many general fixes and improvements have also occurred.
   In particular, a great deal of redundancy and superfluous code has
   been removed with the merging of the backend libraries.
 * see also the changes in 1.10.10

Changes in version 1.10.10, March 20, 2011, NOT released

 * Initial eqn(7) functionality is in place.  For the time being,
   this is limited to the recognition of equation blocks;
   future version of mdocml will expand upon this framework.

Changes in version 1.10.9, released on January 7, 2011

 * Many back-end fixes have been implemented: argument handling (quoting),
   man(7) improvements, error/warning classes, and many more.
 * Initial tbl(7) functionality (see the "TS", "TE", and "T&" macros in
   the roff(7) manual) has been merged from tbl.bsd.lv.  Output is still
   minimal, especially for -Thtml and -Txhtml, but manages to at least
   display data.  This means that mandoc(1) now has built-in support
   for two troff preprocessors via libroff: soelim(1) and tbl(1).

Changes in version 1.10.8, released on December 24, 2010

 * Overhauled the -Thtml and -Txhtml output modes.  They now display
   readable output in arbitrary browsers, including text-based ones like
   lynx(1).  See HTML and XHTML manuals in the DOCUMENTATION section
   for examples.  Attention: available style-sheet classes have been
   considerably changed!  See the example.style.css file for details.
   Lastly, libmdoc and libman have been cleaned up and reduced in size
   and complexity.
 * see also the changes in 1.10.7

Changes in version 1.10.7, December 6, 2010, NOT released

 Significant improvements merged from OpenBSD downstream, including:
 * many new roff(7) components,
 * in-line implementation of troff's soelim(1),
 * broken-block handling,
 * overhauled error classifications, and
 * cleaned up handling of error conditions.

Changes in version 1.10.6, released on September 27, 2010

 * Calling conventions for mandoc(1) have changed: -W improved and -f
 * Non-ASCII characters are also now uniformly discarded.
 * Lots of documentation improvements.
 * Many incremental fixes accomodating for groff's more interesting
 * Lastly, pod2man(1) preambles are now fully accepted after some
   considerable roff(7) and special character support.

Changes in version 1.10.5, released on July 27, 2010

 * Primarily a bug-fix and polish release, but including -Tpdf support
   in mandoc(1) by way of "Summer of Code".  Highlights:
 * fix "Sm" and "Bd" handling
 * fix end-of-sentence handling for embedded sentences
 * polish man(7) documentation
 * document all mdoc(7) macros
 * polish mandoc(1) -Tps output
 * lots of internal clean-ups in character escapes
 * un-break literal contexts in man(7) documents
 * improve -Thtml output for -man
 * add mandoc(1) -Tpdf support

Changes in version 1.10.4, released on July 12, 2010

 * Lots of features developed during both "Summer of Code" and the
   OpenBSD c2k10 hackathon:
 * minimal "ds" roff(7) symbols are supported
 * beautified SYNOPSIS section output
 * acceptance of scope-block breakage in mdoc(7)
 * clarify error message status
 * many minor bug-fixes and formatting issues resolved
 * see also changes in 1.10.3

Changes in version 1.10.3, June 29, 2010, NOT released

 * variable font-width and paper-size support in mandoc(1) -Tps output
 * "Bk" mdoc(7) support

Changes in version 1.10.2, released on June 19, 2010

 * Small release featuring text-decoration in -Tps output,
   a few minor relaxations of errors, and some optimisations.

Changes in version 1.10.1, released on June 7, 2010

 * This primarily focusses on the "Bl" and "It" macros described in
   mdoc(7).  Multi-line column support is now fully compatible with groff,
   as are implicit list entries for columns.
 * Removed manuals(7) in favour of http://manpages.bsd.lv.
 * The way we handle the SYNOPSIS section (see the SYNOPSIS documentation
   in MANUAL STRUCTURE) has also been considerably simplified compared
   to groff's method.
 * Furthermore, the -Owidth=width output option has been added to -Tascii,
   see mandoc(1).
 * Lastly, initial PostScript output has been added with the -Tps option
   to mandoc(1).  It's brutally simple at the moment: fixed-font, with no
   font decorations.

