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version 1.16, 2015/09/21 09:59:02 version 1.18, 2016/10/19 22:20:36
Line 69  machine architecture
Line 69  machine architecture
 The options are as follows:  The options are as follows:
 .Bl -tag -width Ds  .Bl -tag -width Ds
 .It Fl a  .It Fl a
 Display all of the manual pages for a specified  Display all matching manual pages.
 .Ar section  Normally, only the first page found is displayed.
 .Ar name  
 Normally, only the first manual page found is displayed.  
 .It Fl C Ar file  .It Fl C Ar file
 Use the specified  Use the specified
 .Ar file  .Ar file
Line 209  architecture whilst using another.
Line 205  architecture whilst using another.
 This option overrides the  This option overrides the
 environment variable.  environment variable.
 .It Xo  .It Oo Fl s Oc Ar section
 .Op Fl s  Only select manuals from the specified
 .Ar section  .Ar section .
 Restricts the directories that  
 will search to a specific section.  
 The currently available sections are:  The currently available sections are:
 .Pp  .Pp
 .Bl -tag -width "localXXX" -offset indent -compact  .Bl -tag -width "localXXX" -offset indent -compact
Line 225  General commands
Line 217  General commands
 .It 2  .It 2
 System calls and error numbers.  System calls and error numbers.
 .It 3  .It 3
 Libraries.  Library functions.
 .It 3f  
 Fortran programmer's reference guide.  
 .It 3p  .It 3p
 .Xr perl 1  .Xr perl 1
 programmer's reference guide.  programmer's reference guide.
Line 238  File formats.
Line 228  File formats.
 .It 6  .It 6
 Games.  Games.
 .It 7  .It 7
 Miscellaneous.  Miscellaneous information.
 .It 8  .It 8
 System maintenance and operation commands.  System maintenance and operation commands.
 .It 9  .It 9
 Kernel internals.  Kernel internals.
 .It X11  
 An alias for X11R6.  
 .It X11R6  
 X Window System.  
 .It local  
 Pages located in  
 .Pa /usr/local .  
 .It n  
 Tcl/Tk commands.  
 .El  .El
 configuration file,  
 .Xr man.conf 5 ,  
 specifies the possible  
 .Ar section  
 values, and their search order.  
 Additional sections may be specified.  
 .It Fl T Ar output  .It Fl T Ar output
 Select the output format.  Select the output format.
 The default is  The default is

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