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Diff for /mandoc/lib.in between version 1.12 and 1.13

version 1.12, 2012/01/28 14:04:39 version 1.13, 2012/01/28 23:46:28
Line 76  LINE("libppath", "Property-List Paths Library (libppat
Line 76  LINE("libppath", "Property-List Paths Library (libppat
 LINE("libprop",         "Property Container Object Library (libprop, \\-lprop)")  LINE("libprop",         "Property Container Object Library (libprop, \\-lprop)")
 LINE("libpthread",      "POSIX Threads Library (libpthread, \\-lpthread)")  LINE("libpthread",      "POSIX Threads Library (libpthread, \\-lpthread)")
 LINE("libpuffs",        "puffs Convenience Library (libpuffs, \\-lpuffs)")  LINE("libpuffs",        "puffs Convenience Library (libpuffs, \\-lpuffs)")
   LINE("libquota",        "Disk Quota Access and Control Library (libquota, \\-lquota)")
 LINE("librefuse",       "File System in Userspace Convenience Library (librefuse, \\-lrefuse)")  LINE("librefuse",       "File System in Userspace Convenience Library (librefuse, \\-lrefuse)")
 LINE("libresolv",       "DNS Resolver Library (libresolv, \\-lresolv)")  LINE("libresolv",       "DNS Resolver Library (libresolv, \\-lresolv)")
 LINE("librpcsec_gss",   "RPC GSS-API Authentication Library (librpcsec_gss, \\-lrpcsec_gss)")  LINE("librpcsec_gss",   "RPC GSS-API Authentication Library (librpcsec_gss, \\-lrpcsec_gss)")

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