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Diff for /mandoc/man.1 between version 1.27 and 1.32

version 1.27, 2017/03/27 14:40:39 version 1.32, 2017/08/19 22:05:38
Line 41 
Line 41 
 .Nm man  .Nm man
 .Op Fl acfhklw  .Op Fl acfhklw
 .Op Fl C Ar file  .Op Fl C Ar file
 .Op Fl I Cm os Ns = Ns Ar name  
 .Op Fl K Ar encoding  
 .Op Fl M Ar path  .Op Fl M Ar path
 .Op Fl m Ar path  .Op Fl m Ar path
 .Op Fl O Ar option Ns = Ns Ar value  
 .Op Fl S Ar subsection  .Op Fl S Ar subsection
 .Op Fl s Ar section  .Op Oo Fl s Oc Ar section
 .Op Fl T Ar output  
 .Op Fl W Ar level  
 .Op Ar section  
 .Ar name ...  .Ar name ...
 The  The
Line 84  Copy the manual page to the standard output instead of
Line 78  Copy the manual page to the standard output instead of
 .Xr more 1  .Xr more 1
 to paginate it.  to paginate it.
 This is done by default if the standard output is not a terminal device.  This is done by default if the standard output is not a terminal device.
   When using
   .Fl c ,
   most terminal devices are unable to show the markup.
   To print the output of
   to the terminal with markup but without using a pager, pipe it to
   .Xr ul 1 .
   To remove the markup, pipe the output to
   .Xr col 1
   .Fl b
 .It Fl f  .It Fl f
 A synonym for  A synonym for
 .Xr whatis 1 .  .Xr whatis 1 .
Line 268  environment variable.
Line 274  environment variable.
 The format of the path is a colon  The format of the path is a colon
 .Pq Ql \&:  .Pq Ql \&:
 separated list of directories.  separated list of directories.
 Invalid paths, or paths without manual databases, are ignored.  Invalid paths are ignored.
 Overridden by  Overridden by
 .Fl M ,  .Fl M ,
 ignored if  ignored if
Line 291  If neither PAGER nor MANPAGER is defined,
Line 297  If neither PAGER nor MANPAGER is defined,
 .Xr more 1  .Xr more 1
 .Fl s  .Fl s
 is used.  is used.
 Only used if  
 .Fl a  
 .Fl l  
 is specified.  
 .El  .El
 .Bl -tag -width /etc/man.conf -compact  .Bl -tag -width /etc/man.conf -compact
Line 307  default man configuration file
Line 308  default man configuration file
 See  See
 .Xr mandoc 1  .Xr mandoc 1
 for details.  for details.
   Format a page for pasting extracts into an email message \(em
   avoid printing any UTF-8 characters, reduce the width to ease
   quoting in replies, and remove markup:
   .Dl $ man -T ascii -O width=65 pledge | col -b
   Read a typeset page in a PDF viewer:
   .Dl $ MANPAGER=mupdf man -T pdf lpd
 .Xr apropos 1 ,  .Xr apropos 1 ,
 .Xr intro 1 ,  .Xr col 1 ,
   .Xr mandoc 1 ,
   .Xr ul 1 ,
 .Xr whereis 1 ,  .Xr whereis 1 ,
 .Xr intro 2 ,  
 .Xr intro 3 ,  
 .Xr intro 4 ,  
 .Xr intro 5 ,  
 .Xr man.conf 5 ,  .Xr man.conf 5 ,
 .Xr intro 6 ,  .Xr mdoc 7
 .Xr intro 7 ,  
 .Xr mdoc 7 ,  
 .Xr intro 8 ,  
 .Xr intro 9  
 The  The
 .Nm  .Nm

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