Changes in version 1.10.0, released on May 29, 2010

 * Release consisting of the results from the m2k10 hackathon and up-merge
   from OpenBSD.  This requires a significant note of thanks to Ingo
   Schwarze (OpenBSD) and Joerg Sonnenberger (NetBSD) for their hard work,
   and again to Joerg for hosting m2k10.  Highlights (mostly cribbed from
   Ingo's m2k10 report) follow in no particular order:
 * a libroff preprocessor in front of libmdoc and libman stripping out
   roff(7) instructions;
 * end-of-sentence (EOS) detection in free-form and macro lines;
 * correct handling of tab-separated columnar lists in mdoc(7);
 * improved main calling routines to optionally use mmap(3) for better
 * cleaned up exiting when invoked as -Tlint or over multiple files
   with -fign-errors;
 * error and warning message handling re-written to be unified for
   libroff, libmdoc, and libman;
 * handling of badly-nested explicit-scoped macros;
 * improved free-form text parsing in libman and libmdoc;
 * significant GNU troff compatibility improvements in -Tascii,
   largely in terms of spacing;
 * a regression framework for making sure the many fragilities of GNU
   troff aren't trampled in subsequent work;
 * support for -Tascii breaking at hyphens encountered in free-form text;
 * and many more minor fixes and improvements

Changes in version 1.9.25, released on May 13, 2010

 * Fixed handling of "\*(Ba" escape.
 * Backed out -fno-ign-chars (pointless complexity).
 * Fixed erroneous breaking of literal lines.
 * Fixed SYNOPSIS breaking lines before non-initial macros.
 * Changed default section ordering.
 * Most importantly, the framework for end-of-sentence double-spacing is
   in place, now implemented for the "end-of-sentence, end-of-line" rule.
 * This is a stable roll-back point before the mandoc hackathon in Rostock!

Changes in version 1.9.24, released on May 9, 2010

 * Rolled back break-at-hyphen.
 * -DUGLY is now the default (no feature splits!).
 * Free-form text is not de-chunked any more: lines are passed
   whole-sale into the front-end, including whitespace.
 * Added mailing lists.

Changes in version 1.9.23, released on April 7, 2010

 * mdocml has been linked to the OpenBSD build.
 * This version incorporates many small changes, mostly from patches
   by OpenBSD, allowing crufty manuals to slip by with warnings instead
   of erroring-out.
 * Some subtle semantic issues, such as punctuation scope, have also
   been fixed.
 * Lastly, some issues with -Thtml have been fixed, which prompted an
   update to the online manual pages style layout.

Changes in version 1.9.22, released on March 31, 2010

 * Adjusted merge of the significant work by Ingo Schwarze
   in getting "Xo" blocks (block full implicit, e.g., "It"
   for non-columnar lists) to work properly.  This isn't
   enabled by default: you must specify -DUGLY as a compiler
   flag (see the Makefile for details).

Changes in version 1.9.20, released on March 30, 2010

 * More efforts to get roff instructions in man(7) documents under
   control.  Note that roff instructions embedded in line-scoped,
   next-line macros (e.g. "B") are not supported.
 * Leading punctuation for mdoc(7) macros, such as "Fl ( ( a",
   are now correctly handled.

Changes in version 1.9.18, released on March 27, 2010

 * Many fixes (largely pertaining to scope)
   and improvements (e.g., handling of apostrophe-control macros,
   which fixes the strange "BR" seen in some macro output)
   to handling roff instructions in man(7) documents.

Changes in version 1.9.17, released on March 25, 2010

 * Accept perlpod(1) standard preamble.
 * Also accept (and discard) "de", "dei", "am", "ami", and "ig"
   roff macro blocks.

Changes in version 1.9.16, released on March 22, 2010

 * Inspired by patches and bug reports by Ingo Schwarze,
   allowed man(7) to accept non-printing elements to be nested
   within next-line scopes, such as "br" within "B" or "TH",
   which is valid roff.
 * Longsoon architecture also noted and Makefile cleaned up.

Changes in version 1.9.15, released on February 18, 2010

 * Moved to our new BSD.lv home.
 * XHTML is now an acceptable output mode for mandoc(1);
 * "Xr" made more compatible with groff;
 * "Vt" fixed when invoked in SYNOPSIS;
 * "\\" escape removed;
 * end-of-line white-space detected for all lines;
 * subtle bug fixed in list display for some modes;
 * compatibility layer checked in for compilation in diverse
   UNIX systems;
 * and column lengths handled correctly.

For older releases, see the ChangeLog files
in http://mandoc.bsd.lv/snapshots/ .