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Diff for /mandoc/lib.in between version 1.6 and 1.7

version 1.6, 2009/11/01 07:34:22 version 1.7, 2010/05/14 17:10:06
Line 33  LINE("libcompat", "Compatibility Library (libcompat, \
Line 33  LINE("libcompat", "Compatibility Library (libcompat, \
 LINE("libcrypt",        "Crypt Library (libcrypt, \\-lcrypt)")  LINE("libcrypt",        "Crypt Library (libcrypt, \\-lcrypt)")
 LINE("libcurses",       "Curses Library (libcurses, \\-lcurses)")  LINE("libcurses",       "Curses Library (libcurses, \\-lcurses)")
 LINE("libedit",         "Command Line Editor Library (libedit, \\-ledit)")  LINE("libedit",         "Command Line Editor Library (libedit, \\-ledit)")
   LINE("libelf",          "ELF Parsing Library (libelf, \\-lelf)")
 LINE("libevent",        "Event Notification Library (libevent, \\-levent)")  LINE("libevent",        "Event Notification Library (libevent, \\-levent)")
 LINE("libfetch",        "File Transfer Library for URLs (libfetch, \\-lfetch)")  LINE("libfetch",        "File Transfer Library for URLs (libfetch, \\-lfetch)")
 LINE("libform",         "Curses Form Library (libform, \\-lform)")  LINE("libform",         "Curses Form Library (libform, \\-lform)")
Line 60  LINE("libresolv", "DNS Resolver Library (libresolv, \\
Line 61  LINE("libresolv", "DNS Resolver Library (libresolv, \\
 LINE("librt",           "POSIX Real\\-time Library (librt, -lrt)")  LINE("librt",           "POSIX Real\\-time Library (librt, -lrt)")
 LINE("libssp",          "Buffer Overflow Protection Library (libssp, \\-lssp)")  LINE("libssp",          "Buffer Overflow Protection Library (libssp, \\-lssp)")
 LINE("libtermcap",      "Termcap Access Library (libtermcap, \\-ltermcap)")  LINE("libtermcap",      "Termcap Access Library (libtermcap, \\-ltermcap)")
   LINE("libterminfo",     "Terminal Information Library (libterminfo, \\-lterminfo)")
 LINE("libusbhid",       "USB Human Interface Devices Library (libusbhid, \\-lusbhid)")  LINE("libusbhid",       "USB Human Interface Devices Library (libusbhid, \\-lusbhid)")
 LINE("libutil",         "System Utilities Library (libutil, \\-lutil)")  LINE("libutil",         "System Utilities Library (libutil, \\-lutil)")
 LINE("libx86_64",       "x86_64 Architecture Library (libx86_64, \\-lx86_64)")  LINE("libx86_64",       "x86_64 Architecture Library (libx86_64, \\-lx86_64)")

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