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Diff for /mandoc/mandoc.1 between version 1.72 and 1.73

version 1.72, 2010/07/13 23:53:20 version 1.73, 2010/07/25 11:44:31
Line 192  Implies
Line 192  Implies
 .Fl W Ns Cm all  .Fl W Ns Cm all
 and  and
 .Fl f Ns Cm strict .  .Fl f Ns Cm strict .
   .It Fl T Ns Cm pdf
   Produce PDF output.
   .Sx PDF Output .
 .It Fl T Ns Cm ps  .It Fl T Ns Cm ps
 Produce PostScript output.  Produce PostScript output.
 See  See
Line 331  If an unknown value is encountered,
Line 335  If an unknown value is encountered,
 .Ar letter  .Ar letter
 is used.  is used.
 .El  .El
   .Ss PDF Output
   PDF-1.1 output may be generated by
   .Fl T Ns Cm pdf .
   .Sx PostScript Output
   .Fl O
   arguments and defaults.
 .Ss XHTML Output  .Ss XHTML Output
 Output produced by  Output produced by
 .Fl T Ns Cm xhtml  .Fl T Ns Cm xhtml

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