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Line 44  specification (see
Line 44  specification (see
 for references).  for references).
 .Pp  .Pp
 Equations within  An equation starts with an input line containing exactly the characters
 .Xr mdoc 7  .Sq \&.EQ ,
 or  may contain multiple input lines, and ends with an input line
 .Xr man 7  containing exactly the characters
 documents are enclosed by the standalone  .Sq \&.EN .
 .Sq \&.EQ  Equivalently, an equation can be given in the middle of a single
 and  text input line by surrounding it with the equation delimiters
 .Sq \&.EN  defined with the
 tags.  .Cm delim
 Equations are multi-line blocks consisting of formulas and control  statement.
 Each equation is bracketed by  
 .Sq \&.EQ  
 .Sq \&.EN  
 .Em Note :  
 these are not the same as  
 .Xr roff 7  
 macros, and may only be invoked as  
 .Sq \&.EQ .  
 .Pp  .Pp
 The equation grammar is as follows, where quoted strings are  The equation grammar is as follows, where quoted strings are
 case-sensitive literals in the input:  case-sensitive literals in the input:
Line 178  statement is a synonym for
Line 166  statement is a synonym for
 while  while
 .Cm tdefine  .Cm tdefine
 is discarded.  is discarded.
   .It Cm delim
   This statement takes a string argument consisting of two bytes,
   to be used as the opening and closing delimiters for equations
   in the middle of text input lines.
   Conventionally, the dollar sign is used for both delimiters,
   as follows:
   .Bd -literal -offset indent
   delim $$
   An equation like $sin pi = 0$ can now be entered
   in the middle of a text input line.
   The special statement
   .Cm delim off
   temporarily disables previously declared delimiters and
   .Cm delim on
   reenables them.
 .It Cm gfont  .It Cm gfont
 Set the default font of subsequent output.  Set the default font of subsequent output.
 Its syntax is as follows:  Its syntax is as follows:

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