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Diff for /mandoc/man.1 between version 1.16 and 1.17

version 1.16, 2015/09/21 09:59:02 version 1.17, 2016/07/01 20:24:04
Line 209  architecture whilst using another.
Line 209  architecture whilst using another.
 This option overrides the  This option overrides the
 environment variable.  environment variable.
 .It Xo  .It Oo Fl s Oc Ar section
 .Op Fl s  Only select manuals from the specified
 .Ar section  .Ar section .
 Restricts the directories that  
 will search to a specific section.  
 The currently available sections are:  The currently available sections are:
 .Pp  .Pp
 .Bl -tag -width "localXXX" -offset indent -compact  .Bl -tag -width "localXXX" -offset indent -compact
Line 225  General commands
Line 221  General commands
 .It 2  .It 2
 System calls and error numbers.  System calls and error numbers.
 .It 3  .It 3
 Libraries.  Library functions.
 .It 3f  
 Fortran programmer's reference guide.  
 .It 3p  .It 3p
 .Xr perl 1  .Xr perl 1
 programmer's reference guide.  programmer's reference guide.
Line 238  File formats.
Line 232  File formats.
 .It 6  .It 6
 Games.  Games.
 .It 7  .It 7
 Miscellaneous.  Miscellaneous information.
 .It 8  .It 8
 System maintenance and operation commands.  System maintenance and operation commands.
 .It 9  .It 9
 Kernel internals.  Kernel internals.
 .It X11  
 An alias for X11R6.  
 .It X11R6  
 X Window System.  
 .It local  
 Pages located in  
 .Pa /usr/local .  
 .It n  
 Tcl/Tk commands.  
 .El  .El
 configuration file,  
 .Xr man.conf 5 ,  
 specifies the possible  
 .Ar section  
 values, and their search order.  
 Additional sections may be specified.  
 .It Fl T Ar output  .It Fl T Ar output
 Select the output format.  Select the output format.
 The default is  The default is

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