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Diff for /mandoc/mandoc.3 between version 1.41 and 1.42

version 1.41, 2017/07/04 23:40:01 version 1.42, 2018/08/23 19:33:27
Line 22 
Line 22 
 .Nm mandoc ,  .Nm mandoc ,
 .Nm deroff ,  .Nm deroff ,
 .Nm mandocmsg ,  .Nm mandocmsg ,
 .Nm man_mparse ,  
 .Nm man_validate ,  .Nm man_validate ,
 .Nm mdoc_validate ,  .Nm mdoc_validate ,
 .Nm mparse_alloc ,  .Nm mparse_alloc ,
   .Nm mparse_copy ,
 .Nm mparse_free ,  .Nm mparse_free ,
 .Nm mparse_getkeep ,  
 .Nm mparse_keep ,  
 .Nm mparse_open ,  .Nm mparse_open ,
 .Nm mparse_readfd ,  .Nm mparse_readfd ,
 .Nm mparse_reset ,  .Nm mparse_reset ,
Line 65 
Line 63 
 .Fo mparse_free  .Fo mparse_free
 .Fa "struct mparse *parse"  .Fa "struct mparse *parse"
 .Fc  .Fc
 .Ft const char *  .Ft void
 .Fo mparse_getkeep  .Fo mparse_copy
 .Fa "const struct mparse *parse"  .Fa "const struct mparse *parse"
 .Fc  .Fc
 .Ft void  
 .Fo mparse_keep  
 .Fa "struct mparse *parse"  
 .Ft int  .Ft int
 .Fo mparse_open  .Fo mparse_open
 .Fa "struct mparse *parse"  .Fa "struct mparse *parse"
Line 126 
Line 120 
 .In mandoc.h  .In mandoc.h
 .In man.h  .In man.h
 .Vt extern const char * const * man_macronames;  .Vt extern const char * const * man_macronames;
 .Ft "const struct mparse *"  
 .Fo man_mparse  
 .Fa "const struct roff_man *man"  
 .Ft void  .Ft void
 .Fo man_validate  .Fo man_validate
 .Fa "struct roff_man *man"  .Fa "struct roff_man *man"
Line 250  When it is no longer needed, the pointer returned from
Line 240  When it is no longer needed, the pointer returned from
 .Fn deroff  .Fn deroff
 can be passed to  can be passed to
 .Xr free 3 .  .Xr free 3 .
 .It Fn man_mparse  
 Get the parser used for the current output.  
 Declared in  
 .In man.h ,  
 implemented in  
 .Pa man.c .  
 .It Fn man_validate  .It Fn man_validate
 Validate the  Validate the
Line 361  Declared in
Line 345  Declared in
 .In mandoc.h ,  .In mandoc.h ,
 implemented in  implemented in
 .Pa read.c .  .Pa read.c .
 .It Fn mparse_getkeep  .It Fn mparse_copy
 Acquire the keep buffer.  Dump a copy of the input to the standard output; used for
 Must follow a call of  .Fl man T Ns Cm man .
 .Fn mparse_keep .  
 Declared in  
 .In mandoc.h ,  
 implemented in  
 .Pa read.c .  
 .It Fn mparse_keep  
 Instruct the parser to retain a copy of its parsed input.  
 This can be acquired with subsequent  
 .Fn mparse_getkeep  
 Declared in  Declared in
 .In mandoc.h ,  .In mandoc.h ,
 implemented in  implemented in

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