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Diff for /mandoc/lib.in between version 1.16 and 1.17

version 1.16, 2013/10/13 14:45:56 version 1.17, 2013/10/13 15:24:03
Line 85  LINE("libpam",  "Pluggable Authentication Module Libra
Line 85  LINE("libpam",  "Pluggable Authentication Module Libra
 LINE("libpcap",         "Capture Library (libpcap, \\-lpcap)")  LINE("libpcap",         "Capture Library (libpcap, \\-lpcap)")
 LINE("libpci",          "PCI Bus Access Library (libpci, \\-lpci)")  LINE("libpci",          "PCI Bus Access Library (libpci, \\-lpci)")
 LINE("libpmc",          "Performance Counters Library (libpmc, \\-lpmc)")  LINE("libpmc",          "Performance Counters Library (libpmc, \\-lpmc)")
   LINE("libppath",        "Property-List Paths Library (libppath, \\-lppath)")
 LINE("libposix",        "POSIX Compatibility Library (libposix, \\-lposix)")  LINE("libposix",        "POSIX Compatibility Library (libposix, \\-lposix)")
 LINE("libposix1e",      "POSIX.1e Security API Library (libposix1e, \\-lposix1e)")  LINE("libposix1e",      "POSIX.1e Security API Library (libposix1e, \\-lposix1e)")
 LINE("libppath",        "Property-List Paths Library (libppath, \\-lppath)")  LINE("libppath",        "Property-List Paths Library (libppath, \\-lppath)")

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