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Diff for /mandoc/mandoc.1 between version 1.50 and 1.51

version 1.50, 2010/01/29 14:39:38 version 1.51, 2010/03/22 14:03:03
Line 502  and
Line 502  and
 .Fl T Ns Ar xhtml  .Fl T Ns Ar xhtml
 CSS2 styling used for  CSS2 styling used for
 .Fl m Ns Ar doc  .Fl m Ns Ar doc
 input lists does not render properly in brain-dead browsers, such as  input lists does not render properly in older browsers, such as Internet
 Internet Explorer 6 and earlier.  Explorer 6 and earlier.
 .Pp  .Pp
 In  In
 .Fl T Ns Ar html  .Fl T Ns Ar html
Line 525  font size escape documented in
Line 525  font size escape documented in
 .Xr mdoc 7  .Xr mdoc 7
 and  and
 .Xr man 7 .  .Xr man 7 .
   Nesting elements within next-line element scopes of
   .Fl m Ar Ns an ,
   such as
   .Sq br
   within an empty
   .Sq B ,
   will confuse
   .Fl T Ns Ar html
   .Fl T Ns Ar xhtml
   and cause it to forget the formatting.

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