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Diff for /mandoc/eqn.7 between version 1.3 and 1.4

version 1.3, 2011/07/17 14:08:49 version 1.4, 2011/07/18 13:47:38
Line 90  Note that a quoted
Line 90  Note that a quoted
 causes errors in some  causes errors in some
 .Nm  .Nm
 implementations and should not be considered portable.  implementations and should not be considered portable.
   Definitions may refer to other definitions; these are evaluated
   recursively when text replacement occurs and not when the definition is
   Self-referencing definitions will raise an error.
 .It Cm set  .It Cm set
 Set an equation mode.  Set an equation mode.
 Both arguments are thrown away.  Both arguments are thrown away.
 .It Cm undef  .It Cm undef
 Unset a previously-defined key.  Unset a previously-defined key.

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