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Diff for /mandoc/eqn.7 between version 1.35 and 1.36

version 1.35, 2015/03/30 16:06:14 version 1.36, 2017/07/20 11:07:27
Line 125  int (integral), sum (summation), grad (gradient), del 
Line 125  int (integral), sum (summation), grad (gradient), del 
 differential), times (multiply), cdot (center-dot), nothing (zero-width  differential), times (multiply), cdot (center-dot), nothing (zero-width
 space), approx (approximately equals), prime (prime), half (one-half),  space), approx (approximately equals), prime (prime), half (one-half),
 partial (partial differential), inf (infinity), >> (much greater), <<  partial (partial differential), inf (infinity), >> (much greater), <<
 (much less), \-> (left arrow), <\- (right arrow), +\- (plus-minus), !=  (much less), <\- (left arrow), \-> (right arrow), +\- (plus-minus), !=
 (not equal), == (equivalence), <= (less-than-equal), and >=  (not equal), == (equivalence), <= (less-than-equal), and >=
 (more-than-equal).  (more-than-equal).
 The character escape sequences documented in  The character escape sequences documented in

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