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Diff for /mandoc/mandoc.3 between version 1.27 and 1.28

version 1.27, 2014/10/28 17:36:19 version 1.28, 2014/11/26 21:40:17
Line 81 
Line 81 
 .Fa "struct mparse *parse"  .Fa "struct mparse *parse"
 .Fa "int *fd"  .Fa "int *fd"
 .Fa "const char *fname"  .Fa "const char *fname"
 .Fa "pid_t *child_pid"  
 .Fc  .Fc
 .Ft "enum mandoclevel"  .Ft "enum mandoclevel"
 .Fo mparse_readfd  .Fo mparse_readfd
Line 111 
Line 110 
 .Ft "enum mandoclevel"  .Ft "enum mandoclevel"
 .Fo mparse_wait  .Fo mparse_wait
 .Fa "struct mparse *parse"  .Fa "struct mparse *parse"
 .Fa "pid_t child_pid"  
 .Fc  .Fc
 .In sys/types.h  .In sys/types.h
 .In mandoc.h  .In mandoc.h
Line 404  or -1 on failure.
Line 402  or -1 on failure.
 It can be passed to  It can be passed to
 .Fn mparse_readfd  .Fn mparse_readfd
 or used directly.  or used directly.
 If applicable, return the  
 .Xr gunzip 1  
 child process ID in  
 .Fa child_pid ,  
 or otherwise 0.  
 If non-zero, it should be passed to  
 .Fn mparse_wait  
 after completing the parse sequence.  
 Declared in  Declared in
 .In mandoc.h ,  .In mandoc.h ,
 implemented in  implemented in

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