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Diff for /mandoc/mandoc.3 between version 1.32 and 1.33

version 1.32, 2015/07/19 06:05:16 version 1.33, 2015/10/13 22:59:54
Line 50 
Line 50 
 .Fa "int options"  .Fa "int options"
 .Fa "enum mandoclevel wlevel"  .Fa "enum mandoclevel wlevel"
 .Fa "mandocmsg mmsg"  .Fa "mandocmsg mmsg"
 .Fa "const struct mchars *mchars"  
 .Fa "char *defos"  .Fa "char *defos"
 .Fc  .Fc
 .Ft void  .Ft void
Line 210  An error or warning message during parsing.
Line 209  An error or warning message during parsing.
 A classification of an  A classification of an
 .Vt "enum mandocerr"  .Vt "enum mandocerr"
 as regards system operation.  as regards system operation.
 .It Vt "struct mchars"  
 An opaque pointer to a a character table.  
 Created with  
 .Xr mchars_alloc 3  
 and freed with  
 .Xr mchars_free 3 .  
 .It Vt "struct mparse"  .It Vt "struct mparse"
 An opaque pointer to a running parse sequence.  An opaque pointer to a running parse sequence.
 Created with  Created with
Line 340  A callback function to handle errors and warnings.
Line 333  A callback function to handle errors and warnings.
 See  See
 .Pa main.c  .Pa main.c
 for an example.  for an example.
 .It Ar mchars  
 An opaque pointer to a a character table obtained from  
 .Xr mchars_alloc 3 .  
 .It Ar defos  .It Ar defos
 A default string for the  A default string for the
 .Xr mdoc 7  .Xr mdoc 7

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