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version 1.198, 2011/08/16 23:37:39 version 1.199, 2011/08/16 23:44:58
Line 2036  If the argument is a macro, a hyphen is prefixed to th
Line 2036  If the argument is a macro, a hyphen is prefixed to th
 output.  output.
 .Pp  .Pp
 Examples:  Examples:
 .Dl ".Nm cat Fl v No considered harmful"  .Dl ".Fl R Op Fl H | L | P"
 .Dl ".Nm cp Fl pR Ar source ... directory"  .Dl ".Op Fl 1AaCcdFfgHhikLlmnopqRrSsTtux"
 .Dl ".Nm find Ar dir Fl type Cm d Fl name Pa CVS"  .Dl ".Fl type Cm d Fl name Pa CVS"
 .Dl ".Nm kill Fl Ar signal_number pid"  .Dl ".Fl Ar signal_number"
 .Dl ".Nm su Fl"  .Dl ".Fl o Fl"
 .Pp  .Pp
 See also  See also
 .Sx \&Cm .  .Sx \&Cm .

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